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Burger Time – Main St Deli

Since going to NYC with Mr Bao in January and experiencing the best burgers in our lives at Shake Shack 🙂 I have been craving for a good burger! Very much like Catty from The Catty Life who’s been going on a Project Burger to find the best burger in Sydney ~ I was inspired to find a ‘half-decent’ burger in HK lol

That’s when I jumped onto Openrice, the HK version of Urbanspoon and did some research. I was surprised to find quite a few options ranging from the fast-food chains like MOS Burger, Triple O to the steakhouses such as Wooloo-mooloo 🙂 That’s when I found Main St Deli at the Langham Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui.

I think was attracted  by the ‘deli’ in it’s name because it was very NYC hahaha and to be honest, another friend had told me about their desserts so I dragged Sasa to go with me ~

HUGE pickles ~

As soon as we sat down, a waiter came over and placed two places in front of us. I had to laugh at the two humongous pickles placed in front of us 🙂 I know they were trying to replicate delicatessen’s in NYC but I’m pretty sure you don’t get huge pickles like these hahaha ~ I don’t really like pickles but still tried a little and was surprised that it wasn’t very ‘spicy’ or ‘tangy’.

Coleslaw ~

We were also given a little coleslaw which once again puzzled me, but Sasa and I enjoyed it as a little appetiser 🙂 nothing special but at least it wasn’t out of a can like what you get from KFC 😛

Onion Rings $72HKD ($9AUD) plus 10% service charge

Sasa loves onion rings so we ordered a plate as an appetiser to share ~ however, we were a little disappointed…because the batter was so thick the onion rings weren’t really crispy when we ate them. It was more like eating ‘lumps’ of flour than onion rings 😦 It was also quite bland…like it lacked seasoning.

Chopped Salad $158HKD ($19.82AUD) plus 10% service charge

I remember seeing a Chopped Salad recipe from The Pioneer Woman’s show, so I immediately wanted to try it. It’s a mix of iceberg lettuce, roman lettuce, avocado, grilled chicken, eggs and sprouts all chopped and mixed together. We were asked which dressing we wanted, which we found a little weird, because most places would pair the salad with the most appropriate dressing. Anyhow, we chose the honey mustard and it was served on the side, which was a little annoying because we had to mix it in ourselves and either had too much or too little 😦 Overall, I enjoyed this salad, but once again nothing spectacular and for the price we paid we expected a bit more.

Monster Burger 12 oz $188HKD ($23.60AUD) plus 10% service charge

Burger time! Most of their burgers came in two sizes, the 8oz or the 12oz, because we were pretty hungry we got the 12oz but girls, if you’re going alone, I’m pretty sure the 8oz is more than enough ~ we were so so so full! Damn…we shouldn’t have ordered onion rings…it came with the burger ~

Simple burger

It was a pretty simple burger with a patty and a pickle inside, it didn’t even have cheese or any tomatoes or lettuce inside. Instead they were placed on the side. We asked the patty to be made medium but some how it came out to be pretty well done. I liked the patty though 🙂 not sure what kind of meat they used but it was flavoursome and properly seasoned YAY! I really didn’t like the bun though…it was quite dry…and the bottom bun was so soggy 😦

So my verdict of their burger would be … ‘Reasonable’…I know I can’t compare them to Shake Shack or any other burger joints in NYC. Therefore, given that it as a burger found in HK it was decent, I just would have preferred if they had more components to the burger to give it an extra punch of flavour ~

Now to desserts, I walked over to their dessert cabinet and was going to get the lemon merengue pie (sorry forgot to take a pic) and just before I was going to order it…it was taken away from me…another table had just reserved it 😦 sighhh lesson be learnt…always order desserts BEFORE your mains 😛 Instead we started off with a Bannofee pie ~ I don’t remember the last time I had one so I was very excited.

Half each ~

This was a pretty classic bannofee pie, with a chocolate tart case, a thick layer of caramel, whipped cream then topped with bananas and a glaze. I was a little disappointed when I could tell that they used the Nestle Top and Fill caramel and not a homemade ‘toffee’, so it was extremely sweet, even for me. If they had used another type of caramel/toffee filling it would’ve been much better, because I quite liked the tart case and the glazed bananas 🙂 Poor Sasa, she was already so full but being my ‘best friend’, she was ‘forced’ to have 2 desserts with me hahaha so we went ‘half each’, I was more than happy to eat her share too but then I would just be selfish 😛

Chocolate Fluff Cupcake $24HKD ($3AUD) plus 10% service charge

They had a few cupcakes and if you remember I was looking for some good cupcakes in HK too, so I was pretty happy to see them here ~ it look us a while to decide, we were tossing between the black and white and the chocolate fluff. We chose the ‘fluff’ in the end because we wanted to know what the ‘fluff’ was lol

Very dense ~

Turned out to be a dense chocolate cupcake topped with a small amount of chocolate marshmallow icing. I’m pretty sure it was original marshmallow fluff with a little cocoa powder mixed into it. Not bad, and it wasn’t really sweet but I would have preferred a bigger ‘dollop’ of it ~ Even though the cupcake was relatively moist, it was very dense…Sasa didn’t like it much because she prefers fluffy and light cupcakes ~  I would definitely go back to try their other desserts, but may go to another place for burgers ~

Main St Deli Langham Hotel
Lower Lobby Level, The Langham Hong Kong,
8 Peking Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

PH: 2132 7898


I Heart NYC – Shake Shack

Hello my lovely readers 🙂 I’m BACK! My short but sweet visit to NYC has finally ended and Mr Bao and I and arrived at 5:30am, I’m still pretty jet lagged so I’m not too sure if it’s today or yesterday . Nonetheless I’m home and feeling quite perplexed because even though it’s nice to be back with family and out of the cold…I wish we had more time to explore the city ~

Times Square ~ 5 min walk from our hotel

In a nutshell, Mr Bao and I had the MOST amazing time in New York! We ate, drank and shopped so much it was crazy! We were basically having 5 meals a day and both came back with 2 full suitcases filled with new clothes, accessories and other bits and pieces that we bought! It was great that our hotel was situated right next to Times Square and only took a quick 5 minute walk for us to get the centre.

View of Manhattan from Brooklyn

Thanks to our Big Apple Greeter Julie (a free touring service) who took us over to Brooklyn, we got the chance to look at Manhattan from the other side and it was stunning! I’ve seen pictures of Manhattan before, but it wasn’t until I saw for myself…that I realised it was so pretty and well organised, with the different areas lying nicely next to each other. The night view from the Empire State building was even better ~

View from the Empire State Building

I have so much that I’d love to share with you 🙂 but after long chat with Mr Bao and little reassurance from Ms Piggy, I decided to dedicate my first NYC post to the one and only ‘SHAKE SHACK‘. So many bloggers have recommended Shake Shackand now I know why ~ although Shake Shack has been well blogged about, I couldn’t think of anything better and more addictive than the Shack burger!

Shake Shack Theatre District location

Not only were we 5 minutes away from Times Square, it was only a 3 minute walk to Shake Shack in the theatre district 🙂 I had originally planned to go to Shake Shack on the first day …but I chose to go to Momofuku Ssam bar first because that was further away 🙂

So hard to find a table

Eventually on the third day we finally made it to Shake Shack for lunch! When we got there the line was crazily long, yet it was only 11:30am and I didn’t expect it to already be so busy. I got Mr Bao to wait in line, while I was on the hunt for an empty table 🙂 after a good 15 minutes, I finally found us a table by the window and Mr Bao had come back to the table with a cute ‘buzzer’.

Shake Shack Buzzer *cute*

We were famished, the 10 minute wait seemed so much longer… *brrrrr brrrrr brrrrr* the buzzer finally went off YAY!

Double Shack Burger $7USD, Cheeseburger $6.50USD and French Fries $2.65USD

Mr Bao got the Double Shack which is hamburger with two patties and double the cheese, while I got the cheeseburger. I don’t think I can tell you which one was better… because they were both SO DAMN good 🙂

I swear these are the MOST delicious burgers I have ever had in my whole entire life! I never want to have a burger from Maccas or anywhere else! The patty was so flavoursome and with melted cheese, the right amount of lettuce and tomato I was literally in heaven! Oh and the bun was so light and fluffy 🙂 Usually when I have a burger I tend to pull it apart, but I didn’t have to do that for the Shack burgers! I just wanted to have another one!

Black and white shake $5 USD

Best drink to go with burgers? It’ll have to be a rich, sweet and thick Black and White shake 🙂 which is basically and vanilla and chocolate thick shake!

I don’t want to think about the calories and the consequences of having these burgers because it was ALL worth it!

A MUST MUST MUST when you go to NYC 🙂

Shake Shack (Theater District) on Urbanspoon

I also want to say a MASSIVE thank you to my dear friends Mary and Kalvin who picked us up from the airport, took us around and made our trip so enjoyable! Miss you guys xox

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