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Locally Famous – Kai Kee Dessert

I love reading all the comments you guys leave me 🙂 but its particularly nice when people tell me, they’ve learnt something from reading my blog ~ because even though I’m an advocate for French patisserie it is my life time goal to explore and try desserts from all countries and cultures!

That’s why today, I wanted to continue introducing you to local Hong Kong desserts at Kai Kee Dessert (佳記甜品) in Yuen Long. Even though HK is minuscule compared to most places lol they still have their ‘non-urban’ areas too which is called New Territories. But unlike Australia you only need to travel half an hour or so and you’re alway from the CBD 🙂

Always so busy ~

Kai Kee Dessert is well-known locally as a place to visit whenever they go to Yuen Long usually on weekends ~ they’re particularly famous for their B Boy Grass Jelly (B仔涼粉) – which is a massive boal of grass jelly covered in all types of fresh and canned fruit. I’ve had this before and it’s really refreshing with all the fruit and the grass jelly, perfect summer dessert!

Source: Openrice

Unfortunately, my parents and anonymous Sis didn’t want the grass jelly… and there was NO way I could finish it myself, I swear it’s so big that it’ll serve at least 4 people! Just before I forget to explain, for those who hasn’t heard or had grass jelly before, it’s a very common jelly made from a plant very closely related to mint used in many Asian desserts. As for the flavour… it’s quite unique and I think like licorice…you either like it or not 🙂

Mixed fruit with Grass Jelly $28HKD ($3.5AUD)

But I still got to have the grass jelly and ordered a mini version of the B Boy Grass jelly 🙂 Still just as nice and refreshing as before!

Sweet Potato Sweet Soup $14HKD ($2AUD)

Mum and Dad both got the Sweet Potato Sweet Soup, basically a ginger sugar syrup soup with sweet potatoes very traditional Hong Kong dessert ~ I tried it and thought it was quite nice but I’m a ginger-freak and would’ve liked a stronger ginger taste.

Malaysian Bubor Chacha $14HKD ($2AUD)

Anonymous Sis got the Bubor Chacha basically a sweet soup with red bean, taro, sago and coconut milk (ingredients varies depending where you go). She seemed to like it, but complained there was too much coconut milk and that it was too rich and filling… she’s a whinger 😛 I tried it and thought it was quite nice…nothing something I’d order though.

Cheung Fun (Rice Noodle Roll) $6 HKD ($0.7AUD)

We’ve heard good things about the Cheung Fun (腸粉) so we decided to share it, so so so nice! It was the silkiest cheung fun I’ve had since coming here 🙂 Rice Noodle Roll basically a huge piece of rice noodled rolled up and then sesame sauce, soy sauce, chilli sauce and hoisin sauce is poured over it. This is a breakfast and afternoon tea staple for people here,  so cheap and so delicious!

Overall, I recommend anyone going to Yuen Long to definitely try Kai Kee Dessert, don’t expect anything too fancy but for local desserts and street food it’s definitely the best place go!

PS. So sorry about photo quality again, I didn’t know we were going and left my camera and home and had to borrow Anonymous Sis’s one 😦


Taiwan Treasures – Ai Yu (Fig) Jelly

4 more days everyone TILL it’s CHRISTMAS!!! Yay!!! Sorry for being quiet the past few days 🙂 I went on a quick 3 day 2 night trip to Taiwan with my sister ~ Let me quickly introduce you to my sister – Win Win (She chose the name) she’s the most annoying person but is also my best friend and partner in crime 🙂 we basically have the same hobbies and tastes! We both love desserts, macarons and cheese ~ only difference is…I like liquorice and she hates it haha

City view of Kaohsiung

Beautiful day ~

For those who aren’t familiar with Taiwan ~ It’s a small island on the Southeast of China and is shaped like a leaf. Up the top there’s Taipei, its capital city and down towards the southwest there’s Kaohsiung the second largest city in Taiwan. And that’s where we went 🙂 I’ve been to Kaohsiung a couple of times because Win Win has frequent business trips to Taiwan and I always tag along . I have a soft spot for Taiwan, I think it’s a beautiful place where the people are always friendly and its never the same, there is always something new for me to explore!

Taiwan is also known for their food, especially street food and snacks 🙂 and after thinking for a long time I just HAD to share with you guys, my love for the Ai Yu Jelly ()!!! The literal translation of Ai Yu Jelly is ‘Love Jade Jelly’ and the story behind it is, the jelly is named after the daughter of a Taiwanese business man who developed this recipe in the 1800s and since then has been a popular Taiwanese dessert.

Anyway, Ai Yu jelly is basically a jelly served with a lemon sugar syrup and is made from a native type of fig “climbing fig” found in Taiwan.

"Climbing Fig"

Source: Wikipedia

The fruit from the fig trees are turned inside out, where the seeds are left to dry and the seeds are then used to produce the jelly 🙂 If would like to know more about making the Ai Yu Jelly you can visit Pure and Holy and if you understand Chinese this Youtube video is great because it shows you the whole process ~

The finish product - Ai Yu Jelly $20 TWD ($0.65 AUD)

I know some of you might be scratching your head right now 🙂 “Why is she going crazy about this jelly? Isn’t jelly jelly?” hahaha I know it’s hard to comprehend and it’s quite hard to explain why I love this jelly so much! But I think it’s because its so refreshing with the lemon sugar syrup, it’s great for quenching anyone’s thirst and I think it’ll work great as an appetiser!

2 bowls in a row

I was SO obsessed both Win Win and I had 2 bowls in a row!!! And we went back for another 2 bowls the next day!!!

You can easily find stalls/carts selling Ai Yu Jelly at most night markets in Taiwan such as – Shilin Night Marketand the one I went to at the Liu He Night Market.

They often look something like this ~

There’s no English menus so it might be harder for those who don’t know Chinese, but either way I hope I’ve enticed you to explore Taiwan and try their famous AI YU JELLY!!!

Liu He Night Market
Liuhe Rd., Kaohsiung City.

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