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Lady of Leisure – High Tea Sofitel Melbourne

I think it was last year or year before was when I first heard of this term ‘LOL’ but not the average ‘Laugh Out Loud’, it has another meaning and it is ‘Lady of Leisure’. How cool is that! I’d love to be a lady of leisure, not have to work and just spend my husbands money (no no I’m not getting married anytime soon) hahaha but I would still like to be this type of ‘LOL’.

Sofitel Melbourne

So even though I’m not quite a full time ‘Lady of Leisure’ yet, I sure know how to be one on the weekend, I ditched Mr Bao and Cupcake for day. First I had brunch with a girlfriend then I organised to have High Tea with another girlfriend Kaylee. We are both High tea fanatics, when we were both in Hong Kong we use to go all the time, I’ve lost count the number of times we’ve gone to high tea.


I’m pretty sure this is the first time we’ve had High Tea in Melbourne together, so I decided to choose something nicer and came across Sofi’s Lounge at the Sofitel Hotel. I’ve heard mixed reviews about their high tea so wanted to try for myself. They have 4 options during the week the Devonshire and Afternoon Tea option which is the standard 3 tier tower. On the weekends they have the Morning Tea which is the standard in this photo and also the High Tea full buffet which is the one we did. It is $69 per person with a class of complimentary champagne and unlimited tea and I think she said coffee.

Sandwich station

Sandwich station

Kaylee and I actually weren’t expecting a full buffet, so I think we were quite impressed with the two large sandwich stations and also the mini quiches and pies. Thanks for being such a great hand model hehe your pink jacket gives the photo some colour 🙂

Scones - Vanilla whipped cream, strawberry jam and honey lemon curd

Scones – Vanilla whipped cream, strawberry jam and honey lemon curd

There are of course scones, plain and fruit ones served with vanilla whipped cream, strawberry jam but what caught our eye was the honey lemon curd. It wasn’t tart and loved that honey flavour through it. Also how cute is the presentation with the scones in a ceramic bowl, it’s like having high tea in a garden outside.

Dessert buffet!

Dessert buffet!

And of course there was the Dessert buffet section with a good selection of mini cakes and tarts, I would say there were a total of at least 12. Which is a really good variety and I could tell that they were freshly made and not pre-made and have been left outside for a long period of time.

More cake!

More cake!

The sticky date pudding cake on second from the right was definitely my favourite!!! It was moist, sweet and sticky, but I know many will probably say it’s too sweet and rich for them 😛

Sofitel high tea

So this is how we did it, first we got some sandwiches and mini quiche, then we moved onto the scones, pistachio pana cotta and also that lovely strawberry cheesecake with a strawberry jam filling. But we very quickly moved onto the desserts, and there you can see that delicious sticky date cake on the right again!

Crepe and pancake station

Crepe and pancake station

In between the two sandwich stands, there is also a crepe and pancake station where a chef is there to reheat some pre-made crepes in caramel source and also some freshly made mini pancakes. The salted caramel sauce was delicious, however, I would’ve preferred freshly made crepes and pouring some sauce on top with some ice-cream. Nom Nom!

Crepe and Mini Pancakes

Crepe and Mini Pancakes

We didn’t have ice-cream so served it with some whipped cream and more salted caramel sauce ~

Chocolate fountain

Chocolate fountain

Any high tea, buffet or restaurant that has a chocolate fountain with gain brownie points in my books! Now ready for the action shots?!?


First its putting the strawberries on the skewers, I’m glad Kaylee did this and not me, as I’m rather clumsy and would’ve made a mess and not have been too elegant.


Then it’s the KODAK moment! This is actually my favourite shot!


Question time, what do you like dipping into chocolate? I’m actually a huge fan of dipping bananas into chocolate but I guess that would make the chocolate unclean as bananas are quite sticky and turn brown very quickly.


I really enjoyed the High Tea here at Sofi’s Lounge and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Something I really liked was that the whole experience didn’t feel rushed and that we had to be out by a certain time. Even though the High Tea is only served from 2:30pm to 5pm, no tables were asked to leave or that they must finish in the next half hour. I’ve experienced some other high teas in Melbourne and they have very strict timings, which sort of takes the fun of out sitting around hours on end chatting with friends. We did find the tables to be a little small and it was difficult to fit all our plates, tea pots and cutlery. Thankfully, there was space next to the tables and put our bags there. At $69 per person, it may seem pricey, but I actually used the discount from the Entertainment Book which bought it done to $50 per person which I thought was more reasonable.

Sofi's Lounge on Urbanspoon


Chocolate Bar Afternoon Tea – The Langham

I have always liked The Langham Hotel in Melbourne, it’s really classy and provides a great view of the Yarra River. Coincidentally, my office is walking distance to it so there have been days when my colleagues and I would wonder into the gift shop at the hotel on our lunch breaks and look at all the pretty things they have. We have also had coffee a few times at the Aria Bar and Lounge 🙂 Yup we’re very spoilt to have such a nice hotel right next to us ~

But since January this year, I have changed teams and now I am not always at the office in the City, instead I need to be on the clients side at their office in the suburbs 😦 And I don’t think words can describe how much I miss working next to the Langham!

Chocolate Bar Afternoon Tea

Finally this weekend I had the chance to go back to the Langham with BBFF (Shellie), Ms I-Hua, Zeboy and Agnes to try out their Chocolate Bar Afternoon Tea. There was chocolate, scones and tea you bet I was gonna be there! Super excited 😀

Chocolate bar buffet

Chocolate bar buffet

The main feature of this afternoon tea was their chocolate bar buffet, with petit four sized cakes, mousses, desserts and everything I wanted 😀 We didn’t get to meet Rommel the head pastry chef, but we met another very talented young pastry chef Yanni who told us, that each item they made used a different type of chocolate from different origins. They may use Belgian chocolate for their mousse but then use single origin Vanuatu chocolate for another dessert ~ Very specific!

Ms I-Hua's tower of awesomeness

Tower of Happiness

Ms I-Hua dubbed this the Tier of Awesomeness which I totally agree but I think Tower of Happiness applies to me more because simply looking at this tower makes me so so so happy! Anyhow, on the bottom tier its the Le Ceries – a macaron base, topped with dark chocolate mousse and Morcello cherries. Next is the Zen milk chocolate base with rice bubbles, fleuntine, framboise jelly, pistachio cream pattisier and slivered pistachio I couldn’t get enough of the crunchy base. Then it was The Garden with a macaron base, coconut mousse and mango jelly filling and covered in desiccated coconut. Second top tier Cremoux – giandula and java milk chocolate, rice bubbles, flaunting, chocolate dacquise base and Sao-thorne cremoux and finally on the top layer was the chewy banana milk chocolate fudge top with salted caramel popcorn it is deathly sweet but just the way I like it 😀

Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate Fountain

They also had another table with a chocolate fountain with strawberries and marshmallows, but really I just wanted to stick my whole head in. Someone on Instagram suggested using a straw and just drinking the melted chocolate, great idea if you ask me and probably more hygienic 😛

Moët & Chandon champagne and first round sweets

Moët & Chandon champagne and first round sweets

Doing it in full Sweet Queen style, I obviously started with a plate of desserts and also a glass of Moët & Chandon champagne 😀 I was instantly on a sugar high, sorry guys if I was a little hyperactive and wouldn’t shut up!

Savoury and Scones

3 tired stand

Don’t worry for those who aren’t crazy about sugar, I think you will still like this afternoon tea, because it also comes with a 3 tired stand with your classic afternoon tea savoury items.


On the bottom was their sausage rolls served with ketchup, really liked the puff pastry and filling was delicious too. Most welcomed by Agnes who can’t deal with too much sweet ~ Following that was the plain and fruit scones which had a really good base was served with strawberry jam and clotted cream. Also had a little dish of butter for those who preferred that. Last but not least on the top was a variety of sandwiches made from soft fresh bread – smoked salmon rolls, cucumber ribbon, and my favourite was the egg mayonnaise and cress. It also had a slice of baguette bread, ham and parmesan which I didn’t try because I had already hit my savoury limit.


Continuing with the sweets, starting from top left corner was a white chocolate mousse cake with pretty edible flowers, followed by white chocolate panna cotta with a framboise coulis and mango jelly was definitely Shellie’s favourite, can’t go wrong with biscotti dipped in dark chocolate and The Pisa a chocolate cup filled with Rhubarb compote, strawberry creme and finished with dark chocolate ganache. A shame Mr Bao couldn’t try it because I know he would’ve loved this!

Chocolate Rocks & Pebbles

Chocolate Rocks & Pebbles

I really couldn’t find any item that I didn’t like, but there were a few that deserves to be mentioned individually and this Chocolate Rocks and Pebbles is definitely one of them. The base a fleuntine which is something I love so much crispy thin crepe pieces, rice chocolate cripsy balls, milk chocolate crumble and handmade chocolate marshmallow. But to finish off you drizzle chocolate sauce over it one word ‘AMAZING’!

Pear Willing Madagascar Park Couverture Tart

Pear William Madagascar Park Couverture Tart

These Pear William Madagascar Park Couverture Tart was something else that caught my attention, in a crispy sweet shortcrust pastry case, frangipane, sliced pear William and chocolate glaze and finished up with a little gold leaf so fancy 🙂


I’m sure I don’t need to prove to you I tried everything but here it is proof that I tried everything 😛 Oh I forgot to mention about the Langham Opera Torte with Tropical Amer Ganache, which is the layered cake on the right hand side. It comprised of a pistachio jaconde, framboise cream, framboise jelly and dark chocolate grande. Quite a complex cake with so many layers and flavours that complimented each other quite well. I think Zeboy was quite happy as he’s a fan of Opera cakes.

Chocolate Fountain

I’m sorry for the photo spam, but I am a sucker for the Chocolate Fountain and think it deserves another photo! I couldn’t leave without getting something from the chocolate fountain.


Chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate madeleine

I came back to the table with not only  chocolate covered strawberries but also a chocolate madeleine with a dollop of custard. Don’t judge! It was moist and had a fudgey centre and was more like a pudding than a madeleine.


Peppermint Tea

We were offered tea or coffee, but I later found out that you could get hot chocolate after I ordered the peppermint tea 😦 So sad! Because it would’ve been the perfect way to end the afternoon tea. But I guess this will keep my doctor happy that I had some tea instead hehe


The Chocolate Bar Afternoon Tea is currently offered on the weekends at the Aria Bar and Lounge and is $75 per adult. For more information please visit their website. Compared to some other high teas it may seem a little more expensive, but given the full spread of desserts and chocolate fountain, I definitely think it’s worth it! I would recommend this for a special occasions such as birthdays or bridal showers 🙂 I also heard that they have children themes high teas during the school holidays last year it was Barbie and this year it’s Peter Pan, I wonder if they’ll let me book a children’s high tea even though I’m clearly overage 😛

Aria Bar & Lounge on Urbanspoon

Daisy@Nevertoosweet dined as a guest of The Langham Melbourne and Media Moguls. 

Morning Tea – At The Gables

I love afternoon teas 🙂 And I’m sure if you’ve read my blog for a while you will know hehe I love everything about it the concept of girls ( and maybe boys) sitting together enjoying scones and just chatting about everything ~ I’ve been very spoilt and tried out many afternoon teas in Hong Kong, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem as common in Melbourne.

The Gables

The Gables

That’s why when Alice and Annette my colleagues asked if I’d like to join them for afternoon tea at The Gables, I immediately jumped at the opportunity 🙂 The name ‘The Gables’ immediately reminds me of the book that I use to read as a child ‘Anne of Green Gables’, have you read that book before? 🙂 I use to love it and read the whole series! Anyhow, I have  heard of The Gables House and Mansion in Malvern East before but didn’t know that they offered afternoon tea every Wednesday for $45 and Sunday $55 both include a class of French Champagne.


We booked for the early Sunday seating which started at 11am and ends at 1pm, not very long for an afternoon tea and it should really be called a morning tea instead 😛 There is ample parking in front of The Gambles mansion, its a Victorian style house made out of brick with white fences all around it ~ very nice and can see why many people choose to this as their wedding venue.

Dessert Buffet

Dessert Buffet

Upon walking in, we were immediately greeted by a friendly waitress and also a large table filled full of desserts 🙂 That’s when I realised that desserts was going to be served in a buffet style ~ I couldn’t have been happier!

The waitress then led us to a room on the right where there were 5 to 6 tables, we were placed in the middle of the room, which was fine, but we would have wanted a little more privacy and could hear the conversations from the tables around us and would have preferred a table closer to the window.



Another waitress then came to offer us a glass of Champagne but unfortunately, I couldn’t see or remember the type but I know it was from France hehe it was a rather light tasting Champagne and not my usual favourite Moet & Chandon.


Very quickly our ginormous 3-tiered stand full of savouries arrived at our table 🙂 My colleagues aren’t really use to going out with a food blogger, that’s why I quickly took the photos and didn’t want to take took long taking the photos. So sorry in advance for the not-so-great photos ~



Starting at the bottom, there’s a range of little triangle sandwiches with a variety for us to choose from – egg and lettuce, chicken and chives and smoked salmon with caper berries. I was impressed how fresh and soft the bread was and the filings in the sandwiches were also delicious. If I was to be picky, they would have looked better if the sandwiches were cut into little squares instead to make them look fancier 😛

Mini pies and quiches

Mini pies and quiches

The middle layer had mini beef and burgundy pies and spinach and feta quiches, unfortunately they look and tasted like supermarket-bought quality. The fillings for them were nice but the pastry was very thick and not very buttery which was a shame.

Scones plain and whole wheat mixed berry

Scones plain and fruit scones

At the very top layer was the scones, plain ones and other which we can’t work out, it tasted like whole wheats with some mixed berries. It was also served strawberry jam which looked and tasted more like strawberry jelly and also whipped cream. I found the scones to be strangely moist and dense and not as fluffy as I would have liked.

Jam, cream and butter

Jam, cream and butter

The afternoon tea also provided unlimited teas, they had a good variety of teas from the regular English Breakfast through more exquisite teas such as green tea with jasmine flowers and Galle District OPI Orange Pekge) tea.

English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast Tea

Even though the savouries and scones weren’t that exciting, I was super excited about the dessert buffet   on the large table in the foyer. They had such a large range of goodies macarons, cupcakes, variety of slices, mini tarts, fresh fruit and little chocolate profiteroles.

Dessert Buffet Table

Dessert Buffet Table

So many to choose from! We had a hard time deciding! But once again, I recognised some of the desserts and have seen them at many cafes, I suspect from the same supplier.

My selection

My selection

I am trying to learn the art of eating in moderation so I only got a small plate and tried a few things 😀 Starting from the left the coffee panna cotta tasted more like coffee mousse topped with a thick layer of coffee jelly and dollop of whipped cream. The berry jelly and chocolate mousse was nice and smooth, but the pistachio macaron shell was too hard and had barely any filling and last but not least the mixed berry cheesecake was actually my favourite, velvety rich cream cheese with crushed berries through it.

Regrettably, I wouldn’t describe this afternoon tea to be one of the best, but it was certainly lots of fun and good to spend some time with the girls. We have now moved into different teams and work on different sites, so it’s hard for us to meet up. I would still recommend you visiting The Gables for afternoon tea if you’re looking for a nice quiet place near the city for tea that also offers a dessert buffet this is the place 🙂 It’s also perfect for Mother’s day since it’s just around the corner, a shame my mother will only eat Chinese food and afternoon tea is out of the question 😛

The Gables 
15 Finch St, Malvern East
Melbourne Victoria
PH: +61 3 9563 6108 

Multiple Courses – Teppanyaki

I’m sorry for the late post, for those who follow me on Twitter/Instagram will know I’ve gone a little crazy with the desserts lol so I’ve done a lot of eating but not much writing my bad! Promise to do better from now on ~ Wanted to give you a little break from just desserts today and take you to Teppanyaki at The Splendor hotel in Kaohsiung.

My parents are really traditional and only like Chinese food, especially Canton cuisine. That’s why I was really surprised and excited when they were willing to go to Teppanyaki with me 😉 This is one of Win Win and my favourite restaurants in Taiwan because they serve great quality teppanyaki also offer a semi-salad and dessert buffet all at a great price 😀

We all ordered from the lunch menu and as you can see it includes many courses ~ Mum ordered the Teppan Fried Crispy Chicken $850TWD ($27.85AUD), Dad ordered Prawns with Chicken $1500TWD ($49.15AUD) and I got the Australia Fillet $1200TWD ($39.30AUD) and because we were guests we didn’t need to pay the 10% service charge YAY!

Let’s start with the semi-buffet ~

Lots of dishes to choose from ~

They had a good range of savoury dishes such as teriyaki beef, mini tuna potato salad, smoked chicken breast with peppers and an organic salad bar ~ great way to start a meal.

I was trying to be good so started off with a plate of salad ~ I’ve never had the ‘purple’ veggie but I’m sure Norma (Garden To Wok) will know~ I was a little skeptical when Dad placed it onto my plate…but was still willing to try. It was quite pleasant to eat lol very refreshing but I know none of my sisters would eat it because it really is like eating ‘grass’ 😛

Left - Minestrone Soup
Right - Cream of Mushroom

We were then served soup of the day ~ they had Minestrone, Cream of Mushroom, French Onion and another soup which I’ve forgotten sorry! Mum and Dad both got the Cream of Mushroom which was another surprise hahaha they usually say it’s too creamy and rich. I knew it was going to be a filling and rich meal so got the minestrone instead. As a responsible blogger hehe I tried both soups and thought they were cooked well, however, the minestrone tasted a little diluted…think I prefer the Cream of Mushroom more ~

Very talented chef!

We were very lucky the executive teppanyaki chef Jeffrey Ho was cooking for us today ~ He was very nice and told us that he’s originally from Singapore that’s why he could speak a little bit of Cantonese. Mum was SO happy because she doesn’t really speak any Mandarin but still thinks she does even though people don’t understand her 😛

Entree - Teppan Fried Salmon with Scallop and Seasonal Vegetables

I forgot that we had an entree and was surprised to see it, I was too busy eating from the semi-buffet ~ Both the salmon and scallops were cooked perfectly, especially the scallop it wasn’t overcooked or too raw 🙂

Dad's Prawns

The prawns were so pretty with its tailed spread out like a little flower ~ Dad only had one and gave me the other. The mango salsa was a little spicy but went really well with the prawns. Too bad Win Win missed out hehe prawns are her favourite.

My beef fillet ~

Chef Ho kindly helped us share my beef fillet so we could all try it 🙂 This may sound a little patriotic but hahaha I honestly believe we produce the best beef in Australia~ It was so tender and juicy! Only thing I would say is that it was a little too ‘well done’, Mum likes everyone cooked thoroughly but it was still totally delicious!

Teppan Fried Crispy Chicken

Mum and Dad both ordered chicken so lots to share amongst us, I’ve had it before but it still amazes me how they can keep the meat so tender ~ I’ve had teppan fried chicken elsewhere and its either overcooked where it becomes tough or it’s not thoroughly cooked and I need to ask them to recook it. But Chef Ho was perfect the first time round and it was scrumptious ~ I don’t usually eat the chicken skin because it’s quite fatty and I save my calories for desserts but I couldn’t resist the crispy chicken skin with Chef Ho’s homemade sauce.


Last teppanyaki dish was some teppan fried bean sprouts, Dad and I love bean sprouts and after having a substantial amount of meat it was nice to have some veggies to refresh our palate 🙂 but we found it to be slightly bland and just needed an extra pinch of salt and pepper ~

Taken to the 'dessert' room ~

We were then asked very nicely to ‘get up’ and go to the dessert room down the hall 🙂 LOVE THIS PART ~ The Splendor hotel is the tallest building in Koahsiung so we had a great view of the city ~

Great view ~

Mum was particularly impressed with the view because she kept saying Koahsiung’s such a small city hahaha but then there were still many high-rise buildings.


Now to my favourite part ~ even though the teppanyaki was great, to me a meal must always have dessert for it to be complete 😀 they had a mini dessert bar which had a decent range of cakes, pudding and fruit.

My selection ~

I wanted to try everything! But because I was already quite stuffed, I only picked the ones that interested me ~ Starting from the left (anti-close wise). Green tea and red bean sponge cake not bad, however, the matcha flavour wasn’t strong enough and there was too much whipped cream 😦 Creme brulee had a nice hard crispy caramelised top, I didn’t really like the creme part it was to ‘eggy’ for my liking. Peach friand it was nice enough but a little dry and wasn’t really sweet enough definitely not my favourite. Mango mousse cake a very regular cake you get from any Asian bakery once again not my favourite. But my favourite was the walnut and chocolate brownie! I was expecting it to be dry and hard, instead it was so moist, soft and crunchy with the walnuts 🙂 One of the best brownies I’ve had in such a long time ~

Iced Green Tea ~

Dad and I finished this wonderful multiple course meal with an Iced Green Tea, while mum had a hot English Breakfast tea which I conveniently forgot to take a picture of 😛 I was getting sleepy with all the food we just had lol

Highly recommend you trying Teppanyaki when you get the chance to go to Koahsiung, great value for the quality and quantity of food that you get ~ I really hope they still have that brownie when you go 😀

Teppanyaki – The Splendor
39/F, No 1 Tzu-Chiang 3rd Rd
Kaohsiung, Taiwan
39/5 高雄市苓雅區自強三路1號n
PH: +886 7 566 8000  

Xmas Feast – Cafe Kool Shangri la Hotel

Happy Holidays everyone 🙂 I hope everyone had a great Christmas with family and friends~ I sure had a wonderful Xmas with Mr Bao 🙂 where we had a massive buffet dinner on Christmas Eve then watched Breaking Dawn Part 1 (I’m a die-hard Twilight fan!)

Wanted to give you guys a review of the buffet dinner we had at the Cafe Kool restaurant at the Shangri La Kowloon hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui East ~

Nice environment but too crowded

It’s been a tradition of Mr Bao and I to have a nice buffet dinner every Christmas eve and we usually book a table 2 weeks in advance…but this year it was crazy! We called 3 weeks before Xmas yet more than 80% of the places we called were already full >_< so I admit Cafe Kool wasn’t our first choice, and the reviews weren’t great either but we decided to give it a go 🙂 and it wasn’t too disappointing yay!

Lots to choose from ~

Being a buffet it had a wide range of dishes for us to choose from ranging from freash seafood, sashimi through to Indian and Chinese dishes 🙂 will go through each type with you briefly ~

Range of Sashimi

Prawns, Crab and Oysters

We started with a few seafood dishes 🙂 I particularly liked the Salmon sashimi really fresh, while Mr Bao really liked the scallops dunno why…I’m simply not a fan hehe the cooked seafood was good, but I don’t think the prawns were the best… the meat was a little powdery.

Indian dishes 🙂

Chinese dishes ~

We then went on to trying all the other dishes ~ I’m not a big fan of Indian food but the tandoori chicken was quite nice, the prawns were once again a disappointment >_< it didn’t seem very fresh… the Chinese dishes were alright nothing special. Mr Bao and I liked the seafood soup full of flavour ~

Mr Bao's Congee

Then out of no where Mr Bao come back to the table with a bowl of congee and some shanghai dumplings (小龍飽)hahaha I thought it was a little strange to have congee at a buffet…but Mr Bao was really impressed that you were able to put whatever ingredients you wanted so he decided to put – peanuts, salted duck eggs (鹹蛋)and fish. I thought it tasted a little bland but Mr Bao really enjoyed it so I wasn’t going to argue with him hehe

Now to the best part DESSERTS!!!

Lots to choose from!

I had such a hard time choosing what I wanted so…I got one of everything HAHAHA 🙂

First plate ~

Started off with a chocolate molten cake – simply divine, then the mango tiramisu on the right – not bad would have been better with an extra shot of coffee, then at the back we had the almond tart and orange chocolate truffle cake both good nothing too exciting 😦

Plate 2

Then we tried all the other desserts – creme brulee, mango agar agar pudding, chocolate chestnut ball, raspberry meringue, raspberry log cake, pineapple and coconut log cake, chocolate brownie, tomato coco cup and the last but not least new york cheesecake 🙂

My favourite would have to be the chocolate motel cake and the new york cheesecake! It had the right flavours and texture~ YUM! While my least favourites would be the chestnut chocolate ball as you couldn’t really taste the chestnut and the tomato cup was just so wrong lol it was like having a dessert made out of that V8 vegetable drink!

Cold Rock style ice-cream!

Oh how could I forget, they also had ice-cream where you can add whatever lollies you wanted by smashing it in the ice-cream, just like how they do it at Cold Rock 🙂 they had four different ice-cream flavours to choose from – chocolate, vanilla, coconut and red bean. Mr Bao and I had chocolate ice-cream with gummy bears really weird and red bean ice-cream with chocolate chips…different but nice.

The buffet dinner cost $858 (HKD) plus 10% service charge per head which is about $120 (AUD) depending on the exchange rate, even though Mr Bao and I had a great time and enjoyed the food, we’ve had better buffets elsewhere, with better food and more importantly better desserts 🙂

Hope you all had a safe and fun Christmas!!

PS. All pictures were taken from my new camera ~ I hope they’re a lot better than before, but if anyone has any tips or hints they can give me on taking good food photos please leave me a comment! THANKS a bunch xox

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