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Jam Tarts & Fig Maple Syrup Scones – Hanks Jam

Berry Tarts

Berry Tarts


Happy New Year my Dearest Readers :) We have officially started the new year! I’m not sure what 2015 is going to be like for me…but I have set some New Years resolutions and one of them is to hopefully place more focus back onto the blog and be able to post regularly again! It can sometimes be quite difficult to work full time and also find the time to blog, I am very lucky to have Mr Bao help me. But sometimes he’s busy too. That doesn’t matter, because I have some exciting news my awesome friend Kaylee has agreed to help out part-time and be Food Stylist and Creative Director!

Fig and Maple Syrup Scones

Fig and Maple Syrup Scones

Super excited to have Kaylee help! She has an eye for pretty things and grasps the idea of less is more much better than I do :) Just before Christmas I was sent some Hank’s Jam from Wordstorm PR to try and create some recipes. That become the first project we did as a small team of three :) Mr Bao was photographer and chef, Kaylee was styling and I was errr Director and food taster oh yeah and the writer!

Hank's Jam

A little background about Hank’s jam, it was first created 21 years by a chef named Hank in Bronte a beach side suburb in Sydney. It became very popular and local cafes started stocking it and now it is easily available at Woolworth, David Jones and many gourmet delicatessens. I’m sure I’ve seen Hank’s jam before but haven’t had the chance to try.

Strawberry Hank's Jam

Strawberry Hank’s Jam

The jams are quite thick and concentrated and had a good variety of jams and marmalade :) I was particularly intrigued by the fig and ginger jam as it’s quite rare to see this flavour of jam. That inspired me to make fig and maple syrup scones as I think it would pair very well with the jam. Kaylee on the other hand suggest jam tarts and decorate them with fresh berries to give it a super Christmassy feel! Both ideas were great so that’s how we ended up making both jam tarts and the scones!

Jam Tarts

I have to admit these should be called Cheat’s jam tart, because I completed cheated and used store-bought tart shells and simple filled them desiccated coconut, strawberry jam and fresh berries. In my defence though, Christmas and New Year is a very busy time so a little cheating is absolutely acceptable! The tarts can be a little sweet because of the jam, however, the tartness from the fresh raspberries and blackberries balanced it out wonderfully.


We had a few issues when making these scones haha we sort of burnt the first batch! They were very dark looking! So we had to quickly make another batch and not sure why they didn’t raise as high as we expected so I apologise they may not be the ‘best’ looking scones but I promise you they taste fantastic! Plus I think Kaylee has done such a good job in styling them can’t wait for our next ‘project’! Very happy for you to join the Never Too Sweet blog :) We hope you will like these recipes and I highly recommend the fig and ginger jam on scones, toast, cake anything :D

Recipe – Jam Tart (Cheat version) original Never Too Sweet recipe
Yield – 12 mini tarts

1 packet of store bought Sweet Tart cases (Used Pampas here)
1 jar Hank’s jam of your choice (Used strawberry here)
60 grams desiccated coconut
3 punnets of fresh berries (e.g Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberries)
Icing Sugar to garnish

Note – Feel free to adjust the amount of desiccated coconut and jam accordingly to personal tastes :)

1) Bake sweet tart cases according to package usually for 10-15mins until golden brown. Set aside to cool.

Kaylee in action :)

Kaylee in action :)

2) Once the tart are cool, place a teaspoon of desiccated coconut into each tart and place a tablespoon of Hank’s jam and spread evenly.

3) Set the tarts aside for 10 minute to let the jam set, alternativeluy you could put them into the fridge for 5 minutes. This will make it easier for the fresh berries to sit on top of the jam and not move as much.


4) Arrange the fresh berries on top of the tart and again let it set for 5 minutes and sprinkle icing sugar.

Ta-da! They’re done :D How easy was that?! We were chatting while making these so it probably took half an hour but I think you could easy make these in 20 minutes or so! Easy to make and can easily impress anyone!



Recipe – Fig and Maple Syrup Scones adapted from Macheesmo
Yield – 10-12 scones depending on size
525g (3 1/2 Cup) plain flour
180g (3/4 Cup) caster Sugar
1 Teaspoon salt
1 Teaspoon baking powder
1/2 Teaspoon baking soda
225g (2 sticks) unsalted cut into cubes
1 cup dried figs (chopped)
3/4 Cup buttermilk (shake well)
1/2 Cup thickened cream
1/4 Cup maple syrup
1 egg beaten (used for egg wash)

To Serve
Hank’s Fig and Ginger jam
Whipped Cream

Notes – Key to making good scones is not to over knead or work the dough, once everything comes together quickly roll/cut up and bake :)

1) Preheat oven to 200C (400F). Mix all dry ingredients (flour, sugar etc) together in a large bowl, add unsalted butter and rub into flour using fingers.
20150102-Hanks jam scone

2) Once the mixture resembles bread crumbs and butter is mixed well, add wet ingredients – buttermilk, thickened cream, maple syrup. Quickly mix using a wooden spoon or I was told two butter knives, once the mixture comes you can add the dried figs and mixed until just combined.


3) Once the mixture has been combined you can pinch ping pong sizes and roll them gently or roll it into a large 1 inch sheet and use a cookie cutter to cut round pieces. Around them on the baking try, it’s ok for them to be touching. Using a pastry brush, dip into beaten egg and brush over unbaked scones.

4) Place into over for 12 – 15 mins until golden brown and have risen up. Serve with whipped cream and Hank’s fig and ginger jam to make it even more figgy (if that’s even a word) hehe!

Daisy@Nevertoosweet received these Hank’s Jam as a gift from Hank’s Jam and Wordstorm PR 

Healthy Snack – Cranberry Pistachio Energy Balls + Giveaway *WINNER ANNOUNCED*

Cranberry Pistachio Energy Balls

Cranberry Pistachio Energy Balls

Happy Wednesday my Dearest Readers :) Half way through the week! I’m not sure if I’ve told you, but I work in a very technical team with all men…there’s only one other girl in my team, but she doesn’t work in the same office as me so I haven’t even met her before. Anyhow, these middle ages men are always mindlessly munching on snacks all day long… whenever I bring any goodies in…they will generally be cleared in a couple of minutes.

Cranberry Pistachio Energy Balls

Recently, my two managers have decided to try and be healthy and opt for healthier snacks and one thing they love are pistachio nuts. They will take turns in buying a big pack and share it amongst themselves, and it’s very entertaining to see them fight over the last one in the pack! I didn’t realise until recently, that pistachios are a healthy snack which can help lower cholesterol and the fibre and fat content make them quite filling and hopefully you will eat less later ~

Wonderful Pistachio

Wonderful Pistachio

I was recently sent some Wonderful Pistachios to try and was asked if I was interested in creating a recipe for them. So I took this opportunity to make some healthy pistachio snacks for my colleagues which were also portable as they have been going on for long runs at lunch time.

Cranberry and Pistachio Energy Ball

Will provide you with the recipe now, but don’t forget to scroll down to the end for the giveaway :)

Recipe – Cranberry and Pistachio Energy Balls adapted from Gimme Some Oven

Yield – Approximately 20 balls (Tablespoon)

220g (1 Cup) chopped dates
1/2 Cup honey
pince of salt
1 1/2 cup of traditional oats
1 cup unshelled pistachio nuts
1 cup dried cranberries

- Fresh dates are probably better, because they’re not as hard
– More honey may be required to help the ingredients stick together
– Make sure the dates are well chopped, as my food processor had trouble combining the honey and dates together
– I use raw pistachio, meaning they were not salted. If you use salted pistachio, you can leave the pinch of salt out
– You can add additional seeds, nuts or dried fruit if you wish to

1) Place chopped dates, honey and salt into a food processor and pulse until smooth. Mixture should be slightly runny, if it is too stiff add some more honey (1 or 2 tablespoons).
2) Transfer mixture into a large bowl and the other ingredients, pistachio, oats and dried cranberries. Cover with cling wrap and refrigerate for 30 minutes.
3) Once the mixture is cool and harder, use your hand or spoon to assist and roll them into the size you like. Place them back into the refrigerator to firm up.
When stores in an air tight container they will last up to 2 weeks.

Cranberry and Pistachios Energy Balls

Mr Bao tried these energy balls and gave them a thumbs up as they were quite sweet and really filling, he said he ate 2 in the afternoon and was full until it was dinner time again :) Note these are also sugar free too, as it uses honey and dates!

Now let’s move onto the giveaway!

20141009-IMG_3279One lucky ready will win a Wonderful Pistachio pack valued at $24, pistachios in 3 flavours, Roast & Salt, Salt & Pepper and Sweet Chilli. Otherwise, you should be able to find them at your supermarket :)

To enter this giveaway
- Leave a comment and tell me do you like salted or raw pistachios?
– For more entries please ‘Like’ me on Facebook and Follow me on Twitter ~ If you’ve already done that please let me now! Thank you!
– Giveaway ends on the 22nd October (Wednesday) 
– You may reenter daily, one entry a day
– Winners will be chosen by me personally and announced on this blog and notified via email on the 24th October (Thursday) 
– Open only to all Australian residents (Sorry International Readers!)


Congratulations Jessica M! You are the winner for the Wonderful Pistachio pack! I will be emailing you about this today :)

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.27.02 am Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.26.41 am


Thank you everyone who left a comment and participated!

Daisy@Nevertoosweet received Wonderful Pistachios as a gift 


RSPCA Cupcake Day – Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcake

Facebook_Cover_ImageHello Readers :) I’m really excited to tell you that I’ve been asked to be one of RSPCA’s Online Ambassadors for their Cupcake Day this year ~ I’ve always wanted to participate in Cupcake Day, but it makes it even more meaningful now that I have a dog and his name is conveniently Cupcake! It’s pretty simple I was basically I was asked to make a cupcake and share there recipe to help them promote their event.

For those who aren’t familiar with Cupcake Day you can read more about it here, but to give you an overview, on the 18th of August you can get together with some family, friends or colleagues and organise your own Cupcake Day event. Make some cupcake sell them for how much you would like to, and donate the money paid for the Cupcakes.

Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcake

Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcake

I’ve made a couple of cupcakes and looking forward to sharing them with you guys ~ The first one is this Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcake. I was going through all my books, blogs, websites looking for a cupcake recipe I wanted try. Eventually, I decided to ask my pregnant sister to see if she had any cravings and she said ‘marshmallows!’ So that’s when I made these Chocolate Cupcakes with Marshmallow frosting.

Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcake

Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcake

These cupcakes are relatively easy to make, the only tricky part would be the marshmallow frosting which requires a sugar thermometer but if you follow Not Quite Nigella’s recipe like I did, it shouldn’t be too hard ;)

Before I give you a recipe, there’s a little surprise in the cupcakes, I not only decided to make marshmallow frosting, I decided to put a marshmallow inside the cupcakes too! It gave it a little more texture and flavour. My sister lives in Hong Kong so

IMG_9830 copy


Make sure you put the marshmallow in while the cupcake is still warm so it will melt slightly! Mr Bao, some friends and colleagues have done the taste test and they give me the thumbs up. I hope you’ve convinced you to make these cupcakes and perhaps have your own little Cupcake Day even on the 18th of August with some friends and family to raise some money to help those animal in need ~

Recipe – Chocolate Cupcake with Marshmallow frosting from Hummingbird Bakery and Not Quite Nigella 

Yields – 10 Cupcakes 

100g plain flour
20g cocoa powder
140g caster sugar
1 1/2 tsp baking powder
A pinch of salt
40g unsalted butter, at room temperature
120ml whole milk
1/4tsp vanilla extra/paste

Marshmallow frosting – From Not Quite Nigella 
1 cup caster sugar
1 cup cold water
4 egg whites (about 120g)
A pinch of cream of tartar

1) Preheat the oven to 170°C (325°F).
2) Put te flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and butter into an electric mixer with the paddle attachment (or use a handheld electric whisk) and beat on slow speed until it reaches a sandy consistency and everything is combined.
3) Gradually pour in half of the milk (120ml) and beat until the milk is just incorporated.
4) Whisk the egg, vanilla extract and remaining milk (120ml) together in a separate jug for a few seconds, then pour into the flour mixture and continue beating until just incorporated (scrape any unmixed ingredients from the side of the bowl with a spatula). Continue mixing for a couple of minutes until the mixture is smooth. Be careful do not over mix.
5) Spoon mixture into cupcake until it is about 1/3 full and bake for 20-25 minutes, test by using toothpick if it is clear it is cooked.
6) Once cooked remove from oven and let them sit for 5 minutes, then carefully using a spoon scoop a little whole in the cupcake and place a marshmallow inside, and cover with remaining cake to make it smooth for piping.

Marshmallow Icing

1) Place egg whites and cream of tartar into bowl of an electric mixture with the whisk attachment.
2) Place sugar and water into small saucepan without string and make a syrup, cooking until 114C/238F use a sugar thermometer to check precise temperature.
3) When sugar syrup nearly reaches temperature, whisk the eggs on the highest setting until you get soft peaks. Once sugar syrup reaches 114C, with the whisk still on, slowly add to egg whites and continue whisking until thick and stiff.

When cupcakes are cool, you can now pipe the marshmallow icing on top :)

Happy Baking everyone!

Chocolate Marshmallow Cupcake


Hazelnut Crunch Bars – Taylor’s Wines + Giveaway *Winners Announced*

It’s been a while since I’ve shared a recipe on the blog so I’m super excited to share this recipe with you today :) I was recently sent a couple bottles of Taylor’s wine to review, create a recipe to go with it and most importantly do a giveaway for my amazing readers!

Gewürztraminer 2012, Taylor's Wine

Gewürztraminer 2012, Taylor’s Wine

I was sent the Gewürztraminer 2012 from their white wine range, its a dry crisp wine with lime and lychee flavours. I think it would go quite well with a seafood dish such as rissoto, Michelle (The Bakernista) paired it with a Thai Red Curry prawn which I thought sounded great.

Taylor Wines

But you know me, I’m no good with making anything savoury, so decided to make something sweet (so predictable :P). I had so many ideas going through my head – apple pie, cheesecake and pudding. Eventually, decided to make something a little richer because I think the dryness of the white wine will cut through the sweetness.

Hazelnut Crunch Bars

Hazelnut Crunch Bars

I came across this Hazelnut Crunch Bar recipe and thought it was the perfect thing to make because it used two of favourite ingredients feuilletine (thin crepe crisps) and Hazelnut Praline Paste. If you haven’t used this praline paste before, think Nutella but without the chocolate flavour and but has intense hazelnut flavour.

Hazelnut Crunch Bar

This is also ridiculously easy to make, no baking required just some chopping and melting. The end result is a crispy chocolate layer topped with a hazelnut chocolate ganache filling. Mr Bao tried it and said it reminded him very much like the Bueno chocolate bar made by Ferrero :)

Just like Bueno!

I’m quite happy with how these hazelnut crunch bars turned out but found the chocolate ganache was quite soft, so maybe next time, I will add less creme to make it a more solid filling so it doesn’t melt in your hands as soon as you touch them :) If you like Nutella, Bueno and hazelnuts – you will LOVE this! It’s not always easy or cheap to buy feuilletine or hazelnut praline paste, but trust me it really makes a huge difference and you won’t be disappointed!

Now going to share the recipe with you, but don’t forget to scroll down to the bottom for the giveaway!

Recipe – Hazelnut Crunch Bars adapted from The Kitchn 

Yield – 8×12 inch tray (approximately 20 bars) 

For the base:
170g dark chocolate, melted (microwave or bain marie)
285g (1 cup) hazelnut praline paste or Nutella
140g (2 cups) feuilletine

For the filling:
160g milk or dark chocolate, finely chopped (depends on your preference) 
60g dark chocolate, finely chopped
225g (1 cup) thickened cream
57g (1/4 cup) unsalted butter, cut into small pieces

Optional to garnish
Toasted hazelnuts

image 4

1) Spray the pan 8 x 11inch pan with oil and line it with baking paper, allowing it to hang over the sides.
2) In a large bowl, mix the melted chocolate and hazelnut praline paste together until well combined. Gently fold in the feuilletine trying not to crush them until combined.


3) Pour mixture into prepared tray and flatten using the back of a spoon.

Hazelnut Crunch 1

4) For the ganache filling, place chocolate (finely chopped) into a glass/steel bowl. Place thickened cream into a saucepan and over medium heat until it simmers and bubbles start to form. Pour over chocolate and let it sit for 2 minutes. Add diced butter into chocolate mixture and whisk until smooth and shiny.

Hazelnut Crunch Bar2

5) Pour ganache over the feuilletine crust base and smooth with a flat spatula. Place into the refrigerator to set and firm approximately 1-2 hours or over night. Slice into thin bars and ganache with toasted hazelnuts or feuilletine if you like :)



One lucky reader will win two bottles of Taylor’s wine!

To enter this giveaway
- Leave a comment and tell me what do you like to eat when you drink white wine?
– For more entries please ‘Like’ me on Facebook and Follow me on Twitter ~ If you’ve already done that please let me now! Thank you!
– Giveaway ends on the 24th March (Monday) 
– You may reenter daily, one entry a day
– Winners will be chosen by me personally and announced on this blog and notified via email on the 23rd March (Sunday) 
– Open only to all Australian residents (Sorry International Readers!)

Winner Announced

Congratulations Nicole! I will be in contact with you soon!

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.28.31 pm

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 11.25.49 pm


Daisy@Nevertoosweet tried and reviewed Taylor’s wine as a gift, all opinions are true and honest. 

Ice-cream creation – Harry’s Ice-Cream

Because I’ve been absent for so long, two posts in a row for my My Dearest Readers! For those who are in Melbourne are you prepared for another hot week? It’s going to get up to 40 degree this weekend. But I guess it’s still better than a couple of weeks ago when it was over 45 degrees Celsius. I don’t do very well with heat… so if you’re like me, remember to drink more water, keep hydrated and eat loads of ice-cream :P

Harry Icecream

Harry Ice-cream

That reminds me, at the start of summer, I was invited to Harry’s Ice-cream to visit their factory in Brunswick and was also asked to create my own ice-cream flavour! That is like any ice-cream lovers dream because I mean who doesn’t like ice-cream and to put all your favourite things in to create your own signature one, that sounds pretty awesome to me :)

Owner & Founder Lawrence Harrison

Owner & Founder Lawrence Harrison

I always assumed the Owner and Founder of Harry’s Ice-crema, first name would be Harry. But turns out Lawrence Harris is his name and they shortened it to Harry and used it as the brand. Harry’s ice-cream is their own brand of ice-cream but they also do private labels of Coles and Aldi, so you never know when you’ve purchased a tub of their ice-cream.

Blueberry Lemon Cocktail

Blueberry Lemon Cocktail

We started the fun event with a cocktail each served in these pretty and trendy Mason Ball jars which I adore. It was a blueberry and lemon cocktail with some vodka, the girls at Keep Left PR actually hand squeezed over 40 lemons themselves, now that’s effort. It was quite sour but a great way to clean our palettes and prepare us for the savoury and ice-cream tasting.

Sovoury Canapes

Savoury Nibbles

We were offered some savoury nibbles with mini bagels with smoked salmon, a spinach ricotta cheese tart, mini chicken sandwiches and puff pastry with blue cheese and dried figs. They were all freshly made and very good, but the spinach ricotta cheese was definitely my favourite.

Zumbo Macaron Tower

Zumbo Macaron Stand

Super spoilt, there was also a 3-tier stand full of macarons from Adriano Zumbo with nearly all the flavours you can think of, salted caramel, milo, popcorn, violet, finger bun and many more. I may have had one too many :P

Where the magic happens!

Where the magic happens!

After some savoury dishes we were then given a tour around the factory to see where the magic happens. It is so amazing how quickly it is for ice-cream to be made, filled into a tub and sealed and have it ready for delivery! I felt like I was in Willy Wonka land but for ice-cream hehe

Tony Senior Technician

Tony Senior Technician

We met Tony who is the Senior Technician and has been working alongside Lawrence for several years. He showed us how ice-cream was made from scratch, where a mixture similar to a custard is firm made with additions added to it and then churned in an industrial ice-cream maker. By the way, hygiene is taken very seriously here so we were all in the same gear as Tony, with a hairnet, lab coat, shoes also had to be covered lol no sorry no photos because I look simply too weird haha

Freshly churned ice-cream

The ice-cream is all churned and ready to be placed in the plastic tubs. I was really surprised with the texture and flavour of the freshly churned ice-cream it felt like whipped cream, it was so light and not very cold. Flavours were also more prominent because it wasn’t as cold.

Now it’s time for tasting and judging! So there were quite a few of us – Lianne, Sofia, Ling, Gastrology and Prue. We didn’t only get the chance to create our own ice-cream, it was also a competition where we got to judge each others ice-cream. Gosh I was nervous hehe because not everyone has a sweet tooth like mine :D

Our ice-cream creations

Our ice-cream creations

We had a good range of flavours amongst the bloggers, we had a carrot cake flavour, chocolate caramel slice, pistachio honey and rosewater and coconut cheesecake with biscuit.

My Creation

My Creation

Now do you want to know my creation hehe it took me a while to get it but I came up with a super sweet (duh) flavour haha with white chocolate ice-cream base, Mars Bar, Roasted Hazelnuts and Peanut Butter. Thinking back I probably overloaded my ice-cream but it was everything I like all in packed into one ice-cream.

Harry Icecream

This was the scoreboard! Congratulations Lianne for winning! Her flavour pistachio, honey and rosewater was fantastic and I’m a fan of pistachios too so it won a vote from me too :)

As for my favourite Harry’s Ice-cream flavour from their range of ice-cream would definitely be Sticky Date Pudding with toffee and fudge pieces through the ice-cream. Delicious! Thank you Harry’s Ice-cream and Keep Left for the invite to such a fun event, now time to go home and perfect my own personal flavour!

Daisy@Nevertoosweet attended this event as a guest of Harry’s Ice-cream and KeepLeft PR 

Hope you all had a – Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas my Dearest and most amazing Readers :) Sorry I’m a couple of days late, but still I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones, family and friends. As for what we got up to, Mr Bao and I have started to make it a tradition to have a Xmas eve party at our place. My parents never really celebrated Christmas, so I’m definitely making up for it now.

Xmas Eve Feast

Xmas Eve Feast

We went for a full traditional Christmas menu where we did the Turkey and Ham and everyone else was to bring a dish. Look at what a feast we had! So much food! I didn’t expect everyone to bring something but everyone bought something spectacular over.

Mr Bao and the 9kg turkey

Mr Bao and the 9kg turkey

Let’s start with the amazing Turkey Mr Bao made, we did it last year and found Heston’s recipe to be the best to ensure the meat is moist and succulent. The secret to this recipe is to brine the turkey in salt water for at least 9 hours or overnight. Last year the turkey was got was only 5kg so it wasn’t hard to find a bucket to brine it in. But this year we went for a 9kg turkey! We had no idea what would fit such a large bird so eventually I came up with the idea of the turkey in the eksy :)

You must watch this video because it is honestly so funny, Mr Bao putting the turkey into the esky and the strange noises it was making hahaha

After brining the turkey, the next step is to soak it in ice water for an hour, changing the water every 15 minutes. I’m not quite sure what this step does, but Mr Bao said that the cold water will extract the unnecessary salt in the turkey and also help crispy up the skin. Once this is done, you can stuff the turkey with any filling you like – we used a bacon, leek, prune and walnut stuffing.

Roast Turkey

It then took about 4 hours to bake depending on the size of the turkey. The best way to test if the turkey is cooked is to use a meat thermometer and if the thickest part reaches 70 it’s ready :) I am so proud of Mr Bao, he absolutely nailed it! The skin was nice and crispy but most importantly it was super moist and succulent! Highly recommend this recipe next time you want to make a roast turkey!

Maple Glazed Ham

Maple Glazed Ham

We also doubled the ham this year a 6.5kg hehe we used a Valli Little maple glazed ham recipe, I know ham is often served cold but there is something so nice about warm ham. We had a lot left over but everyone was happy to take it home in takeaway containers because they wanted to make fried rice with it :)

Sticky Ribs

Sticky Ribs

Thanh brought over sticky ribs not sure what sauce he used but it was spicy, sticky and yum!

Sushi, Curry and Sausage rolls

Sushi, Curry and Sausage rolls

Dave who I’ve known for so many years was awesome and brought over so many dishes, sushi, curry puffs, and sausage rolls. He also helped me cater for Miss D who is vegetarian. Hmmm the curry puffs reminded me of the ones we get at yum cha delicious!


Apart from all the mains, we also so many other dishes, Mr Bao made Nigella Lawson’s pea, mint and pancetta side, I made a vegetarian capsicum and corn salsa, Chris made a prawn and chorizo dish last but not least Jason made a macaroni salad with perfectly soft boiled eggs.

Heston's Hidden Figgy Sauce Pudding

Heston’s Hidden Figgy Sauce Pudding

Mr Bao banned me from making dessert because he knew I would stress out having to help make the turkey, ham and sides so we decided to cheat and serve Heston’s Hidden Figgy Sauce pudding with warm custard instead. It’s quite amusing it only took 3 minutes in the microwave and all the sugar in the middle started to melt and became so molten inside. This was well received and I wished I had bought more when it was still available at Coles.

Ice-cream pudding

Ice-cream pudding

I also outsourced dessert to Iola who made a massive and delicious and ice-cream pudding. The inside was strawberry and raspberry ice-cream with fresh berries and topped with chocolate sauce and pop rocks.

Ice-cream pudding

Ice-cream pudding

I am definitely stealing this idea next time I’m invited to a party :) Its easy to make and definitely a crowd pleaser.

Drink Station

Drink Station

I also tried to deck out our study desk and transform it into a drink station with a homemade sangria on the left and a berry ice tea in the small drink dispenser.



To give the guests something to do, I stole this DIY Photo booth idea from BBFF Michele using my Macbook and putting it on a bookshelf there was our photobooth. Mr Bao and I ordered some Christmas photobooth props and we were ready to go :D

Xmas Party 2013

Here are some of the photos we took at the photo booth. Clearly I need to learn how to make funnier looking faces hehe oh and just in case you haven’t met Shy the cute Miniature poodle, Mr Bao and I are dog sitting him for a month while his parents go back to Hong Kong to visit family ~

KK Time

KK Time

After all that food and fun, it was time to open out KK presents! Yue introduced a new way of organising the KK presents and that is we draw the number of presents. Then the person with No 1 will choose a present and open it, then No 2 will have the opportunity to either choose an unwrapped present to take No1 present. We keep going until no presents are left, so it’s always the best to be last, because you basically know all the presents and which one you’ll like :P I got a popcorn making machine, while Mr Bao stole a mug warmer from Iola hehe

Santa Clause!

Santa Clause!

Then out of no where SANTA CLAUSE aka Mr Bao appeared from no where :D This is definitely a modern Santa with those sunnies and he swapped Rudolf for Shy a poodle instead hehe

Mandatory photo with Santa

We then all took a mandatory picture with Santa with our KK gifts hehe I think next year I’m going to make it a costume party and everyone will need to dress up!

Merry Christmas from Mr Bao, Me and Shy  :)

Merry Christmas from Mr Bao, Me and Shy :)

That sums up our super festive and fun Christmas party. It was a lot of effort and work to make everything but it was definitely worth it. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and please leave a comment and tell me how you celebrated! xx

Never Too Sweet Turns 2 – Blogversary

My Dearest Readers :) I’m so excited to tell you Never Too Sweet Turns 2! I’m a couple of days late the exact blog birthday, but things have been hectic and unexpected to say the least. You may have seen on Instagram last Thursday I posted Mr Bao in hospital as  he was in a pretty serious car accident. But please don’t worry Mr Bao wasn’t hurt doctors cleared him within a couple of hours and I was able to take him home. But I guess bad things always come in three… I then fell extremely ill with laryngitis and completely lost my voice. Last but not least… my Macbook also decided to drop dead on me…so it’s made blogging quite difficult! Apologies in advance these photos are taken from my iPhone :(

I’m finally feeling much better and able to talk again! And I’m sure you will know by know how much I love talking! Anyhow, moving away from all that negativity, Mr Bao and I wanted to make something special for the blogversary after all we’re two years old and I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by.

Giant Matcha Fondant

I wanted to make something that represents Never Too Sweet so of course it was going to be sweet after long discussions we decided to remake the Giant Matcha Fondant I had at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong :) Because its everything I love in one dessert! I’ve made it before, but never has it really been that successful or look very pretty! There was always something wrong with the edges or it was under or overcooked.

Giant Matcha Fondant

We started on this project on Monday night and after 5 attempts we finally got the recipe, cooking times and everything right! Yup that’s 5 times which equates to 24 eggs, 1kg of butter, 2kg of chocolate and 1kg of caster sugar and 200g of matcha powder! The 3rd time it looked alright but there was a hole on the top…and Mr Bao is a perfectionist and said this wont do so we made the 4th which was worse than the first…and eventually the last one slide out of the tin effortlessly and had the perfect lava ooze out!


Would also like to take this opportunity to say a few things:
– THANK YOU to my Dearest, Loveliest and most supportive Readers without you there will be no blog!
– Need to thank my family and friends for putting up with me and fully understanding the ‘Camera Eats First’ concept (It’s a miracle I still have friends haha)
– My fellow bloggers who are so much fun to hang around, hold the best food parties and make the most amazing food!
– Last but not least need to thank Mr Bao the blog would not be the same without him helping out, eating the successful and unsuccessful things I bake and also taking over and baking even more extraordinary things

Moving forward I really hope to share more interesting food and travel stores, crazy desserts and expand on the recipe section :)

Recipe – Giant Matcha Fondant original recipe by Never Too Sweet
Yield – One 20cm fondant

400g white chocolate, finely chopped
200g unsalted butter, diced
4 eggs
4 egg yolks
1 cup (220g) caster sugar
75g plain flour sifted
40g Matcha powder


1) Preheat oven to 200°C/390°F. Grease and line tin with baking paper and a light sprinkle of plain flour *IMPORTANT STEP*
2) Place chocolate and butter in a saucepan over low heat and stir until chocolate is melted and smooth.
3) Place eggs, egg yolk and sugar in a bowl and whisk until well combined.Giant Matcha Fondant7
4) Add the chocolate mixture and flour and matcha powder in three batches and whisk until well combined, smooth and shinyGiantmatchafondant2

5) Pour mixture in cake tin and bake for 24 minutes, remove from oven and let it cool in tin for 5 minutes.


6) To remove out of time, run edge with palate knife to ensure it doesn’t stick, put oven gloves on and place on the bottom of cake tin, cover with a large plate and in one swift but steady move flip the cake onto the plate. Slowly remove cake tin and sprinkle with icing sugar and matcha powder and ice-cream if you wish.

Giant Matcha Fondant10

* You can reduce the amount of matcha powder used to 20g or 30g depending on your preference. I personally like my matcha desserts to be very strong and green :)
* It’s really important to grease your pan very well because that was what we had trouble with the most, sticking to the cake tin
* Don’t worry about over baking the fondant for a minute or two extra as it is better for it to be cooked through on the sides and still remain molten in the centre.
* Be gentle when you flip the fondant as it might break
Please feel free to leave me a comment, email or tweet me if you have any questions!

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