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Iranian Pistachio Gelato – Il Melograno

I’m not sure if any Dear Readers have noticed, but I’m starting to blog a little more again 🙂 The last couple of months have been tough with work being so busy, personal commitments and everything else in between! I finally hit a wall and broke down… and even got a little teary at work… but my manager and team has been nothing but supportive! And of course Mr Bao has been doing thing he can to help. After the break down, I cancelled a lot of events and catch up with friends and gave myself more time. And realised that really helped clear my mind and help focus on the things that needed my attention!

Il Melograno1


Anyhow, I’ve bored you enough with my break down, but don’t worry everyone 🙂 I’m feeling so much better now! As a matter of fact, I’m doing so well I managed to get this blog post up, even though I only visited Il Melograno two days ago! Two nights ago a restaurant had their launch party (will be blogging about that soon) and quite a few food bloggers were invited. It was a great event to see and catch up with everyone. Once the meal was finished, it was still quite early not even 9pm, I had my partner in crime Ashely (Im So Hungree) with me, and she actually suggested we should pay Il Melograno a visit. We then lured Allan (Almost Always Ravenous) to come with us!

Il Melograno2

I have read of Il Melograno opening a while ago and have been on my ‘must-try’ list. We are so spoilt here in Melbourne with so many authentic gelato places to choose from. My impression of Il Melograno is that they focus on making small batches of traditional gelato, flavours were not as modern or creative as say Gelato Messina. However, I could taste the quality and effort placed into producing these gelato.

Thanks Allan!

So apparently Allan said that he owed me money from so long ago that I honestly don’t even remember, but he said gelato was on him 😀 Wasn’t going to argue with him! Thanks Allan hehe

Il Melograno3

The gelato here is also very reasonable priced $5.8 for a small cup with two flavours and take note! The cups are also edible which I find intriguing and rare to find here! I swear we didn’t plan this…but all our gelato have the same colour scheme hehe

Chocolate & Rosemary and Salted Macadamia $5.8

Chocolate & Rosemary and Salted Macadamia $5.8

Ash chose a flavour on their specials board, which is quite interesting Chocolate and Rosemary which surprisingly paired quite well with each other. Neither was overpowering each other. Not something I would choose but the salted macadamia! Such intense flavour!

Coffee and Banana & Walnut $5.8

Coffee and Banana & Walnut $5.8

Not as adventurous 😛 Allan chose the Ricci Method Coffee and also Banana and Walnut. Just like before both flavours were intense and for those who can’t handle caffeine too well, I wouldn’t suggest ordering the coffee as you might have trouble sleeping at night! The Banana and walnut resembled a smoothie with that strong kick of banana through it.

Bacio and Iranian Pistachio

Bacio and Iranian Pistachio

I got two of my favourite flavours, Bacio think the Baci chocolate (hazelnut chocolate) intense with small pieces of hazelnut through it. But what really impressed me was the Iranian pistachio, the wonderfully friendly girl behind the counter explained to us, that proper pistachio gelato should have a very pale if any colour. And the ones that are mint or even fluorescent green has certainly been tinted with food dye. That really intrigued me, as I always thought pistachio equaled green. The flavour was probably not as intense as the other flavours, but still very good and great creamy texture.

I definitely enjoyed Il Melograno, flavours are intense and you get all you asked for 🙂 Pleased that we now have a good gelato store in the suburbs which hopefully will make parking easier and queues shorter. At least for now until more people find about them and then I won’t have a secret gelato spot to visit anymore hehe Maybe I should’ve kept this to myself and not blog about it!

Il Melograno on Urbanspoon


Wait Is Over – Gelato Messina Melbourne

The wait is finally over Melbourne 🙂 Gelato Messina has finally arrived! For those overseas, you may not have heard of Gelato Messina just yet but they are one of the best selling artisan gelato outlets in Sydney. Nearly everyone I know that goes to Sydney will visit Gelato Messina and have of their favourite flavours. I have been lucky to visit Sydney a couple of times and every time I will make sure I visit at least once!

Gelato Messina

Signature dome shape gelato

I have heard rumours about Gelato Messina opening in Melbourne soon, but I didn’t expect it to be this year. But they were working very hard in the background and finally opened their doors to public on Thursday night. Libby and I was lucky enough to be invited to their launch party on Tuesday to try their gelato degustation and all the gelato that I could possible consume 🙂


They chose the ever growing Smith St to be their new home in Melbourne. I was quite surprised at how spacious the store was, as their stores in Sydney are quite small and don’t offer any seating. But in this store, it had some nice U-shape couching and tables. Turns out this was actually the largest Gelato Messina store and they hope it will become a flagship.

Gelato Messina

I started the night with a glass of Brown Brothers Prosecco and studied the menu. It was a 7 course degustation and to my surprise had both savoury and sweet elements ~

GM & T - Cucumber sorbet, Gin & Tonic jelly, Rose and Juniper Cremeux

GM & T – Cucumber sorbet, Gin & Tonic jelly, Rose and Juniper Cremeux

The first course was the GM & T with a Gin & Tonic jelly followed by a Rose and Juniper Cremeux and round sphere shaped cucumber sorbet. I really liked that the G&T jelly wasn’t too strong and didn’t over power any of the other flavours. The cucumber sorbet was also refreshing and definitely a great way to whet our appetite.

Foiedlepop - foie gras gelato, cherry sorbet

Foiedlepop – foie gras gelato, cherry sorbet

Please don’t be alarmed my Dearest Readers, this may sound like a strange combination but it actually worked really well! It’s a foie gras gelato filling wrapped in cherry sorbet, I’ve had a foie gras mousse in a dessert before so kind of expected a similar flavour. The richness and bold flavour from the foie gras was actually accentuated by the tartness of the cherry sorbet. I’d actually love to buy a small tub home if they sold it ~

Pork Crackling - Apple & Black pepper sorbet, pork floss, malt pop rock feuilletine

Pork Crackling – Apple & Black pepper sorbet, pork floss, malt pop rock feuilletine

Next was another savoury dish named ‘Pork Cracking’ with pork floss on the bottom of the bowl, topped with an apple and black pepper sorbet and a malt pop rock feuilletine (biscuit) on the side. Another interesting dish and definitely something Mr Bao would’ve loved to try. But the winner of this dish was definitely the malt pop rock feuillentine it was so crunchy and I loved the tingling feeling on my tongue. I can forgot the pork floss and have more of this feuillentine!

What's Up Doc - Carrot gelato, candied baby carrots, pickled baby carrots, mandarin jelly, orange blossom creme chantilly and thyme honey comb

What’s Up Doc – Carrot gelato, candied baby carrots, pickled baby carrots, mandarin jelly, orange blossom creme chantilly and thyme honey comb

Time for some vegetables to make it a balanced meal 😛 This is the ‘What’s Up Doc’ dish which carrot gelato, candied heirloom baby carrots, pickled baby carrots, mandarin jelly, orange blossom creme chantilly and finished off with a little thyme honey comb. We were instructed to try having a little bit of everything, so I tried my best to put everything on my spoon and popped it into my mouth. And that’s when all the flavours came through, first it was the carrot, then the faint flavour of mandarin and lastly the thyme honeycomb.

East Meets Chock - Lychee sorbet, white balsamic gel

East Meets Chock – Lychee sorbet, white balsamic gel

The 5th course was the East Meets Chock which was a palate cleanser, a lychee sorbet with white balsamic gel, which reminded me very much of strawberries and balsamic vinegar. I think it worked kind of the same way and was definitely very refreshing.

Banana Split - Banana gelato, salted caramel chantilly, freeze dried raspberry crunch and peanut butter powder

Banana Split – Banana gelato, salted caramel chantilly, freeze dried raspberry crunch and peanut butter powder

Moving forward was the deconstructed banana split. I knew from reading the description I was going to LOVE it! It had banana gelato, salted caramel chantilly, freez dried rapsberry crunch and most importantly PEANUT BUTTER POWDER! All I could think of was Sarah! She would’ve LOVED this dessert so much! Everything just melded with each other so well, I really can’t pinpoint which component was my favourite, would love to get the recipe and get Mr Bao to try and replicate it at home for me!

Donuts a l'Orange - Donuts, Duck Fat Caramel, Blood Orange and Fennel Sorbet

Donuts a l’Orange – Donuts, Duck Fat Caramel, Blood Orange and Fennel Sorbet

Last course Donuts a l’Orange which is Gelato Messina’s take on the Duck l’Orange but turned it into a dessert. Donut was lovely and not greasy while the blood orange and fennel cut through some of the sweetness. The duck fat caramel it tasted like regular caramel to begin with then slowly the duck fat flavour will slowly emerge and was actually quite pleasant.

Gelato Messina

That concludes the unique and facinating gelato degustation with both savoury and sweet elements. We were also given a copy of Messina’s new book and also a little tub of gelato to take home with us. I was so grateful because Mr Bao was sick and sulking at home so at least I got to share some gelato with them.

I really appreciate the time and effort they spend in making it. Nick (owner) emphasized that all gelato will be churned in store and will not be flown from Sydney. The store in Melbourne also had to be larger because it had to accommodate a kitchen to make the elements used to make the gelato such as the apple crumble, chocolate brownie or yoghurt. They also stock a large range of flavours, at any given day there will be 40 flavours on display and 5 ‘special’ flavours which is changed every week making it’s quite hard to get bored of the flavours. But no matter what I try their pistachio and salted caramel are still my favourite! I’m glad we no longer need to jump on a plane to Sydney to get Gelato Messina 🙂

Gelato Messina Fitzroy on UrbanspoonDaisy@Nevertoosweet attended as guest of Gelato Messina and KateCo PR 

Coming To Melbourne – Gelato World Tour

My Dearest Readers in Melbourne! We’re in for a treat this weekend 😀 Can see you the huge grin on my face! The Gelato World Tour is coming to Melbourne on the 25th October to 27th October in Argyle Place South Carlton. It’s going to be the place where the top artisan Gelato markers across Australia will exhibit their gelato and be judged, the top three finalist will then enter another round of competition in Italy 🙂

Gelato World Tour2013

I was invited to attend the Gelato World Tour Press conference last week, the presentation was held at the Melbourne Town Hall. We got to meet some of the judges of this event. This includes Guy Grossi acclaimed Italian chef, Ottorino Pace who has been making gelato for over 50 years and Marco Maria Cerbo the Italian Consul General in Australia.

Guy Grossi

Guy Grossi

It was very interesting to learn more about the history of gelato, the making of and some interesting facts. Did you know that artisan gelato will only last for 3 days? While ice-cream will last for months.  And Carpigiani the company own and run a Gelato University in Italy that run courses and every year 60,000 people graduate there! That’s a lot more people than I expected!

Porcini Mushroom Risotto

Porcini Mushroom Risotto

The press conference was then followed up by a brunch at Guy Grossi’s Merchant Osteria restaurant at the Intercontinental Hotel. The brunch was more like a full Italian banquet with so much food, starting with an antipasti, freshly baked bread and olive oil. Next was a delicious plate of porcini mushroom risotto, it was cooked perfectly al dente and not at all gluggy. Quite impressed because I find it quite hard to cook large batches of risotto.

Slow cooked lamb

Slow cooked lamb

Braised salted cod with potatoes

Braised salted cod with potatoes

We then shared a braised salt cod and slow cooked lamb dish, even though I don’t eat lamb, I was able to eat this dish and quite enjoyed it as it didn’t taste gamey at all. It was also served with some polenta (my fav) and roasted peppers. I really enjoyed all the dishes and definitely want to go back with Mr Bao.


After all that food, it was definitely time for some GELATO! We got to try Guy Grossi’s strawberry and cream gelato. The strawberry flavour was so intense, texture was smooth and balanced out quite nicely with the vanilla cream gelato. Now I’m absolutely ready for the Gelato World Tour 😀

Anyhow, thought it’ll be a good idea to give you guys some more details:

Gelato World Tour
Friday (12.30pm – 9.30pm), Saturday (11.00am – 9.30pm) and Sunday (11.00am – 7pm)7th October (Friday-Sunday)
Address: Argyle Square (The park off Lygon St)
Entry: Free
Gelato: $10 for 2 cup and 3 mini cones
For more information please visit their website 🙂

I’m already planning to go twice and try all the pistachio gelatos they have as that’s one of my favourite flavours! I also want to attend the Gelato Messina Black Forest gelato cake!

Daisy@Nevertoosweet attended the Gelato World Tour Press Conference and brunch at Merchant as guests of Carpigiani 

Kirk’s Big Day – Rosetta, Crown Casino

Another year another birthday 🙂 and this time it’s Kirk’s Birthday! But it’s not just any birthday… it’s a BIG birthday for Kirk and marks a very SIGNIFICANT day for him ~ I’m not going to say how old he turned because he will kill me but trust me it’s a BIG birthday hehe!

Happy Birthday Kirk!!!

I’m sure my Dear Readers will know who Kirk is 🙂 He’s the very talented friend of mine who is a professional pastry chef ~ celebrating with chefs can be a little nerve-wrecking because I’m not sure where to take them…and whether or not it will live up to their standards 😛 So I gave Kirk full control where and when to eat. Very quickly he decided we’ll go check out Niel Perry’s new Italian restaurant – Rosetta at Crown Casino.

Rosetta, Crown Casino

I was secretly grinning because Rosetta was top of my list of restaurants that I wanted to try, especially since reading Lorraine’s (Not Quite Nigella) post about their wonderful dishes and two things stuck to my mind, the meatballs and the Bonet.

Loved the red interior 🙂

We booked our table for 7pm, I was immediately stressing out, because I wanted to go early so there was more natural lighting hahaha better pictures, but I was surprised when we arrived and walked in that Rosetta, had a very bright and open design. It had a classic Italian-feel with the large chairs with the detailing but also had this girly-touch to it, which I guess was a given as ‘Rosetta’ meant ‘Rose’ in Italian.

A birthday party isn’t a party without bubblies, Rosetta was very generous to give us complimentary champagne as they knew it was Kirk’s birthday and I’m pretty sure he pulled some strings 😛 I wasn’t able to take a photo or note the name of it, but it was a very light tasting champagne which me likesssss ~

Cheers ~

I loved how the menus were multi-coloured and I obviously wanted and got the pink one ~ They have a large and extensive menu starting with the warm and cold entrees, then pasta and risotto, the mains, sides and last but not least desserts 🙂 I’m not very familiar with Italian dishes, as you can see from my blog, I don’t think I’ve done many if any reviews on Italian restaurants ~ its not because I don’t enjoy Italian food, just don’t go as often as I should ~

Rosetta Menu

Thank gosh we had Kirk who’s the expert to talk us through the dishes and some of the ones he recommends to us as he knows our tastes quite well 🙂 Soon we had agreed on what we wanted for our entrees and main but not the desserts, as I just wanted everything!

Bread and Grossini

After taking our order, the waitress brought over some bread, which I think was a focaccia type bread and instead of butter, they poured some olive oil but we were told that butter can be ordered if we wanted it. We all loved the extremely spongey texture of the bread and Mr Bao even had my piece and asked for more lol while I really liked the grossini sticks instead, they’re actually a type of bread… but to me tasted more like biscuits super crunchy could imagine munching on these while watching TV.

Scampi $30 AUD

Kirk didn’t have to think twice he knew he wanted the ‘scampi’ and being in the ‘Crudi & Carpacci’ section, it was raw scampi with pistachio, orange and mint.  Kirk really enjoyed it and said it was “Delicious! Fresh, soft and so tender and liked the crunchy texture from the pistachios”. I don’t think I’ve had scampi raw and was really surprised that it was so sweet.

Tonno $26AUD

This dish very much reminds me of the Japanese sashimi but being Italian it had Sicilian Sea salt, grapefruit and pine nuts. The tuna pieces were sliced very thinly and even though the grapefruit was rather bitter, Mr Bao commented that it helped bring out the sweetness from the tuna, while the pine nuts once again gave it some texture. I didn’t really like the grapefruit but liked the simple flavours of the tuna with the Sicilian sea salt.

Polpette al forno $19AUD

The meatballs, Lorraine talked about 🙂 They’re simple oven baked meatballs topped with a tomato sauce and parmesan cheese. I haven’t had meatballs for a while, these were able to satisfy all my cravings. They were soft, fluffy and full of flavour and the tomato sauce wasn’t too sour or overpowering either. I also thought that it was a generous serving with 3 large meatballs for only $19AUD.

Cotoletta $45AUD

Kirk chose the Cotoletta which was a pan-fried crumbed boneless veal loin with lemon, it was such a large piece of veal! The plate is much bigger than it appears in this photo, Kirk kept cutting pieces off and giving it to us, but still could barely finish it~ we joked it’s a never-ending story. We really liked the Cotoletta it was super thin, with a great crumb that wasn’t oily at all and so crispy. Definitely recommend sharing this dish and its value for money as it could have easily fed 2 to 3 people 🙂

Porchetta $42AUD

Mr Bao ordered the Porchetta a wood fire roasted suckling pig with mustard fruits, the suckling pig was very lean which was good, as it wasn’t drenched in oil making it less tender. But we enjoyed the wood fire taste and the balsamic vinegar sauce complimented it very well. However, we found the crackling a little tough and wasn’t really salted but Kirk did mention that it probably wasn’t baked in the oven, that’s why it didn’t have that ‘crack’.

Occo Buco $39AUD

I ordered the Osso Buco a veal shin braised in Vermentino which is a late-ripening Italian white wine. The veal had a tender and soft texture, but I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I found it to be a little under-seasoned and slightly gamey to me. But the boys really liked it and the fact that they could taste the ‘meat’. So Mr Bao and I ended up swapping dishes hehe ~

Risotto ai Fungi $29AUD

Mr Bao was still feeling a little peckish, so decided to order the Risotta ai Fungi which is risotta with mixed fresh mushroom. It was so delicious, it wasn’t too rich with a fresh lemon flavour. I personally found the risotto a little too ‘al dente’ but I guess that’s the traditional way risotto is cooked, I’m just use to my mushy risotto that I make at home hehe 😛 Keep in mind that their pastas are all starter sizes, but you can always upgrade to a main size by paying extra.

Verdure $10

We also ordered a side of Verdure Romanesco broccoli and broccolini with lemon oil, we have never had Romanesco broccoli which has a lighter green colour and also subtler taste. Mr Bao loved this dish so much he’s decided to remake this at home! I can’t believe it…this carnivore actually liked a veggie dish, I think he liked it because it was cooked perfectly, soft but not mushy with a lemon taste to it.

Kirk must have pulled some strings with his connections 🙂 Because we were very well looked after for desserts hehe ~ got everything and more that I wanted YAY!

Tiramisu $21AUD

Mr Bao wanted the Tiramisu, wish granted hehe ~ it came in a little sliver bowl and was a very traditional tiramisu with Savoiardi, layered with mascapone cheese and coffee liquor. I found it to be a little too strong for me in terms of the coffee liquor and thought it could have been a little sweeter, while Mr Bao and Kirk both liked it and thought it wasn’t too strong.

Potta Cotta $21AUD

I’m not usually a panna cotta fan but this vanilla panna cotta with rhubarb and strawberry compote was magnificent! It was extremely smooth, wobbly and silky 🙂 It was not at all filled with gelatine which is the main issue I have with other panna cottas  hehe 🙂 We also liked the sweetness from the strawberries and also the texture from the rhubarb, definitely the wining dessert ~

Bonet $19AUD

This is a very traditional Italian dessert which I have not had before, it was described as a chocolate  custard with coffee, rum, Amaretti biscuits and caramel. Lorraine described it as an ‘Adult dessert’, as no sugar is used to make the actual custard. Sugar is only used to make the caramel poured over the custard, with a large dollop with pure cream. I was fascinated by an ‘Adult’ dessert so was very excited about trying, as soon as you put it into your mouth, there is a strong kick of coffee. I personally think the custard can be quite bitter without the caramel and the whipped cream. I actually enjoyed it more than I expected myself too but still think I could have done with more caramel syrup 😛

Gelati and Sorbetti 4 Flavours $24AUD (approx)

We also tried the gelati and sorbetti 🙂 Pistachio and chocolate were the gelati while the sorbetti were strawberry and lemon. They had the BEST pistachio gelati I have had in Melbourne! And I mean the best! I haven’t been able to find a place in Melbourne that does pistachio as well as Gelato Messina in Sydney. But Rosetta have done it! I will just come back for the pistachio! While the chocolate smooth, rich and deep ~ went so well with the handmade wafer biscuit. The strawberry and lemon were both refreshing and great as a palate cleanser, but I did find the lemon to be a little too sour.

Assorted Pasticcini $3AUD per piece

The desserts just kept coming! I couldn’t be happier 😀 we finished off with a plate of assorted pasticcini which I assumed meant cookies or the equivalent to the French Petit Fours. Starting with Cannoli di Ricotta, I was most excited about trying these as Lorraine mentioned that Rosetta makes fresh Ricotta everyday and it is never refrigerated. It did not disappoint, the Cannoli was fried, then filled to the brim with one of the silkiest ricotta I have tasted, and even though it wasn’t sweetened we all liked the slight savoury taste. Then it was the almond biscotti, it was crispy and dry with a slight orange scent, much better than my homemade ones which were triple the size ~ last but not least the ricciarelli which reminded me of the Greek short bread, but this was an almond and orange flavoured one and wasn’t as ‘crumbly’ as them.

Hope you had a great night Kirk!

Overall, we enjoyed our time at Rosetta and would recommend you trying, but have noticed their low rating on Urbanspoon, I personally think it’s because, some dishes were quite ‘traditional’ so you need to be prepared for a slightly different texture or take on a familiar dish 🙂 Either way, I’m still happy to return for the meatballs, ricotta cheese and PISTACHIO Gelati! Once again would like to wish Kirk a very Happy Birthday! Thanks for being such a good friend for the past year 🙂

Daisy@Nevertoosweet, Mr Bao and Kirk paid for all food and drinks with a few perks thrown in e.g. Champagne and the cannoli 🙂 

Rosetta on Urbanspoon

Ice-cream Tour – Messina, N2 & Royal Copenhagen + Little Aussie Trip

Hello everyone 🙂 I’m back!!! Did you miss me? I managed to write a couple of posts before I left, so I hope you’ve enjoyed them while I was gone hehe ~ I wanted to blog as soon as I got back, but unfortunately… I got very sick with food poisoning… and that has got to be the worse for foodies like myself… Anyhow, before you get too excited I’m actually leaving again 😛 Because this weekend, I’m going to the Eat Drink Blog in Adelaide where I will get the chance to meet the other amazing food bloggers around Australia YAY!

Just wanted to share a few photos from our little Aussie trip ~ would you be interested in reading about some of my traveling adventures too? Or would you like me to stick to talking about food? 🙂 our itinerary was Melbourne -> Sydney -> Brisbane then drive to Gold Coast 🙂 We managed 3 cities in 5 days! I’m pretty impressed with our planning hehe. I know it may seem like a mad rush to most people, but we found it to be quite relaxing and I’m not one to spend 3 hours in on place 😛

We actually traveled with Mr Bao’s cousin Little Luk but he was by no means the 3rd wheel because he’s the friend who introduced Mr Bao to me and I was friends with him before we went out 🙂

We were very lucky the weather in all 3 cities was beautiful! Couldn’t ask for better weather, it was sunny but not too hot with a light breeze 🙂 Being a foodie I dragged Mr Bao and Little Luk all over the place just for good food, we went to so many cafes/restaurants and took over 2500 photos! So my loveliest Readers please bare with me as I go through the photos and pick out the best ones so I can blog about it ~

Today, I’ve got a relatively short review of the ice-cream/gelato places I went to during this trip 🙂 starting with the famously delicious Gelato Messina in Sydney ~ I’m sure all Readers from Sydney or have visited will know about Messina ~ They have been open since 2002 and have since been churning out the most delicious Gelato in Sydney or even Austalia 😀

Messina has 3 retail stores one in Surry Hills, Darlinghurst and The Star Casino…and unintentionally and intentionally I went to all 3 stores 😛 but only got gelalo from 2 as the Darlinghurst one wasn’t open when we walked past 😦 I was so so so upset…because that was the only store that sold the mini gelato cakes especially that little mushroom gelato cake everyone keeps telling me about ~ Oh wells next time!

We walked into the Surry Hills store and I was confronted with so many gelato and sorbet flavours, I seriously did not know what to order! I was so tempted to get the Misto Plate which is 5 scoops of gelato, but Mr Bao stopped me because we had already had so much food before hand and were going to get even more food afterwards…sooooo being good, I only got 2 scoops.

Pistachio and Milk Chocolate with peanut butter $5AUD 2 scoops

Pistachio gelato is like the benchmark for me, if they do this well it usually means their gelato is yummy ~ and Messina did a fantastic job with their pistachio 🙂 It had a genuinely strong pistachio flavour and nothing like that fake flavouring some places use. I particularly liked the texture of the gelato too it was creamy and smooth but not too rich or milky.

Moving on to Mr Bao’s milk chocolate with peanut butter, it had the same delicious texture but this time it was a lovely sweet milk chocolate gelato laced with peanut butter. Now I’m not a PB fan…so this wasn’t my favourite flavour ~ but I know all my PB loving friends and Readers will LOVE THIS!

Dulce De Leche and Hazelnut $5.5AUD 2 scoops

I didn’t know Little Luk loved ice-cream so much, he doesn’t really seem to have a sweet tooth, but he has a soft spot for ice-cream. Just before we went Sydney we visited The Star Casino, and hence went to the Messina there ~ I noticed that ice-cream there was slightly more expensive. I was tossing between the dulce de leche or the ‘Rethink Banoffee Pie’ which was caramel gelato with banana jam.

I eventually chose the dulce de leche and so glad I did ~ it didn’t have that burnt caramel taste, instead it was the sweet milk caramel taste 🙂 while the hazelnut was definitely Little Luk’s favourite, he said I quote “I’m in heaven!” lol he loved the hazelnut flavour and creamy texture of the gelato.

And yes we are crazy because on the same day we had Messina lol we also went to N2 Extreme Gelato in Chinatown. I’ve seen so many bloggers review N2 and I had been intrigued of the idea of making ice-cream with liquid nitrogen and instead of the traditional method of churning.

The only other time I had heard of using liquid nitrogen to make ice-cream was when I was watching Heston Blumenthal’s TV show and reading his book Heston at Home 🙂

Upon walking in N2, it really did feel like a science lab with everyone wearing lab coats and a large gas cylinder full of liquid nitrogen ~ it was strange to see bottles of ice-cream mixture in large test tubes, and the experienced ‘scientist’ would pour it into the KitchenAids and quickly freeze it with liquid nitrogen. Mr Bao was very excited about trying too being a scientist, he couldn’t stop telling us about the chemical reactions lol *rolls eyes*

The names for the gelato was also quite unique, I don’t think I would want to try the ‘cigar smoked Hainanese chicken rice’ and after much deliberation, we decided we’ll all get a flavoured we liked.

No surprise Mr Bao got Sleazy Strawberry, what a name eh? It was a mixture of freeze dried strawberries with Shiraz and milk gelato. Unfortunately, this sleazy strawberry did not have a strong strawberry flavour, it was actually quite bland and tasted more like tangy strawberry yoghurt instead. We did like the melt in your mouth, creamy texture of the gelato though.

Sleazy Strawberry $6

I got the buttered popcorn because I had heard it’s quite popular, this time it was aged milk gelato infused with buttered popcorn. It has the same creamy texture and rich milk flavour which complimented the tiny bits of buttered popcorn very well ~ Definitely our favourite!

Buttered Popcorn $6

Little Luk is officially my favourite ice-cream partner because he likes all the flavours I like as well 😛 He chose the milky caramel with Murray River salt gel. We had mixed feelings about this flavour, once again we liked the texture but we didn’t find the flavours pronounce enough, it was a very light flavoured caramel and we couldn’t taste any salt in the caramel either.

Milky Caramel with Murray River Salt Gel $6

As I was taking photos, I noticed that the gelato was melting much quicker than regular gelato. Mr Bao said it’s because the liquid nitrogen doesn’t freeze the gelato like ice-cream machines. Our verdict – great smooth and velvety texture, but we didn’t think the flavours came through as much as we would have liked. There is actually a N2 store in HK too ~ so we’re hoping to try that one and see if the flavours are better 🙂

Last ice-cream stop – Royal Copenhagen at Surfers Paradise 🙂 It was a warm night and we were able to leave the Gold Coast and drive back to Brisbane. I had been relatively good that night lol and we didn’t really order desserts, so as we were walking back to our car…I spotted Royal Copenhagen and couldn’t help but grab myself some more ice-cream 😛

I was particularly impressed when I saw that they really do make their waffles cones fresh on premises 🙂 I wouldn’t mind having one of these machines at home hehe then I’ll have fresh waffle cones whenever I want them 😛

I’ve had Royal Copenhagen before and quite like their buttery and strong milky taste of their ice-cream, it reminds me very much of Dairy Bell we have here in Melbourne ~ even better quality hehe.

They don’t have nearly as many flavours as Messina or as unique as N2, but it’s the traditional ice-cream store with honest yummy flavours and most importantly FREE toppings!

Dutch Chocolate Chip and Wildberry $6AUD 2 Junior scoops

I don’t usually choose chocolate flavoured ice-creams, because not many places produce a deep and rich chocolate ice-cream, but I tried the Dutch chocolate chip and immediately knew I wanted it. Mr Bao wanted something a little more refreshing and chose the Wildberry ~ I obviously said ‘yes’ to free toppings so got caramel sauce and crush macadamia nuts! YUM! My favourite! This was very yummeh ~ I just wished we had Royal Copenhagen in Melbourne too…so I wouldn’t have to fly interstate all the time lol

Hope you liked my first post about our Little Aussie Trip 😀 Until next time, let us all eat more ICE-CREAM!

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N2 Extreme Gelato on Urbanspoon

Royal Copenhagen Ice Cream Co
Cavill Ave
Surfers Paradise Queensland 4217
(07) 5570 1780

41° Gelato – Milkissimo

Dear Readers, are you a gelato or an ice-cream person? I use to think I was a 100% ice-cream person, because I love the rich and creaminess of ice-cream …but now with so many gelato places opening up lol I think I’ve converted 🙂 Especially since I know now there’s less than fat in gelato woo hoo!

Wanted to introduce you to Milkissimo from Hokkaido, Japan. They opened their first store in 2009 and have since expanded internationally and chose Hong Kong as their first destination ~

The full name is Milkissimo Hakodate Gelato Da 41°N, that’s because the capital of Italy, Rome and Hokkaido’s Hakodate town is precisely connected at the 41 degree north latitude 🙂 I thought that was an interesting fact hehe ~ They also called it ‘Milkissimo’ because they use the finest milk from the Hakodate town and I definitely believe the milk gives it that extra creamy flavour.

Lotsa flavours ~

I’ve actually gone to Milkissimo quite a few times and have been meaning to blog about it, but simply forgot ~ my bad lol so I’m going to base my review on a few visits 🙂 They have quite a few flavours, going from the more traditional chocolate, raspberry, green tea to the more unique like pumpkin, green soybean to Zabaione. I’ve tried quite a few flavours so will try to give you an overview of them 😀

Green Tea

I’m a bit obsessed about matcha flavoured desserts and definitely LOVE green tea ice-cream, but I find it really hard to get good ones…the matcha flavoure is either too strong…or too weak ~ Usually one of my favourites would be the Haagen Daz one but this was pretty delicious ~ It had a subtler matcha taste even though the nice girl serving us warned me that it was really strong. I really liked the texture of the green tea gelato because it’s not as rich as the Haagen Daz one I could probably eat more of it.

Blueberry Crema

Win Win doesn’t like blueberries but I do 🙂 I like all types of berries because they’re sweet and tangy and most importantly it has tons of anti-oxidants and I need that to balance out all the ‘sugar’ that I consume 😛 anyhow I tried this blueberry crema and didn’t really like it…the texture was the same creamy, smooth and silky. But I simply didn’t like how it taste, it had too much of an ‘artificial’ taste to it…lol but I know Mr Bao would love it he likes ALL artificial tasting ice-creams ~

Sicily Pistachio

My absolutely FAVOURITE would have to be the Sicily Pistachio 🙂 I never use to like pistachio desserts ~ but lately, I’ve totally jumped on the bandwagon lol remember the pistachio creme brulee I had and how I always buy pistachio macarons? I’ve gone a little crazy ~ Hope this isn’t a phase and eventually get so sick of pistachios that I don’t want to eat anymore pistachio flavoured goodies. I really like this pistachio gelato because it’s very flavoursome, I’ve had pistachio ice-cream before and I’m pretty sure they use pistachio essence and not extract…so it doesn’t have the ‘real’ pistachio taste…but the pistachio gelato here uses the ‘real ‘ stuff and once you’ve had a spoonful bite, you immediately want another one 😀 It is truly addictive!

Large 1-3 Flavours $40HKD ($5AUD) - Chocolate Fondant, Mango and Pistachio

It’s reasonably priced too ~ for $40HK ($5AUD) you can get the large cup with your choice of 1 to 3 flavours ~ Win Win and I got the Chocolate Fondant, Mango and of course Pistachio. Win Win is really picky with chocolate gelato and she’s always looking for one with a strong chocolate flavour, and she seemed to like this gelato, saying that it was quite rich. If it meets her expectations I trust it’s pretty good hehe 😛 I liked it too but didn’t think it was very ‘fondant’ like though lol The mango reminds me of Dad because he doesn’t eat a lot of ice-cream but when he does it’s always ‘mango’ ~ it tasted more like a sorbet than a gelato. It was nice…but it simply wasn’t my favourite lol

Chocolate Fondant $34HKD ($4.25AUD) plus 2 scoops of ice-cream $15HKD($1.80AUD)

I went back yesterday with Kaylee – going to miss you SO SO SO much, even though we’ve only known each other for a short period of time…we definitely had ‘fireworks’ please come and visit soon! We had brunch and I was ready for something sweet ~ and even though I’ve gone to Milkissimo a few times I didn’t know they had a chocolate fondant ~

It's so pretty!

It was sooooo pretty ~ We both liked the little snow flake on the chocolate fondant cake, we went for two scoops of ice-cream, yes pistachio again (told you I’m obsessed) and raspberry cake ~ Both gelato’s were delish! But I still prefer the pistachio 😛

Ooey gooey ~

Nothing beats a totally ooey gooey chocolate fondant ~ YUM! I really liked it 🙂 Only down fall was…the ice-cream was too small! I would’ve preferred if the waitress had told me nicely that they were mini scoops…LOL I couldn’t help but buy myself another single serve of pistachio ice-cream $28HKD ($3.5AUD)~

If you like creamy and gelato’s that full of flavour then Milkissimo will make you very happy  ~ unfortunately right now you can only get Milkissimo either in Japan or Hong Kong ~ so maybe it’s time you planned your next holiday 😛

Shop L406, The ONE, 100 Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
尖沙咀彌敦道100號The ONE L406號舖
PH: + 852 2682 1566 

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