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Paris in Melbourne – Entrecote

Good morning my Dearest Readers! I wish you all a very belated Happy Easter and hope you’ve all been well. I wish I didn’t have to apologise all the time for not blogging but life has just been getting in the way but this time I hope my excuse is valid and you will forgive me again. And that is because we’ve been moving into our new apartment which is a two bedroom apartment meaning more room for my baking goods and props! Hopefully will be able to share with you more baking recipes 🙂


Anyhow, I have been wanting to blog about this new restaurant for the longest time since the first time I visited for breakfast. But I knew I had to wait until I tried their famous steak and fries before I did! So you see Entrecôte has recently opened up on Domain St, South Yarra. If you remember, I posted about the Le Relais de L’Entrecote in Paris a few years ago. Well Melbourne now has their own version, with a little more variety on their menu they serve breakfast until noon, and then offers steak and fries along with a few more items for lunch and dinner.

Newly Adopted Bro :)

Newly Adopted Bro 🙂

The first time I went with my newly adopted Brother (Richard) and friend Q for breakfast. He was acting all shy when I asked if I could take a photo of him and post it on my blog haha So of course I started with a latte as I clearly needed caffeine to wake me up 🙂

Latte $3.8

Latte $3.8

Bro had a quick look at the menu and decided to get the Croque-Monsieur with hand carved Bill’s ham, three cheeses and thyme béchamel. I most definitely tried a little and thought it was lovely and actually not as rich as I thought it would be.


Croque-Monsieur $16.9

Q had trouble choosing what she wanted so I suggested the Le Petit Dejeuner which is the Parisian continental breakfast. For $19.9 it included many items such as orange juice, tea, coffee or hot chocolate, croissant and baguette with Bonne Maman jams, 63c egg, brioche and bacon ‘crumbs’.

Le Petit-Dejeuner 'Continental' $19.9

Le Petit-Dejeuner ‘Continental’ $19.9

I think the 62c egg with the bacon crumbs looked wonderful and I can’t wait to come back and try myself. Just the feeling of sitting outside on the patio with a croissant just makes it feel like you have been deported to Paris.


I decided to go for the omelette of fine herbs and Gruyere and soft leaves, it was exactly the way I imaged it to be, soft and fluffy with just the right amount of Gruyere cheese oozing out. If I was to be really picky I would add a little truffle oil to it 😛

Omelette of fine herbs & Gruyere $16.9

Omelette of fine herbs & Gruyere $16.9

Brunch wouldn’t be complete without dessert so I forced Bro to share the French toast with lemon curd ice-cream, lemon verbena poached etches and buttered almonds. This dessert reminded me of bread and butter pudding as it was very soft, it wasn’t very sweet and I thought the poached peaches were actually quite tart.

French toast with lemon curd ice-cream $15.9

French toast with lemon curd ice-cream $15.9

We all had a great time having brunch at Entrecôte but I think the happiest would have been Cupcake as it is such a dog friendly cafe with the large patio and the fake grass. He got many pats and compliments too from the waiters and other patrons 🙂



A couple weeks later, after rescheduling 3 times, I finally managed to drag Mr Bao out for a date night back at Entrecôte. I wanted to get there between 4-6pm as this is when they had their happy hour, with $2 oysters and $7 champagnes.

House red $8

House red $8

We started our early dinner with a house red for Mr Bao which was a dry shiraz and complimented the steak to come very well.

Hot Chocolate $4.5

Hot Chocolate $4.5

I was feeling a little under the weather, so I stuck with a stomach friendly drink, a hot chocolate which was warm and comforting and exactly what I wanted. We bought Cupcake with us again and he got himself a dog bowl for water 🙂

Freshly shucked Oysters $4ea (happy hour $2ea)

Freshly shucked Oysters $4ea (happy hour $2ea)

We started off with a dozen of shucked to order with ‘Mignonette’ sauce and lemon, I’m not quite sure where the oysters are from, but they were quite salty and was great with a few drops of lemon juice. Mr Bao was so happy, he ordered another dozen and immediately devoured them.

French onion Gougere $5ea ($3ea)

French onion Gougere $5ea ($3ea)

Ash (Im So Hungree) recommended the French Onion Gougere which is essentially a profiterole with French onion and cheese filling. The choux pastry was made very well and the filling was so wonderfully cheesy and paired perfectly with a dry red.

Steak Frites with soft leaves $39.9

Steak Frites with soft leaves $39.9

The reason why I come back to Entrecôte and visit again before I could do a blog post is because I simply HAD to try the Steak Frites with soft leaves and see how it compares with Paris. The steak is from Hopkins River and we ordered it to be medium rare, just looking at the dish it looks very similar to Le Relais de L’Entrecote.

Steak Frites

I found the béarnaise sauce to look more limey and didn’t taste as strong. The shoe string fries comes with complimentary refills so forget about calories and eat till your hearts content.



The steak itself was cooked to medium rare, keeping a pink centre and even though it was a very big piece with the creamy sauce and the fries I found it to be a good serving. Compared to the Le Relais de L’Entrecote in Paris, I found the steak itself to be of better quality, thanks to our great Aussie beef 😀

Soft leaves with radish, walnut, Dijon vinaigrette

Soft leaves with radish, walnut, Dijon vinaigrette

It also comes with unlimited soft leaves with radish, walnut and Dijon vinaigrette, admittedly not as exciting as the steak and frites, but the tangy Djion vinaigrette does make it a little more interesting.

Entrecôte cheese burgher with frites $22.9

Entrecôte cheese burger with frites $22.9

I wanted to try something different and since we were siting out on the patio we had more options, I ordered the Entrecôte cheese burger with frites. A black angus beef patty with melted cheese and the same Paris bearnaise sauce on the steak. Even though I found the patty to be slightly under seasoned the cheese and sauce definitely made up for it.


Been a while since I’ve posted a photo of myself haha and Mr Bao insists this is a good photo of me just before I was going to shove the burger into my mouth 😛

Lemon Tart, creme fraiche $16.9

Lemon Tart, creme fraiche $16.9

I honestly wanted to try all the desserts – creme brûlée, apple tart tat in, mille-feuille and profiteroles. But we settled on the Lemon Tart because I had cravings and once again Ash recommended it and I trust her judgement. It was one of the best lemon tarts I have had in a very long time, with a sweet shortcrust pastry and that luscious lemon curd filling that had the right about of tartness and paired with creme fraiche. Personally I think I would have preferred vanilla ice-cream but both are fine by me.

No doubt Entrecôte has become a new favourite of Mr Bao and I with its great dishes, friendly staff and most importantly for us dog friendly. I think it’s also a great brunch spot for a brunch of girls to try to be Blair Waldorf from Gossip Girl…ok sorry I got carried away haha I’ve been rewatching the series. Anyhow, we will be revisiting for sure! Have a great weekend!

Entrecôte on Urbanspoon


Dessert Rampage – Black N White

The dessert rampage continues 🙂 thanks again for the lovely comments it makes eating cake for lunch less guilty!
Wanted to share with you, my recent visit to Black N White in Tai Kok Tsui ~ this dessert place has been on my wish list for a while now. Mainly because of the great reviews and because the mastermind behind this place previously worked at the famous Vero Chocolates in Wan Chai and also Mandarin Oriental hotel in Central 😀

Source: Ming Pao

I’m talking about Chef Koo (古嘉俊) 🙂 I’ve never had the chance to meet him but I know he’s a very talented pastry chefs in HK and has participated in the prestigious Le Mondial des Arts Sucrés International Dessert competition held in France ~

Win Win is also a dessert lover so I didn’t have to persuade her much, just gave her the address and we were there on Sunday ~ Love you Sis!

Unusual place for a dessert parlour ~

Took us quite some time to find the store, we never expected a modern dessert parlour to open in such a local area and was surrounded by traditional HK style cafes and hot pots ~ But I guess with rent so expensive in HK, it’s no wonder chefs choose to open in more industrial suburbs ~

Finally found it~

After going around and around in circles, we finally found a spot, parked the car and I kinda skipped ‘breakfast’ again lol I know I’m so bad, just to have more desserts ~ by the time we sat down I was ravenous!

You ordered with the 'whisk' 🙂

The waiter was a young guy, who seemed a little lost at what he was doing, he laid the menu down then told us when we were ready to order, we just had to take our ‘whisk’ with the table number to the counter and we’d be able to order and pay. The cakes will then be delivered to our tables~ Even though I think it’s quite creative to use a ‘whisk’ its a little silly to make customers, order and pay first when clearly the store was ‘over-staffed’ lol

'Whisk' chandelier

They even had a chandelier that was decorated with ‘whisks’ 😛

Lots to choose from ~

My mouth was drooling when I saw all the desserts in front of me 😛 I knew I wanted to try the lemon tart and left the rest to Win Win ~

Everything was in a cup lol

It was funny though…everything was in a ‘plastic’ cup lol they didn’t really have any ‘cakes’ ~ but hey, not complaining as long as it’s sweet I’m happy 😛

Mini Tiramisu $48HKD ($6AUD)

We started with the Mini Tiramisu~ unfortunately, it tasted nothing like a tiramisu. As a matter of fact I didn’t even know it was a tiramisu until Win Win told me, I thought was just mousse. It had a few layers, the bottom layer was cookie crumbles, then a layer of cream, another layer of cookie crumble then the whole thing was covered with a little chocolate bubble net. However, I couldn’t taste any coffee flavour at all…so definitely not the best tiramisu. But I really liked the cookie crumbles and could eat a whole jar of it 😀

Signature Dark Chocolate Cake $48HKD ($6AUD)

Up next was their ‘Signature Dark Chocolate Cake’ which was made out of dark chocolate that had 70% cacao ~ most desserts here were layers. Similar to the previous, this was another layer of crumbs, then mousse then more crumbs and finally a dollop of chocolate ganache. Win Win is a fan of dark chocolate so she liked it. While I thought it was too ‘moussey’ and ‘creamy’ for my liking and once again I think I enjoy the cookie/cake crumbles more than the actual dessert ~ wonder if they’ll consider seeing them? I’d definitely buy it!

Strawberry Lemon Tart $68HKD ($8.4AUD)

I didn’t know it was a Strawberry Lemon Tart, so I was a little surprised to see the strawberry sorbet on top the tart ~ the waiter explained to use that it comes with a warm strawberry sauce, and he suggested that we only add a little bit of it, as its quite sour.

Strawberry Sauce to pour over ~

I’ve never had a lemon tart which had a sauce for you to pour over 🙂 super excited!

Excuse Win Win's pinky LOL

Please excuse Win Win’s little pinky finger 😛 I think it runs in our family ~ my pinky goes up too when I drink tea, but Mr Bao is always reminding me because he thinks it’s not polite hahaha

I was a little disappointed with this strawberry lemon tart, because really, it should just be called a ‘strawberry’ tart, you couldn’t really taste the tanginess a lemon tart should have. I think that’s because the tart shell was filled with a strawberry puree before the filling was piped on top, the strawberry’s sweetness overpowered the lemon filling. It was still a nice tart and the strawberry sorbet was nice and refreshing, just didn’t really match the description 🙂 definitely a winner for strawberry lovers like Mr Bao ~

Banana Crepe $28HKD ($3.5AUD)

Last but not least – Banana Crepe, I didn’t know it was so cheap until I did the conversion ~ but this crepe really puzzled us. We had no idea what we were eating and how to describe it.

We have no idea...

It’s a double layer crepe and inside it’s got this white/yellowish ‘cream’ type of filling (the bottom picture). I’ve asked other people, but no one knows what it is, it’s definitely not gelato…may be panna cotta but I think it’s some type of cheese mixed with vanilla beans. If anyone knows what this is, please let me know! It did have a nice fragrant vanilla taste to it…but just didn’t match. Now to the crepes, the first layer was this crumbly crepe it was so sticky that you can’t really chew it without it sticking to your teeth. While the top layer was a simple soft crepe and the only component of this dessert that we liked…

Worth a try if you’re a dessert lover like me ~ but definitely stay away from the crepes, unless you want to try that mysterious panna cotta like filling 😛

Black N White
Unit B&D, 88-102 Ivy Street, Tai Kwok Tsui
PH: 2789 1330 

Hidden Surprise – Gioia By Chi

I’m so excited about sharing this post with you today 😀 I just visited this amazing patisserie in my local area – Gioia by Chi! I don’t know how I missed it, even though I’ve been in here for the past 3 months~ And I only found out because it was recommended by Gregoire Michaud’s blog – the Four Season Head Pastry chef do check out his blog when you have time 🙂

My new favourite place!

But in my defence ~ it’s quite easy to miss Gioia By Chi because it’s tucked in a small street in Kowloon City and its surrounded by pet stores and mechanics…it took Win Win and me, a good 5 minutes to find it, even though we’re quite familiar with this area 🙂 Gioia By Chi don’t have a website (I know it’s strange) only a Facebook page, so I wasn’t able to find much information about them, but Gregoire’s post mentioned that Roy Chan is the master behind the new store and that it opened last year in April ~

It was really quiet when we got there yesterday at 3pm, I immediately felt at home looking around at all the pretty cakes in the cabinet hehe

Selection of cakes ~

They don’t have a large selection of cakes or pastries, but it was enough for me, they had a couple of  ‘large’ cakes for sale and the rest were little individual pieces 🙂 Perfect for me! I wanted to try everything ~

Lemon Tart $23HKD($2.8AUD)

We started with the Lemon Tart and I thought it was an absolute bargain because it was only $23HKD, most patisseries in HK are charging over $35 for a lemon tart. As for the taste, I really liked it, the shortbread pastry case was made well, not too crumbly. The lemon filling was a little tangy and a little sour for Win Win, while I liked it ~ Maybe not as good as the one at L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon, but considering the price and the convenient location it’s probably one of the best lemon tarts you can find in Kowloon 🙂

Raspberry Cheesecake $38HKD($4.6AUD)

The next was the Raspberry Cheesecake, because Win Win and I love cheesecakes ~ and we were both surprised at how rich and dense this cheesecake was 😉 I’m sure you’ve heard me complain before that cakes in HK are usually lighter and uses less sugar. While this wasn’t a really sweet cheesecake, for once we could actually ‘taste’ the cream cheese! Well done Gioia for taking the risk and making a rich cake 😀 we thought it was so good, that it was close to the Mandarin Oriental New York cheesecake, which is well-known in HK for their cheesecakes – a post about them coming soon 🙂

Hazelnut Chocolate $38HKD($4.6AUD)

I’m nuts about NUTS lol if you know what I mean 😛 One of my favourite would have to be hazelnuts, so I insisted that we try this ~ the bottom layer was a hazelnut sable, quite nice but would have been better if it had more crushed hazelnuts to give it a crunch. The middle layer was a dark chocolate ganache, yummy even though Win Win thought it was a little ‘rich’, then it was a thin layer of milk chocolate and topped with hazelnut flavoured whipped cream. Only thing I didn’t like about the cake, was the whipped cream, I find it a little unnecessary and I couldn’t really taste the ‘hazelnut’ flavour.

They also have cookies and chocolate for sale 🙂

Cookies in a jar $98HKD($12AUD)

Valrhona 16 truffles $328HKD($40AUD)

You can’t buy these individually, which is a bit of a pain ~ but once again I think they’re priced reasonably compared to others like La Maison Du Chocolate and Godiva 🙂

Oh and last but not least they sell Chocolate Pops!

Froggy Chocolate Pops $40HKD($4.8AUD)

They’re so cute! You don’t see many of them in HK and I don’t even think I’ve seen cake pops on sale here before ~

Gioia by Chi was definitely a hidden surprise for me and has immediately become my new favourite place to hang out :D, I highly recommend it to everyone in the area or those who like a ‘rich’ piece of cheesecake 😀

Gioia By Chi
G/F, 35A Nam Kok Road , Kowloon City
PH:2718 6618



French Import – L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon

Hello everyone!

Are you all ready for Christmas?!? Can you believe it! It’s going to be Christmas in 15 days! Barely 2 weeks left! I’m SO excited! Christmas is one of my favourite times in the year 🙂 I love the whole atmosphere, the red, green and white decorations and most importantly I LOVE XMAS food hehe my parents don’t really celebrate Christmas so not a lot of celebrations with them…but definitely going out for a good feast with Mr Bao and other friends. What do you all have planned for Christmas?

Alright better get on with today’s post, for those who have been following me on Twitter (thanks for everyone who’s following me 🙂 you may have noticed that I’ve been stuffing my face with so much food hahaha and yesterday I found the BEST, let me repeat that the BEST lemon tart in the WHOLE of Hong Kong! I am dead serious! And it was from a French import – L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon Le Salon de The  in Central.For those who aren’t familiar of Hong Kong, there’s basically the Kowloon Island and the Hong Kong island (Sorry I know it can get a little confusing) and Central would have to be the CBD of the Hong Kong Island with heavy influences from Western countries.

Back to Robuchon (for short), my sister suggested that I try it in the Landmark hotel, so yesterday coincidentally Mr Bao and I were running some errands in the Central area and decided to check this ‘Robuchun’ out 🙂 and it was the BEST decision I’ve made in HK so far!

I’m really sorry about the quality of the photos! I didn’t do a very good job yesterday 😦

Once we walked in it felt like we were transported back to Melbourne with so many Caucasians walking around and enjoying their morning tea 🙂 many of which are expats from various countries ~ I swear I heard a guy speaking with a thick Aussie accent or maybe that was just my imagination again hehe we liked the nice and sleek environment of the patisserie with the bright red chairs and black marble tables.

Mr Bao ordered a ginger latte and a pear danish – he liked Robuchon so much he said he’s willing to take a ferry or the metropolitan train just to get to Central and get their pastries hahaha

Pear Danish

The puff pastry of the pear danish was simply divine! It was just perfect so light and flaky! And the custard underneath the pears was SO delicious! It was a shame they didn’t have a vanilla slice or something like that which has more custard

I ordered the lemon tart 🙂

Best Lemon Tart in Hong Kong

I don’t know where to start with this lemon tart it was so good Mr Bao and I were fighting over it (of course I won!) for starters the tart case was so thin and crispy with a chocolate coated based. While the lemon filling was so yummy wasn’t too sweet, wasn’t too tangy nor too rich it was just right! This is a MUST have if you go to Robuchon!

I’m a little embarrassed to tell you this but it wasn’t until I did some Googling and researching when I got home, that I found out Joel Robuchon the creator and owner was such a famous chef! He has been named the Chef of the Century and his restaurants have received 3 Michelin stars 🙂 no wonder his pastries were so good! I’m definitely coming back and gonna try the tea set next time!

Shop  315 and 401
The Landmark
Hong Kong
+852 2166 9000

If you’re not in Hong Kong and still want to try the pastries or food from Robuchon he has other tea salons and restaurants around the world for more information please go to http://www.joel-robuchon.net/

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