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On A Budget – Crema

Mr Bao would like me to thank everyone for the kind comments in my previous post, he and his family are feeling much better now~ Thank you once again!

I know you’ve all been following me on my crazy dessert marathons and to be honest it can be expensive sometimes to dine at these places. However, I thought I was leaving HK soon so I was willing to splurge and eat wherever I wanted to 🙂 But then some of my friends don’t want to spend that much on afternoon tea or dessert, which is fair enough and even though I strongly disagree with them 😛 I must respect them. So when Mr T suggested a catch up on a budget I did some research and found a nice cafe – Crema tucked away in a small shopping centre in Tsim Sha Tsui East ~

Source: Openrice

We got there at around 2:30pm on a Saturday and it was pretty packed, we scored a table in the middle of the store and was immediately handed a menu. They had a very simple menu with a variety of coffee, cakes on display and some mains like pasta and sandwiches. Prices were quite reasonable with afternoon tea sets for about $45HKD ($5.5AUD) you get a piece of cake or sandwich plus a coffee of your choice.

Mr Bao and Mr T were pretty hungry so insisted that we order savoury foods before we got cake 😛 I think they were worried that this was going to be a ‘dessert for lunch’ type catch up hahaha

Spaghetti carbonara $55HKD ($6.7AUD)

Even though we didn’t expect the spaghetti to be top notch…we were quite disappointed by the pasta, it is quite obvious the sauce came out of a can and it had been diluted. The ham also had a weird ‘plasticy’ taste to me, thank gosh the pasta wasn’t overcooked if not it was have been an epic fail.

Mushroom and Chicken Spaghetti $55HKD ($6.7AUD)

It was the same thing with the next pasta…and it was worse because we found a little ‘bug’ and they had to make us another one 😦 The sauce was so watery and I couldnt’ taste any mushrooms, while the chicken was simply boiled chicken breast pieces stirred into the pasta.

We were pretty over the savoury food by  now and was ready to order cake ~ but Mr Bao was still hungry so decided to order a Tuna and Egg Mayonnaise tea set plus a latte for $46HKD ($5.60AUD).

Tuna and Egg Mayonnaise Toast $38HKD ($4.64AUD)

Another disappointment 😦 There was barely any filling… and they definitely put too much mayonnaise in both the tuna and the egg filling.

Latte with tea set plus $8HKD ($1AUD)

Crema is known for their latte art 🙂 Definitely impressed! I haven’t seen many places be able to produce such pretty lattes anywhere let alone HK ~

So pretty 😀

I wish I had known before and had asked for their famous ‘rabbit’, I saw it in other reviews that its extra cute! Mr Bao seemed to enjoy it and I had a sip and thought it was a pretty decent cup of coffee 🙂 I wouldn’t say it was the more aromatic coffee I’ve had, but given the coffee standards here this was definitely at least an A ~

Mocha with tea set plus $8HK ($1AUD)

I was so disappointed when my mocha came, I was expecting another amazing bear or rabbit…but nope because I ordered a mocha the barista didn’t think it was necessary to make it pretty. It tasted pretty good though ~ had a subtle coffee taste though not as strong as I like them.

Apple Pie Cake $38HKD ($4.64AUD)

We started off with an Apple Pie Cake, basically large apple pie cut into cake slices ~ the tart crust was very thick and dry, quite hard for our fork to cut through. The filling was alright, quite sweet though even for me hahaha but Mr Bao and Mr T seemed to like it saying that it’s been a while since they’ve had an apple pie.

New York Cheesecake $38HKD ($4.64AUD)

I was quite surprised that this was a rather rich cheesecake, it had a thick digestive biscuit base, firm cream cheese layer then topped with a thin layer of sour cream ~ I’m pretty sure Crema don’t bake their own cake and get their cakes from a supplier and I’m certain I’ve had this cake before at another cafe lol it wasn’t the best cheesecake I’ve had, but for $38HK it was a decent piece of New York Cheesecake ~

Chocolate Truffle Cake $38HKD ($4.64AUD)

This was probably the most disappointing cake out of the three 😦 it had the same digestive biscuit cake base, then a layer of chocolate sponge cake, chocolate ganache another layer of sponge cake then the whole cake is covered in this hard chocolate ganache. The cake layers and ganache was so dry and hard that we couldn’t even pick it up with our forks. We didn’t even finish it…and that never happens I never waste cake >_<

Verdict – Definitely go for their coffees and maybe a piece of cake, but bear in mind they’re not all good and don’t have high expectations of their savoury foods~
Shop LG17, LG/F, Hilton Towers,
96 Gran
ville Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
PH: 2369 0338


Pleasant Afternoon – Lobby Lounge Intercontinental

Hello 🙂 I have news to announce ~ my stay in HK has been extended! So posts may become a little more regular for the next week or so because I’m staying here for another 2 weeks. In a nutshell, Mr Bao’s grandma had recently passed away 😦 so he had to come back to HK… and since I was already here… Win Win suggested that maybe I can stay to support him before we fly back together.

As you all know I’ve been going on a dessert rampage 🙂 but I’ve realised that it’s also a High Tea marathon hehe because its one of the easiest ways to try lots of desserts at once and I’m also able to keep my friends happy who can’t just eat sweet food lol Let’s go to the Lobby Lounge at the Intercontinental Hotel today 😀

Great view of the Victoria Harbour ~

Intercontinental Hotel has one of the best views of the Victoria Harbour 🙂 however, because of air pollution and constant fog… it’s hard to get a good clear view >_< but still it was really nice to be able to chat with a girlfriend and have some tea and cake  ~

I was actually supposed to have high tea here the weekend before, but when we got here at 2pm, they said the afternoon tea set didn’t start until 3:30pm…but I was sure I checked online that it said they open at 2pm, so instead of waiting we went to Coco Patisserie ~ So this time…I made sure I double checked online and also called that on weekdays the high tea starts at 2:30pm. They suggested that we get there at around 2pm because it was always ‘full’. So we got there at 2pm and even though the Lobby Lounge was empty and we were asked to wait outside and come back at 2:3opm. That kind of bothers me… because I think they should have allowed us to sit down and not make us wait for no apparent reason.

They have 3 types of afternoon tea sets – Champagne, Intercontinental and The Red Box. Kaylee and I both agreed that the Chinese infused Red Box high tea was too weird for our liking and neither of us wanted to drink so we settled for the Intercontinental Tea Set.

Intercontinental Tea Set $428HKD ($53AUD) for two +10% service charge

I think the high tea at The Westin in Melbourne uses the same 3-tier stand 🙂 I still haven’t had the chance to try their high tea hehe ~ it’s on my wish list this year. This was a very traditional high tea set, with savoury pastries and buns on the bottom layer, desserts  in the middle, assorted jams on the top and the scones were served separately.

English Breakfast Tea ~

We also ordered English breakfast tea 🙂 I know there’s other types of teas that’s wonderful but I still think the plain old English breakfast is the best for high tea!

Savouries first ~

As per usual, we were both ravenous and started with the savouries first 🙂 There was two of each hehe starting from the left there’s a mini bun with eggs and herbs, then a extremely miniature bagel so damn cute! Little pastrami bun and last but not least a ham and cheese pastry ~ we enjoyed the savouries, however, I didn’t like the first mini bun with eggs and herbs, I’m not sure what cream they used…but it had a really strange after taste 😦


I think another reason why I like high tea is because of the scones 🙂 I totally heart scones ~ particularly liked how they were served it in a little basket and wrapped in a towel to keep them nice and warm ~ they weren’t just plain and raisons scones. The one with the little one dots on the right is a lemon one. I didn’t try it but Kaylee seemed to really like it 😀

Irregular shape ~

They were all irregular in size…lol this one looks like a deformed mushroom!

A big fat scone lol

It was so fat at the bottom hahha couldn’t help but take a photo 🙂 I was a little worried that they were going to taste very good ~ but they taste better than they look. Pretty well made, however, they were a little dense and not as fluffy as I would have liked, think I prefer Gregoire’s scones more 🙂

Strawberry jam, clotted cream and Earl Grey Jelly

The strawberry jam and clotted cream weren’t spectacular, but I really liked the Earl Grey Jelly 🙂 I never thought I would because I’m not really an Earl Grey kind of girl lol but I really liked this jelly and thought it matched the scones ~

Oops forgot to take a picture of the desserts :p

Oops think I forgot to take a close up of the desserts 😛 Sorry I don’t like how they only have one piece of every cake LOL I think it would have been more generous if they gave us two pieces of each ~ starting from the left it’s a vanilla and lemon eclair with a little piece of pineapple, I didn’t mind it and thought the choux pastry was made very well. Then we’ve got an apple and coconut tart, quite nice and really liked the stewed apple on top. Then its the chocolate layer cake with raspberry/strawberry mousse, it was slightly bitter I think because of the dark chocolate ~ my favourite would have to be the lemon cheesecake 🙂 It wasn’t that rich or dense but really light. The last one on the right is a raspberry sponge cake with a raspberry compote in between ~ It reminded me of a lamington hehe

Chocolate panna cotta

It was a lovely surprise when a waiter came over and popped down two chocolate panna cotta and said that it was complimentary with the afternoon tea set ~ I don’t usually like panna cotta but this was so smooth and creamy!

I’ve heard that you’re can order a la carte desserts ~ so I couldn’t help but order the lemon tart 🙂

Lemon Tart $85HKD ($10.45AUD) +10% service charge

It was a relatively small and thin tart but perfect for us, because we were pretty full by then 😀

Unfortunately, I didn’t really like this lemon tart, the lemon filling tasted really artificial to me and wasn’t tangy enough. The taste reminded me of the lemon flavoured Sugus lolly ~ this a famous Asian lollies that I’m sure most of us in Asia have seen or received a box as a gift 😛

Sugas Lollies ~

Source: Google Images

I also bought a piece of mille feuille to takeaway for Win Win and before I could even take a photo she had dug in and it was just too ugly to take a picture after that 😛 I tried it too and was impressed, the pastry was so flaky and the custard was just delish!

Overall, I enjoyed the afternoon tea set at Intercontinental and would recommend you coming for the amazing harbour view 🙂 However, service wasn’t great for a five-star hotel and unless you like the lolly flavour maybe stay away from the lemon tart 😛

Lobby Lounge
Lobby level, InterContinental Hong Kong,
18 Salisbury Road, Tsim Sha Tsui
PH: 2721 1211 

Hello Mickey & Minnie – Grand Salon

First a big hello to everyone 🙂 I’m so sorry for being quiet and not blogging or commenting for the past few days ~ Things have been so hectic! I just got back from from Taiwan on Monday night, got to the doctors at 9am, then off to the HK Macau pier to catch the 12:30pm ferry to Macau for the day! Got back to HK at around 8pm, rushed to have dinner with friends then FINALLY got home at around midnight.

To make up for being so quiet ~ I wanted to take everyone to a magical place today – Hong Kong Disneyland 😀 I was at the Disneyland Resort Hotel with Win Win a few weeks ago for an event. We had some time to kill so we wandered off to the Disney store to see if there’s any goodies for Aden my adorable nephew ~not sure if Win Win will let me post his picture here but he’s so CUTE 😛 I might be a little biased since I’m his Auntie hehe

I then spotted the famous Mickey and Minnie statues in front of the Grand Salon ~ and couldn’t resist being a tourist for a minute and take a photo with Minnie 😛

Me and Minnie ~

The Grand Salon is the lobby cafe at the Disneyland hotel, the ambience was great with a high ceiling and lots of natural lighting coming through, which is quite rare in HK.

Nice environment ~

It was pretty quiet when we walked in and was able to sit anywhere we wanted 🙂 Win Win and I chose a nice comfy couch with a little rectangular coffee table ~

Menu ~

The friendly waitress handed us the embroidered menu, we flipped through it and knew immediately we wanted to try their afternoon tea set ~ we only ordered a set for one because we have a big meal ahead of us. They have two tea sets the Victorian Tea Set which is a more classical one with scones, sandwiches and dessert. They also have the Asian infused tea set for the same price $198HKD ($25AUD) per person.

The Victorian Afternoon Tea Set $198HKD ($25AUD) +10% service charge

We weren’t keen on the Asian tea set, so stuck with the safer and more traditional Victorian tea set ~

First layer ~ Savouries

The first layer was the ‘savoury’ plate ~ because it was a tea set for one there was only one piece of everything. We weren’t that hungry so it was more than enough for us hehe overall the sandwiches were decent, however, nothing spectacular and it was kind of obvious that it was pre-made and then simply put on the plates. The sandwiches were a little dry and wasn’t that flavoursome ~ It was also weird…how they put two Mickey and Minnie Mouse butter and chocolate cookies not sure why they weren’t put onto the dessert hahaha

Scones with butter, jam and cream ~

The scones were alright, were a little dry too and a bit too crumbly for our liking, but the worse thing would have to be the jam…it had such an artificial flavour! It seriously tasted like a cross between cough syrup and glacé  cherries 😦 and also turned into some kinda of jelly and not really a jam!

Pretty cute ~

I did like the presentation of the butter ~ so cute! They used a Mickey Mouse cutter would love to get my hands one of these cutters hehe!

Cakes ~

We made our way to the top layer, which consisted of three mini cakes, starting from the front, that’s a chocolate sponge cake with a whipped cream filling and topped with shaved chocolate. Not really a fan of sponge cake because it’s so bland to me ~ At the back that’s a mini strawberry tart, I liked the custard, but would have liked it even more if they it had more fruit and if the tart case wasn’t so hard. Lastly, we’ve got the mini New York cheesecake on the right, not bad but not great either, because it wasn’t a very firm cake I think it tasted more like a ‘baked’ cheesecake ~

I also ordered  English Breakfast tea and I really like the tea set that they use here,  so classical and reminds me of the ones Jane uses from Rice Bowl Tales her photos and food styling is alway so amazingly pretty 🙂 a nice tea set is definitely on my must buy list this year 😀

Pretty Tea Set ~

Even though the Hong Kong Disneyland is a magical place, unfortunately, the afternoon tea set at the Grand Salon was not magical 😦 Nothing was horribly bad. However, given the location, price and quality of the food, I wouldn’t recommend anyone travelling here just for their afternoon tea ~ but if you were staying at the hotel and just wanted a nice place to relax and chat, the Grand Salon is probably the most appropriate place.

Posts may be irregular until after Sunday when I fly back home to Melbourne 😦 thank you once again to everyone who has continued to read my blog and support me xox

Grand Salon Disneyland Hong Kong Hotel
3/F, Hong Kong Disneyland Hotel, Lantau Island
PH: 3510 6000

Next Stop – Pastry Gems

So glad everyone has liked my dessert posts 🙂 Wasn’t sure if you were going to get a little sick of just seeing cake and desserts 😛 I’m sorry that this post is a little late and you may have noticed I’ve been a little quiet on Twitter and Facebook ~ Dad had surprised me with a graduation trip to Taiwan again so I have limited access for the next couple of days, promise to get back to comments and emails as soon as I can ~

Taking you to the Pastry Gems at the Ritz Carlton with me today, be prepared this post is going to be full of pictures of desserts YAY!  I love eating desserts with anyone, but particularly like going with dessert-lovers and bloggers because they understand why we need to take so many photos of a cake and alway orders more cake. That’s why I was thrilled when Ah Ling from Chocolate Mui Mui asked if I wanted to check out the cakes at Pastry Gems with her. It turned out to be tasting event but I’ll tell you more about that later ~

Heaven ~

Pastry Gems is the cafe near the entrance of the Ritz Carlton hotel, and even though I’ve gone pass the cafe many times, I didn’t know they had so many cakes. Freshly made every day, they have around 6 to 7 desserts for customers to choose from, and of course we got every single cake they had 😀

Never ending desserts 🙂

It was basically a never-ending story of desserts 🙂 I was super excited about trying every single one of them ~ they’re all so pretty 🙂

Let’s start with the light and fruity desserts ~

Mango Verrine $48HKD ($5.86AUD) +10% service charge

The Mango Verrine, a nice simple dessert with a few layers, first a layer of diced mango, then mango mousse, mango pudding topped with some more diced mango and finished with a thin sugar crisp. I was surprised the mangos were so sweet as they aren’t in season right now here in HK.

Green Tea and Raspberry $48HKD ($5.86AUD) +10% service charge

Next was the Green Tea and Raspberry ~ I’ve noticed many pastry chefs in HK like moulding their cakes into ‘spheres’ 😛

More of a mousse cake ~

Basically a mousse cake with a thin layer of green tea sponge cake as the base, then green tea mousse, a very thin layer of raspberry jelly then more green tea mousse. The whole cake was then sprayed with green tea powder 🙂 I love matcha flavoured desserts and especially those with a strong punch of green tea flavour. The green tea mousse was very delicious, however, the raspberry jelly was quite sour and with the slight bitterness of the matcha, I didn’t really like it.

Now to the chocolatey and rich desserts 🙂

Pot de Creme $48HKD ($5.86AUD) +10% service charge

Started with the Pot de Creme, it had a very silky texture and was definitely very chocolately, as her blog name suggests Chocolate Mui Mui really liked this dessert, one of her favourite ~ I don’t particularly like Pot de Cremes, but thought this was nice too very rich and comforting.

Jivara Apricot $48HKD ($5.86AUD) +10% service charge

Not quite sure why it’s called Jivara ~ couldn’t find an answer online either, it’s basically a chocolate mousse with an apricot compote as the base and the little tube of ‘toothpaste’ is in fact fresh Apricot jam 🙂

I’ve never really had a dessert that has both apricots and chocolate, and instead of being really rich…this dessert was surprisingly light ~ It also had a taste that resembled yoghurt, I think it’s because the slight tanginess of the apricot which balances out the sweetness of the chocolate. Perfect dessert for those who don’t really have a sweet tooth hehe

Chocolate Passion $48HKD ($5.86AUD) +10% service charge

This was my favourite ~ because I really like hazelnut flavoured desserts, it had a hazelnut sable as a base, a thin layer of caramel or vanilla mousse (sorry don’t remember), a layer of chocolate mousse, then covered in a thin layer of chocolate and garnished with a little macaron ~ The whole cake made sense to me hahaha the flavours all matched really well and I loved the crunchiness of the base ~

Mont Blanc $48HKD ($5.86AUD) +10% service charge

Unlike the one I had at Ariel Le Cafe, the chestnut puree here was delectable and light 🙂 and I enjoyed eating it ~ but still not my favourite, sorry to all those Mont Blanc fans out there .

Chocolate and Banana $48HKD ($5.86AUD) +10% service charge

Sorry everyone, not sure of the name of this cake, when I went back to write the names down they had sold out of this cake and removed the label.

Banana puree yum ~

Once again a mousse type cake with thin layers of chocolate cake layered in between and in the middle they placed banana puree, yum yum ~ definitely love chocolate and banana cakes 🙂 Very soft and velvety in the mouth and this was slightly richer and sweeter than the other dessert which is perfect for me~

That was the 7 cakes 🙂 but that’s not it hahaha they also had macarons! You never say no to macarons 😛

Assorted macarons $20HKD($2.5AUD) each +10% service charge

They only have 5 flavours – (from the left) chocolate and orange, orange, black truffle, pistachio and raspberry ~ we both had one each hehe these macarons were the firmer type with a thick layer of filling. My favourite would have to be the chocolate and orange, adore jaffa flavoured sweets and the filling was delicious! My next favourite would have to be pistachio ~ and it was the softest macaron and again melts in your mouth. It wasn’t really my least favourite but the black truffle was definitely something unique and I’ve never had a savoury macaron. The taste reminds me of a ‘cream of mushroom’ soup hahaha don’t get me wrong the black truffle itself was very fragrant…I’m just not sure I like it in a sweet macaron~ but a must-try for those who dare 😛

We’re not done yet ~ because Pastry Gem also has an assortment of pastries which they also bake every day, they have things like croissants, danishes and muffins.

Assorted pastries ranging from $18-$22HKD ($2.2-$2.8AUD) each plus 10% service charge

I was pretty stuffed after all that cake and macarons, but it was Ah Ling’s first meal so she was still a little hungry so she couldn’t help but get a triple chocolate muffin ~ I think prices here are quite reasonable given that it is a 5 star hotel and most cafes now charge $25 to $35HKD for a muffin.

Tripple Chocolate Muffin $20HKD ($2.5AUD) +10% service charge

I’ve tried this last time I was at Pastry Gems and we both agree that this muffin was definitely full of chocolate ~ only downfall was the waitress had forgotten to reheat it before serving it 🙂

This was supposed to be a quiet get together between Ah Ling and myself, however, it eventually became a tasting event because Bonnie and Peggy from the PR department at Ritz Carlton, which we know show our Facebook check-in and decided to pop down to come say hi to us. Unbeknownst to us, Peggy had settled the bill for us without telling us! Would like to say a huge thank you to Peggy for treating us and that you didn’t need to do that~

Daisy@Nevertoosweet and Ah Ling dined as a guest of Ritz Carlton Hong Kong.

Pastry Gems Ritz Carlton Hotel
9/F, The Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong,
International Commerce Centre,
1 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui 

PH: 2263 2230 

Dessert Rampage – Black N White

The dessert rampage continues 🙂 thanks again for the lovely comments it makes eating cake for lunch less guilty!
Wanted to share with you, my recent visit to Black N White in Tai Kok Tsui ~ this dessert place has been on my wish list for a while now. Mainly because of the great reviews and because the mastermind behind this place previously worked at the famous Vero Chocolates in Wan Chai and also Mandarin Oriental hotel in Central 😀

Source: Ming Pao

I’m talking about Chef Koo (古嘉俊) 🙂 I’ve never had the chance to meet him but I know he’s a very talented pastry chefs in HK and has participated in the prestigious Le Mondial des Arts Sucrés International Dessert competition held in France ~

Win Win is also a dessert lover so I didn’t have to persuade her much, just gave her the address and we were there on Sunday ~ Love you Sis!

Unusual place for a dessert parlour ~

Took us quite some time to find the store, we never expected a modern dessert parlour to open in such a local area and was surrounded by traditional HK style cafes and hot pots ~ But I guess with rent so expensive in HK, it’s no wonder chefs choose to open in more industrial suburbs ~

Finally found it~

After going around and around in circles, we finally found a spot, parked the car and I kinda skipped ‘breakfast’ again lol I know I’m so bad, just to have more desserts ~ by the time we sat down I was ravenous!

You ordered with the 'whisk' 🙂

The waiter was a young guy, who seemed a little lost at what he was doing, he laid the menu down then told us when we were ready to order, we just had to take our ‘whisk’ with the table number to the counter and we’d be able to order and pay. The cakes will then be delivered to our tables~ Even though I think it’s quite creative to use a ‘whisk’ its a little silly to make customers, order and pay first when clearly the store was ‘over-staffed’ lol

'Whisk' chandelier

They even had a chandelier that was decorated with ‘whisks’ 😛

Lots to choose from ~

My mouth was drooling when I saw all the desserts in front of me 😛 I knew I wanted to try the lemon tart and left the rest to Win Win ~

Everything was in a cup lol

It was funny though…everything was in a ‘plastic’ cup lol they didn’t really have any ‘cakes’ ~ but hey, not complaining as long as it’s sweet I’m happy 😛

Mini Tiramisu $48HKD ($6AUD)

We started with the Mini Tiramisu~ unfortunately, it tasted nothing like a tiramisu. As a matter of fact I didn’t even know it was a tiramisu until Win Win told me, I thought was just mousse. It had a few layers, the bottom layer was cookie crumbles, then a layer of cream, another layer of cookie crumble then the whole thing was covered with a little chocolate bubble net. However, I couldn’t taste any coffee flavour at all…so definitely not the best tiramisu. But I really liked the cookie crumbles and could eat a whole jar of it 😀

Signature Dark Chocolate Cake $48HKD ($6AUD)

Up next was their ‘Signature Dark Chocolate Cake’ which was made out of dark chocolate that had 70% cacao ~ most desserts here were layers. Similar to the previous, this was another layer of crumbs, then mousse then more crumbs and finally a dollop of chocolate ganache. Win Win is a fan of dark chocolate so she liked it. While I thought it was too ‘moussey’ and ‘creamy’ for my liking and once again I think I enjoy the cookie/cake crumbles more than the actual dessert ~ wonder if they’ll consider seeing them? I’d definitely buy it!

Strawberry Lemon Tart $68HKD ($8.4AUD)

I didn’t know it was a Strawberry Lemon Tart, so I was a little surprised to see the strawberry sorbet on top the tart ~ the waiter explained to use that it comes with a warm strawberry sauce, and he suggested that we only add a little bit of it, as its quite sour.

Strawberry Sauce to pour over ~

I’ve never had a lemon tart which had a sauce for you to pour over 🙂 super excited!

Excuse Win Win's pinky LOL

Please excuse Win Win’s little pinky finger 😛 I think it runs in our family ~ my pinky goes up too when I drink tea, but Mr Bao is always reminding me because he thinks it’s not polite hahaha

I was a little disappointed with this strawberry lemon tart, because really, it should just be called a ‘strawberry’ tart, you couldn’t really taste the tanginess a lemon tart should have. I think that’s because the tart shell was filled with a strawberry puree before the filling was piped on top, the strawberry’s sweetness overpowered the lemon filling. It was still a nice tart and the strawberry sorbet was nice and refreshing, just didn’t really match the description 🙂 definitely a winner for strawberry lovers like Mr Bao ~

Banana Crepe $28HKD ($3.5AUD)

Last but not least – Banana Crepe, I didn’t know it was so cheap until I did the conversion ~ but this crepe really puzzled us. We had no idea what we were eating and how to describe it.

We have no idea...

It’s a double layer crepe and inside it’s got this white/yellowish ‘cream’ type of filling (the bottom picture). I’ve asked other people, but no one knows what it is, it’s definitely not gelato…may be panna cotta but I think it’s some type of cheese mixed with vanilla beans. If anyone knows what this is, please let me know! It did have a nice fragrant vanilla taste to it…but just didn’t match. Now to the crepes, the first layer was this crumbly crepe it was so sticky that you can’t really chew it without it sticking to your teeth. While the top layer was a simple soft crepe and the only component of this dessert that we liked…

Worth a try if you’re a dessert lover like me ~ but definitely stay away from the crepes, unless you want to try that mysterious panna cotta like filling 😛

Black N White
Unit B&D, 88-102 Ivy Street, Tai Kwok Tsui
PH: 2789 1330 

Celebrations – Coco Patisserie

Thank you so much to everyone who left a kind comment in my last post 🙂 I really appreciate every single one of them! I’m going to try my best and work hard in the next stage of my life ~ would also like to say a HUGE thank you to the food blogging community, everyone is just so nice and friendly, I’m so glad to be part of this community ~

Now to celebrate my graduation, I have gone on a massive dessert rampage lol I have had desserts and cake for lunch 3 days in a row. That means no salad, no sandwich and basically no savoury food and just DESSERTS 🙂 I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate! As Bryan described it very accurately ‘Living up to my blog name’ ~

Coco Patisserie at The Mira Hotel

Nice comfy chairs ~

Had heard good things about Coco Patisserie at The Mira Hotel in Tsim Sha Tsui, so I immediately suggested it when my friends wanted to catch up 🙂

My idea was to just order all the cakes they had ~ but…my friends weren’t that keen on just having ‘desserts’…so I compromised and we ordered some savoury dishes and lots of cakes.

Prawn Bisque $90HKD ($11AUD) +10% service charge

I persuaded them to have something less filling so I thought soup was a great idea 😛 We ordered the Prawn Bisque, but it wasn’t very good, in fact I swear it tasted like it was something out of a can and if it wasn’t out of a can…I’m totally disappointed. It was simply too sour and salty to be a soup made from scratch. You would expect more from a 5 star hotel 😦

All Day American Breakfast $130HKD ($16AUD) +10% service charge

The next dish we ordered was the All Day American Breakfast, nothing spectacular really, and instead of bacon, they gave us some ham , which was a little weird to me. Pretty good value though considering it was at a hotel and most big breakfast costs this much at a nice cafe ~

Now to the desserts 😀

What should I get? 😛

They didn’t really have a large selection, only 5 cakes and 3 cupcakes ~ but that made it worse, because I simply wanted one of everything 😛

Cupcakes $32HKD($4AUD) each +10% service charge

I read in an article, that Coco Patisserie’s cupcakes were amongst the top 10 best cupcakes in HK 🙂 So I was super excited about trying their cupcakes.

Let us eat cake ~

After some serious thinking we finally decided to get 3 cakes and 2 cupcakes 🙂

Left - Chocolate Addict cupcake Right - Mango Velvet cupcake

The one on the left is a Chocolate Addict cupcake which is a chocolate cupcake with crispy chocolate bits inside and instead of icing, it was topped with dark chocolate ganache. I really liked this cupcake, finally after all this time looking for good cupcakes! I finally found a decent MOIST cupcake 😀 YAY! The one on the right is a Mango Velvet, I think it’s supposed to be a Red Velvet cupcake topped with mango whipped cream and fresh mango pieces. It didn’t taste like a Red Velvet cupcake, more like a vanilla cupcake but I really liked how they put fresh mangoes inside the cupcake too ~ However, I didn’t like the mango cream, I would have preferred some buttercream icing. I’ve realised patisseries in HK don’t really use buttercream icing, probably because people here think it’s too sweet ~

Lemoncello $36HKD ($4.5AUD) +10% service charge

I’m a fan of lemon tart so I had to try this Lemoncello, which is a lemon tart with a lime marshmallow. There were a few issues with this tart 😦 firstly, they laid a thin layer of vanilla sponge cake in the chocolate tart case before topping it with lemon curd. I thought the sponge cake component was unnecessary and kind of ruined the tart. Secondly, the lemon curd just wasn’t tangy enough, very bland. The marshmallow was quite nice though and definitely homemade 🙂

Raspberry Chic $36HKD ($4.5AUD) +10% service charge

This was Coco’s take on a New York cheesecake with a raspberry and sweet basil dressing on top. Mr T and I like cheesecakes ~ especially those that are really rich and filling, but this one wasn’t any of these things 😦 It was rubbery and tasteless…neither of us could taste the cheese. However, we both liked the chocolate cookie base ~ it’s quite sad when we like the cake base more than the cake.

Or Noir $36HKD ($4.5AUD) +10% service charge

This was the Or Noir, never heard of this kind of cake hehe ~ It’s a chocolate sponge cake at the bottom, then a dark chocolate mousse and then the whole thing is covered in white chocolate mousse with Cointreau liquor. The little round cylinder has little crispy chocolate pebbles ~ I don’t really like mousse cakes but this was quite nice 🙂

The verdict? A nice place to have afternoon tea and service is great ~ but my suggestion is stick to having desserts and definitely try their cupcakes ~

Coco Patisserie
Ground Level Lobby
118 Nathan Road,
Tsim Sha Tsui,
Kowloon, Hong Kong
尖沙咀彌敦道118號The Mira大堂
PH: 852 2368 1111 

Graduation Ceremony and Thank You’s

Hello my lovely readers 🙂 this will be my first non-food related post and I have something really exciting to announce today! If you follow me on Twitter or have added me on Facebook you may already know, but after 6 long years of studying at University, I am finally done with studying and graduated from my Masters degree last Thursday!

Mission Accomplished 🙂

I decided to attend the graduation ceremony held in Hong Kong this time ~ It just worked out better that way because my whole family was here and most of my friends were going to attend this ceremony too 🙂 It was a lovely night, got to spend time with my Master buddies (Eunice and Ellen) and share this special day with the people I care about the most~ Only regret is…Mr Bao had already gone back to Melbourne and he didn’t get to see me graduate 😦

My Uni days lol

That was the end of a very important chapter of my life ~ and I have enjoyed every single minute of it! I was a bit of a nerd and hahaha wouldn’t be surprised if I went back to studying one day 😉 But for now I think I’m ready for the next stage. I have been very fortunate given the market conditions and was offered a Graduate position at an IT firm and start as a Project Coordinator in May ~ I’m both excited and nervous about starting!  Wish me luck everyone!

Source: Cool Free Images

Would also like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to some special people:

  • Mr Bao – Thank you always being there for me 🙂 Through the good and the extremely ugly and especially for reading though every single one of my essays/assignment. I know they must have bored you to death 🙂 xoxo
  • Win Win – You are the rock in my life ~ someone I can always count on and who has supported every one of my decisions. Thanks Sis! Love you!
  • My parents – For supporting and providing me with everything ~
  • Sasa – Thanks for pulling so many all nighters with me to finish our assignments ~ I will never forget that time!
  • Dd – If it wasn’t because of you, I don’t think I would have been able to graduate from my Arts degree! Thank you for reading my criminology essays!
  • Qiao Qian – I remember studying Behavioural Studies with you 🙂 Thanks for keeping in contact and becoming a very close friend of mine!
  • Shaun Shaun – For taking me to Uni for the first time and making sure I knew my way around 😉
  • My Undergraduate buddies – Gareth, Ani, Nick, Joe, Terence and everyone else – Thanks for all those good times and helping me out when I needed it~
    My Postgraduate buddies – Mary, Eunice, Ellen, Ivan, Cindy, Chi Yao, Johnny, Hong,  Angela, Kenneth and so many others – Thanks for being so friendly and making class so much more interesting!
  • All Monash University lecturers/staff – Especially Kimble, Peter, Jane and Steve – Thank you for spending all that time and effort to teach and inspire me.

I’m really sorry if I’ve left anyone out, I will never forget our time together and THANK YOU for everything 🙂 I hope the very best for everyone and that we will always keep in touch!

Wanted to leave you all with a song ~

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