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Matcha Delights – Miam Miam + Some News :)

Happy Chinese New Year my Dearest Readers :) If you celebrate I wish you all a prosperous horse year!! Mr Bao and I celebrated Chinese New Years with our friends and I will be sharing that story with you soon ~ But today, I want to share with you a new French-Japanese restaurant that has recently opened in Chadstone Shopping Centre – Miam Miam.

Miam Miam

Miam Miam is originally from Tokyo and have now opened throughout Asia including Singapore and have now ventured into Australia and landed in Melbourne :) As soon as I saw photos of of the matcha lattes and desserts, I knew I had to go check it out ASAP! You know how much I love my matcha hehe

Miam MIam

If you’re not familiar with Chadstone, Miam Miam is in the area with the other restaurants such as Pappa Rich and close to Aldi and Colonial Markets. I really like the decor of the restaurant with the aluminion chairs and bright lights. They have a no booking policy, so I arrived early to get a table for 6 as I was meeting up with Jana, her husband and some of her friends ~ The waitress was friendly and even though they didn’t have a table for us, they were willing to shuffle the tables around to accommodate us.

Matcha latte with softie $8.8

Matcha latte with softie $8.8

They had a whole section on the menu dedicated to matcha goodies! You should’ve seen the smile on my face :) A couple of us ordered this matcha latte with matcha soft serve, I must say I was quite impressed! Because it is quite hard to find matcha lattes that have a strong matcha flavour and the soft serve had a nice creamy texture and good matcha flavour. I would have preferred if it had an even stronger matcha flavour, but its already one of the better ones I’ve had in Melbourne.

Matcha smoothie with red bean $7.5

Matcha smoothie with red bean $7.5

Mr Bao ordered a matcha smoothie with red bean, I couldn’t really taste the red bean but it had the same matcha flavour and had a more icy texture as it was a smoothie. I think I prefer the matcha latte a little more ~

Miam Miam Spaghetti $16.8

Miam Miam Spaghetti $16.8

The menu is a little small with only a handful of savoury dishes, it was made even more disappointing when a few dishes were sold out at 7pm and we were only left with either the Miam Miam spaghetti or the squid ink risotto. 3 of us got the Miam Miam Spaghetti with tomato, eggplant, bacon and a soft boiled egg. The pasta was cooked to a nice al dente texture and with good flavour, we did find it to be slightly salty.

Squid Ink Risotto $20.8

Squid Ink Risotto $20.8

The rest of the table ordered the Squid Ink Risotto with omelette on top, once again cooked to al dente and with squid pieces through it, flavour was great and the egg top was creamy and soft. For such a small portion I find it a little overpriced for $20.8, the boys were definitely not full and wanted more food ~

Matcha Souffle

Matcha Souffle

Sorry I can’t find the prices for the desserts, of course all the desserts we ordered were MATCHA :D Starting with the matcha soufflé, I don’t think I’ve had this before. Unfortunately, it was a little bit of a disappointment, it was very wet inside and felt a little uncooked, while matcha flavour wasn’t very strong. I think it would make a great soufflé if a few improvements were made.

Matcha soufflé pancake with soft serve

Matcha soufflé pancake with soft serve

The other dessert we got was the matcha soufflé pancake with matcha soft serve, coffee jelly, matcha jelly and red bean. The pancake is thicker and dense in the middle but remained soft, once again lacked some matcha flavour but the coffee jelly actually complimented the matcha in general.

That’s the first meal I had at Miam Miam, I enjoyed some of the dishes but would’ve have liked more options no the menu and stronger matcha flavour for some desserts. However, still really glad that they have now opened up and serving so many matcha desserts.

Iced Matcha Tea

Iced Matcha Tea

Because I am a true matchaholic, I couldn’t hope but go back two days later with my colleague and we had afternoon there. This time I had the iced matcha tea as it was quite hot and I wanted something to quench the thirst. It’s very different from the matcha latte as this iced version has no milk and not sweetened either, it had quite a lot of ice which watered down the matcha.

Matcha parfait with matcha jelly, red bean and rice crisps

Matcha parfait with matcha jelly, coffee jelly, red bean and rice crisps

I didn’t get to try the parfait last time so went back to try the matcha parfait with matcha jelly, coffee jelly, red bean and rice crisps. Pretty much the same toppings that was on the matcha soufflé pancake, all matched quite well but I think I would’ve liked some other topping on the parfait to make it a little different. 

Cookie N Cream Parfait

Cookie N Cream Parfait

They made a mistake with our order and brought a Cookie N Cream parfait when we ordered another pancake. They were kind enough to offer it to us so yay for us we got to try this as well. Similar to the matcha parfait it had a vanilla soft serve base chocolate rice crisps, sliced banana, chocolate syrup and some crushed Oreo cookies. Not bad but I think I prefer the matcha more hehe maybe I’m bias!

Spiced Apple soufflé pancake

Spiced Apple soufflé pancake

Last but not least was the spiced apple soufflé pancake topped with vanilla soft serve and crushed corn flakes. I found the pancake to be slightly overcooked this time, and would have preferred if the apples were a little softer.

After two visits in 3 days, I definitely like Miam Miam especially their matcha soft serve and all their other matcha drinks and desserts. However, I find the quality of the food to be a little inconsistent and the same elements used again and again. I have also heard from others that they find the menu to be limited and for some dishes it is overpriced. I think Miam Miam needs more time to improve and expand on their menu but other than that it is a great addition to our food scene ~

Miam Miam Restaurant on Urbanspoon


Now time to share some exciting news :)

My little CUPCAKE!

My little CUPCAKE!

Mr Bao and I are very happy to announce that we are now proud parents to this gorgeous little silver toy poodle :) And his name is CUPCAKE! I have actually Instagrammed some photos before so those who follow me will know about him hehe we are both so in love with this little puppy! But I do understand not everyone likes dogs so I have created a separate Instagram account for him to share his daily adventures ~ His account is @My_Mr_Cupcake


I totally underestimated the time and effort required to train a puppy, between working full-time, going to puppy school twice a week, toilet training, feeding and playing with Cupcake. It hasn’t left me with a lot of time to do my own things like blogging! But please bear with me Dearest Readers, I promise to get my act together as soon as possible! Thank you so much for being so patient with me!

Casual French Bistro – La Cassolette

I’m not sure if I’ve asked My Dearest Readers before, but what’s your favourite cuisine? :) Mine would definitely be French! I mean of course I would love French food because of their pastries, cakes and desserts. But I also like their slow cooked and comforting meals like a beef bourguignon.

La Cassolette

Mr Bao and I recently visited La Cassolette on Rebecca Walk, it might look familiar to some because it use to be a Roule Galette. The well known crepe store which I have previously blogged about here ~ The owner Michel Dubois has decided to transform Roule Galette into a modern casual French bistro serving traditional dishes at affordable prices.

La Cassolette

I definitely appreciated Michel’s efforts because even though I love French food, I find most of my favourite restaurants are quite expensive and its hard to find casual bistros here in Melbourne. They have fully refurbished Roule Galette, with new tables, chairs and I feel it’s also brighter letting a lot of natural come through. Rebecca Walk is a quieter side of the city which I think many people forget, but the view is actually stunning overseeing the Yarra River and also Crown Casino.

Sparking water and marinated olives

Sparking water and marinated olives

We got there at around 6:30pm and were the only table, we were offered some Sparking water and marinated olives to start our meal. I’ve never seen this brand of sparkling water before called Cape Grim where they collect the water from Tasmania, Mr Bao liked the water so much saying that it was the best he’s had ~ I think it’s because it wasn’t over carbonated, and didn’t have that aftertaste some sparkling water has.

Crab salad and quinoa taboule $16

Crab salad and quinoa taboule $16

We were suggested to order a three course meal, for my starter I chose their recommended dish which was a crab salad and quinoa taboule. I wasn’t expecting a square shaped bar, on the bottom was the quinoa and on top was the crab salad severed with baguette and some greens. I really enjoyed the crab salad with the mayonnaise dressing and the quinoa made it a rather filling dish and probably didn’t need the baguette bread :)

Smoked salmon with French dressing $15

Smoked salmon with French dressing $15

Mr Bao is a fan of smoked salmon so he ordered the entree size with French dressing and baguette for his starter. Another generous serving with quite a few slices of smoked salmon, don’t think we’ve had it with French dressing before, but was a nice addiction and helped cut some of the saltiness from the smoked salmon.

Scotch Fillet Black Angus 220g $25

Scotch Fillet Black Angus 220g $25

For his main, Mr Bao ordered a Scotch Fillet Black Angus that was 220g for $25 which we think is quite reasonable for a good piece of steak. It was nicely cooked to medium rare but we found it to be a little tough and paired with a spicy Cajun sauce.

Mash Potato $6

Mash Potato $6

We also added a side of mash potatoes to go with the steak, it was fluffy and butter topped with herbs and cracked pepper. I probably shouldn’t have ate so much of it!

Seared scallops and creamy sauce served with mash potato, parmesan and green salad $25

Seared scallops and creamy sauce $25

For my main, I chose another one of their speciality dish, seared scallops with creamy sauce. These dishes are cooked in front of customers where the scallops are cooked in a hot pan with Cognac then seasoned with salt, pepper and herbs.

Seared scallops

It’s so nicely plated with the seared scallops arranged around mashed potatoes, parmesan cheese and a green salad. Scallops are one of my favourite types of seafood and these were cooked perfectly, not at all chewy and still soft inside.

Seared Scallops

Nearly forgot we also had some white wine to pair with our meal. It was particularly nice with my scallop dish. I found it to be more on the drier side and prefer sweeter wines, but Mr Bao really liked it.

White wine

Who says you can’t have a drink on a Thursday night? :P


I already had my eyes on the ‘I Feel Sweet’ section which is their dessert, I got the chocolate pear fondant cake. I was surprised to see it served in a tea cup, a great way to serve fondants and makes it less messy, will need to try this next time at home ~

Chocolate Pear Fondant $12

Chocolate Pear Fondant $12

On top of the fondant was vanilla ice-cream, I really enjoyed the oozy centre this is definitely my type of dessert!

Maki Roll sorbet $14

Maki Roll sorbet $14

We were intrigued by the Maki Roll sorbets on the menu, when we asked the waitress she said that it’s a fun dessert that their chef has created. They were shaped like sushi with a sweet fruit syrup centre sorbet on the outside, the thin slices of sorbet melted quickly and reminded me very much like the Sugus lollies which are chewy lollies quite famous in Hong Kong :)

We really enjoyed our meal at La Cassolette, food was made well and comforting and service was warm and friendly. It’s nice to know of a new place to get casual French food at very affordable prices. Would recommend it to anyone who likes French food and haven’t been able to find a casual place in Melbourne ~

La Cassolette on Urbanspoon

Daisy and Mr Bao @Nevertoosweet dined as guests of La Cassolette

Winter Break – HK Summer 2013

My smart clever Readers :) Have you noticed once again I have gone quiet? Less posts and definitely slower at replying to your lovely messages? I’m terribly sorry! But I’ve actually flown back to HK for a Winter Break and spend some time with family and friends! This post is more of an update of what I’ve been doing lately ~

Grab n Go!

Grab n Go!

There’s a few reasons why I’m back first is to celebrate my Dad’s birthday! It’s been a couple of years since I’ve celebrated his birthday with him, as I’m usually in Melbourne during this time :)

Dad's birthday cake

Dad’s birthday cake

How pretty is this fruit cake! The base is an almond sponge cake then topped with smaller sponge cakes, fresh cream and covered with loads of fruit! My nephew and niece and were excited and kept asking for more hehe

Birthday Boy

Birthday Boy

Then two days later was Aden’s 3rd birthday party!!! His favourite character is Buzz Lightyear so that was the theme of the party ~ I rarely go to Kid’s parties but this one was fun with loads of games and food for the kiddies! Hahaha I love this picture of him and the rainbow afro!

I'm a proud Auntie!

I’m a proud Auntie!

I don’t post many photos of myself…but I’m a super proud Auntie so a Selfie with Aden is most appropriate :P Wished I had more time to spend with this little man!

I have also been doing a LOT of EATING!!! Something I do very well :D oh and don’t forget the shopping hehe! Starting with the first meal was Chinese with my family and we always get steamed fish! I’m not a fan of rice but can eat a bowl when its drenched in the soy sauce ~

Steamed Fish

Steamed Fish

I’ve had Japanese with my Uni friends :) Hong Kong people really like Japanese food so there’s quite a lot of establishments and some are really quite good!

Japanese for dinner

Japanese for dinner

I’ve revisited Tim Ho Wan and took Mr Bao for the first time :) Of course we couldn’t leave without getting their BBQ Pork Pineapple Bun! Love the contrast between the sweet bun and the salty filling.

Tim Ho Wan - BBQ Pork Pineapple Bun

Tim Ho Wan – BBQ Pork Pineapple Bun

I’ve also managed a few fine dining lunches with Win Win :) We had such an amazing lunch at L’atelier de Joel Robuchon. Look

Seared Hokkaido scallops with crunch diced vegetables

Seared Hokkaido scallops with crunch diced vegetables

The dessert was even more impressive! It’s a surprise chocolate ball where hot chocolate fudge was poured over to sightly melt the ball and the vanilla ice-cream. Of course it tasted wonderful and absolutely blew me away ;) If it wasn’t such a high end restaurant I might’ve licked the plate clean!

Surprise Chocolate Ball with crunchy pecans

Surprise Chocolate Ball with crunchy pecans

Afternoon teas are one of my favourite activities, and managed to try their new tea set at The Lounge (Four Seasons Hotel). I nearly always pay them a visit, their desserts are always so pretty, and I have dubbed the little petit for a flower as the ‘Daisy Lychee Cake’!

Afternoon at Four Season Hotel

Afternoon at Four Season Hotel

I’ve also gone on a bit of a Japanese green tea ‘Matcha’ phase and been searching high and low for the best MATCHA desserts in Hong Kong :) That’s how we ended up at Sin Mei Tea House in Sheung Wan, everything we was Matcha! Can’t wait to blog about it!

Green Tea Cheesecake at Sin Mei

Green Tea Cheesecake at Sin Mei

I also visited my Grandma who’s in her mid 80’s but still just as strong and fit, she’s an amazing cook and made all my favourite dishes when we went for dinner. My grandma is from Ning Bo the Northern part of China so her dishes are heavily influenced from those region and very different from Cantonese food. Just wished I was back more often and get to spend more time with her and eat her delicious dishes.

Grandma and Me

Grandma and Me

That kind of sums up what I have been doing for the past week or so :) I also made a short trip to Taipei with Win Win, but I’ll tell you about our adventures that next time! Hong Kong is still an exciting city and definitely my home away from home, especially with all my family being here ~

Hong Kong my home away from home

Hong Kong my home away from home

I hope you have also had a great week :) And looking forward to coming back and sharing the stories with you all xox

Macaron Maddness – Ladurée VS Pierre Hermé

I think it would be a crime if I went to Paris and didn’t try the macarons from Ladurée and Pierre Hermé :D I have heard so much about these two patisseries and even though I have tried macarons from Laduree quite a few times as they recently opened in Sydney and Hong Kong. It’s the first time I tried macarons from Pierre Hermé so excited! Just wanted to do a little comparison between the two macarons masters :)

Laduree in Paris

Laduree in Paris

Starting with Ladurée, I’ve had their macarons from their store in New York, Sydney and also Hong Kong. Even though their macarons are quite delicious, I found there to be inconsistencies with the texture of their macarons.

Laduree macarons from NYC

Laduree macarons from NYC

Laduree from NYC

Laduree from NYC

Like the macarons, I had in New York to be more on the softer side, with a softer shell and the ganache in the middle was also creamier. I really enjoyed these macarons from the Laduree in NYC, I think they’re the best ones I’ve had even better than Paris :(

Laduree from NYC

Laduree macarons from NYC

I was very excited when Laduree opened in Sydney and when I found the chance to visit I was over the moon :) But then I realised the macarons were very expensive $3.2 take away and $4 dine in wow…

Laduree prices in Sydney

Laduree prices in Sydney

But then I found these macarons in Sydney to have a much tougher texture and very very chewy. I have heard that this may be because, they freeze the macarons and import them from Switzerland. I’m not sure if this will change the consistency, but I wasn’t too impressed with them. Even though flavours were fantastic especially their salted caramel and pistachio macaron.

Laduree in Sydney

Laduree in Sydney

I’m not sure if this will change the consistency, but I wasn’t too impressed with them. Even though flavours were still good especially their salted caramel and pistachio macaron. They are my all time favourite!

Laduree in Sydney

Laduree macarons from Sydney

I have heard from HK Epicurus that only the macarons in the Paris Laduree is actually made there, the rest are made from a factory in Switzerland and both HK Epicurus and Tina both agreed that their macarons are best in Paris. So I was quite excited to finally get to try the ‘real’ deal :P I actually didn’t get to try that many Laduree macarons this time, as I was going around too many patisseries hahaha but I did get to try a few when I visited their Laduree restaurant on Champs-Élysées.

Laduree in Paris

Laduree macarons from Paris

My sisters and I tried these macarons as part of the Brunch set we had there, which I will blog about another time :) We could choose 3 macarons of our liking, so we got the salted caramel, chocolate and dark chocolate flavour. I immediately found a difference once again in the texture in the macarons, they were definitely softer and more delicate than the ones I got in both Sydney and HK. But they were slightly firmer than the ones in New York. In terms of flavours they were slightly sweeter and probably the best, I really liked their salted caramel it was sweet, salty and just heavenly! I suspect its the use of the French butter :P There wasn’t a vast difference between the chocolate and dark chocolate macaron, except one tasted slightly more bitter.

Pierre Herme in Paris

Pierre Herme in Paris

Now moving onto Pierre Hermé macarons, there are quite a few Pierre Hermé stores around Paris, but I failed and only got to their store in the Galaries Lafayette deparment store on our second last day. I was slightly disappointed as it was a rather small store with only macarons and other dry packaged goods such as chocolates.

Pierre Herme macarons

Pierre Herme macarons

From memory I think Pierre Hermé had a more diverse range of flavours for their macarons and ones that I found most interesting was the chocolate and foie gras :P Yup I tried it and I’m not sure whether I like it or not lol it had a rich chocolate ganahe but then the foie gras flavour. The rest of the macarons I chose more traditional flavors such as dark chocolate, salted caramel, rose water and of course pistachio :)

Pierre Herme Macaron

I found flavours of the ganache simply too hard to resist, once again just like the macaron shell they had the perfect consistency and also balance of flavours. I think it is safe to declare ‘Pierre Hermé’ makes the best macarons I have tasted! Now I just wish I could take a whole cargo ship full of them back with me…and I really wished that they would last longer so Mr Bao could try :( Oh wells… I guess that’s just a good excuse and reason to go back to Paris don’t you like?

Pierre Herme Macarons

Pierre Herme Macarons

Clearly in this battle ‘Pierre Hermé’ has won just everything about them size, texture and flavour was all spot on! While Laduree had some good flavours, overall, I was quite disappointed by the ones I have had in Sydney and Paris and surprisingly found the ones in New York to be better. Now my lovely Readers I would like to ask have you tried Laduree and Pierre Hermé before? Which one do you like more? :)

75 Champs-Élysées 75008 Paris, France
PH: +33 1 40 75 08 75

Galeries Lafayette
40 boulevard Haussmann 75009 Paris
PH: +33 (0)1 43 54 47 77

Salted Caramel Profiterole – Le Petite Gateau

Social Media is a powerful tool :) It connects people and shares information instantaneously ~ Any I know many of us are addicted to the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and many more :) I definitely know I am addicted hahaha

Last week Thanh (I Eat Therefore I Am)  Instagrammed a photo of the limited Salted Caramel Profiterole for Le Petite Gateau’s 5th anniversary and through popular demand and lots of requests, Pierrick Boyer Executive Pastry Chef finally agreed to make it as a special ~ so we can all go buy it YAY!

For those not in Melbourne, to give you some background information,Le Petite Gateau  is one of Melbourne’s leading patisseries and is well loved by its fans ~ I’m definitely one of them hehe but one small annoying thing about Le Petite Gateau is…they only open Monday – Friday, 7am to 5pm. Meaning we can’t go on the weekends or for me who don’t work in that side of town I would have to rush over during my lunch break :)

Cake heaven!

I’ve been planning this ‘mad rush’ for a few days now, as I was turning poison ivy green with envy whenever someone posted the Salted Caramel Profiterole hehe so yesterday, I called Kirk just before lunch time and literally ‘ordered’ him very nicely lol to meet me there ASAP and to see if there was parking hehe :P I was so lucky found a car spot basically in front of Cafe Vue and we saw Shannon Bennett! If you live in Melbourne or Australia you will know Shannon Bennett who is executive chef of the 3 hated restaurant Vue De Monde. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to talk to him or anything but still hehe ~

Pumpkin, Beetroot, Feta Salad

Thanks gosh, Kirk had already ordered my lunch for me ~ YAY!  I ordered a salad for lunch because I knew if I didn’t I’d just end up getting more cakes :P The pumpkin, beetroot and feta salad was lovely and refreshing hehe this is actually one of my favourite types of salad as I’m a bit obsessed with pumpkins ~ Sorry guys Kirk paid for these things and neither of us remember the price.

Quiche Lorraine

Kirk ordered the Quiche Lorraine which was presented as a little savoury tart and not as slice cut from a large Quiche Lorraine. I tried a little bit and liked how creamy and wonderfully eggy the filling was, however, the bottom of the pastry case was a little hard and slightly chewy,  however, still tasted wonderful.

Now to desserts, I’m so glad I rushed out just before noon, because there were more to choose from and I didn’t have to worry about them selling out :P

Salted Caramel Profiterole $8.50 AUD

I scoffed the salad down within minutes and finally GOT to eat the SALTED CARAMEL PROFITEROLE :) Had to type this out in capitals hehe

Pretty self-explantory hehe a profiterole filled to the brim with salted caramel custard, that wasn’t too sweet or think, just the right consistency, then the profiterole was then dipped in caramel icing. I swear I could eat unlimited numbers of these! SO delicious! Damn I only had half! Now I wished I bought another two for myself…bought another one for Mr Bao…which he ate without saving any for me >_< I also know Win Win would love this SO much as she loves eclairs hehe but not sure if she likes Salted Caramel as much as I do :P

Mister Green Tea $8.50AUD

This dessert immediately made me think of Cat (The Catty Life) because I know she is nuts about green tea as much as I am, and this dessert would have made her SO happy ~ it had the right amount of matcha flavour which wasn’t too overpowering and paired with the white chocolate DIVINE!

Black Beauty $8.50 AUD

This cake was definitely given the perfect name ~ It was pretty that I didn’t really want to cut it in half, take a photo of it and eat it :P but… eating is still the best part of it hehe it was a chocolate mousse cake with a chestnut puree. It had a dark chocolate aroma and was so amazingly soft and smooth :D

Once again with the power of social media, I Instagrammed a photo of the cakes at Le Petite Gateau and Pierrick Boyer was so kind and immediately replied and said he’ll come out and meet us! WOW a little star struck! Pierrick was overwhelmingly friendly and explained all the cakes we had in front of us, the different layers and components ~

Nice to meet you! :)

I even asked if I could take a photo with him hehe :) Pierrick kindly agreed and we posed with cakes in both our hands YAY!

The pastry chefs meet ~

Kirk took a picture with Pierrick too ~ He didn’t want me to tell Pierrick that he was a pastry chef himself, and certainly didn’t want me to put this photo up…but too bad :P

I don’t think I need to do anymore convincing :D
If you work in the city, you have to go to Le Petite Gateau
If you don’t work in the city, you have to to get someone to go to Le Petite Gateau for you.
If you don’t live or work in Melbourne :( I wish I could buy it and share with you instead!

Le Petit Gateau on Urbanspoon

Sweet French Toast – Hub StK

Thank you everyone who voted in my last post :) I have clearly WON the challenge! *Takes a Bow* I officially do NOT have to do the laundry for the next 2 weeks SUPER HAPPY :D

I am so amazed and impressed at how efficient food bloggers are :D They work full-time, blog practically full-time and most are also full-time mothers. On the other hand, I only work full-time, blog part-time, yet I find it hard to keep up with my posts ~ so many just end up in my ‘backlog’ and some unfortunate ones…stay there for a very long time, before it becomes obsolete. Sighhh I’m also feel quite guilty because I eat out a lot more yet my blogging is quite slow lately >_<

Hotel Urban

It’s easy to walk past ~ so look for the ‘Hub’ sign hehe

That’s why I wanted to make the effort to write this blog post up as soon as I can so it doesn’t get lost in my backlog hehe , over the weekend, I saw on Instagram quite a few bloggers were at a new café ‘HubStK’ in St Kilda. They were all making my mouth water with their perfect Egg Benedict but what really got me interested was their ‘French Toast’! It looked so SINFULLY delicious :P I then can had a bit of a chat with Thanh Do  from The I Eat Therefore I am Blog on Instagram and he was telling me how ‘deathly’ sweet it was and that I should ask them to give me the syrup on the side, because it’s ‘too sweet’. So then and there I was challenged to live up to my blog name ‘Never Too Sweet For Me’ hahaha I got so excited lol I love these challenges because I really do have this incredibly HUGE sweet tooth :P

Nice and roomy inside~

YAY free mags :) I had fun reading the Gourmet Traveller ~

So glad Hub StK was open on Monday given that it was Queen’s Birthday ~ for those who haven’t heard of this cafe before, it’s the brand new cafe located at the Hotel Urban on Fitzroy St in St Kilda ~ the main strip hehe which connects to Acland Street.

YAY! Fireplaceeee soooooo cold!

We got there at around 11am, and it was relatively busy, with only one waitress for the whole floor. So it did take her a few minutes to get to us and give the menu ~ she was lovely though getting our coffees first then giving us a few more minutes to decide on what food we wanted. It was funny though, the manager which I have forgotten his name (sorry) walked over to our table and asked ‘are you Daisy?’ lol I guess it was really obvious…because I was the only on with a camera and constantly tweeting them :P I was really impressed when he said he worked for Stephanie Alexander 25 years ago!

Skinny Mocha $3.5AUD

I’m so boring lol I always get a Skinny Mocha because that’s what I love drinking hehe ~ the nice mixture of half chocolate and half coffee it’s actually quite hard to make hehe anyhow this was a nice cup of mocha, but I found the coffee a little weak and I couldn’t really taste the chocolate in it, more milk and creamy. Mr Bao had a single origin latte ~ he’s really into the Single Origins lately!

Single Origin Latte $3.5AUD

Before going, I already knew I was going to get the French brioche toast…but then their Eggs Benedict looked so good too! So I was trying to persuade Mr Bao to get the eggs benny…but he felt like something more hearty lol so he got the Chorizo, potato and red capsicum omelet. So we ended up getting 2 savoury and 1 dessert perfect really :)

Chorizo, Potato and Red Capsicum Omelet $16AUD

Starting off with Mr Bao’s omelet, we both really liked the combination, very filling and comforting, however, we found the egg to be slightly overcooked and it wasn’t as smooth and soft as we would have liked it to be. That was the only disappointment, if they had taken the omelet off a few moments earlier that probably would’ve helped.

My Eggs Benny on the other hand was gorgeous! It wasn’t on a plain English muffin it was on a brioche muffin :D I’ve never had it served on that hehe the hollandaise  sauce was so thick and buttery and because it had such a strong yellow colour lol I thought it was melted cheese hahaha Mr Bao just rolled his eyes and said ‘You are embarassing…’

Eggs Benedict $17AUD

Oh how I wish I could poach eggs like this so effortless :) I’ve tried many times and gave been given and also bought many ‘egg poaching’ tools but still my poach eggs, just never seem to ‘look’ nor ‘taste’ as good as the ones at good cafes ~ some cafes can overcook or undercook them too! But I’ll save those for another post ~Back to this dish….it was just so wonderful with a generous amount of bacon. We’re such meat lovers lol we don’t like it when cafes only give us one very thin slice of bacon.

Runny ooey gooey YUMMY!

I thought the brioche muffin was so soft and fluffy, but Mr Bao thought it the brioche muffin was a little too sweet and when paired with the saltiness of the ham and the hollandaise sauce he just thought it was a little mismatched. I didn’t seem to mind it :) But you know me and my sweet tooth lol sugar is simply my best friend!

Brioche French Toast with Caramelised Apples $16AUD

Now finally to the STAR of the brunch :D the Brioche French Toast with caramelized apples and mascarpone cream that was whipped with vanilla beans because I could see the vanilla seeds hehe :D I think Hub StK must have taken the suggestions from other patrons and have now put the syrup on the side, because when the other bloggers went it was drizzled over the French toast and was too sweet for them ~ Shellie from Iron Chef Shellie even suggested I add bacon to it and make sure I ate it without the syrup :P I was too full after eating the Eggs Benny that I couldn’t stomach anymore bacon.

I used most if not all of the syrup :P

Mr Bao thought the mascarpone cream was ice-cream and was ‘complaining’ it wasn’t ‘cold’ hahaha now who’s embarrassing? Actually a scoop of ice-cream would have been lovely too ~ LOL but either way I have lived UP to my blog name :) ‘Never Too Sweet For Me’ because I thought the French Toast was just right, and if we’re talking about deathly sweet French Toast, the winner would still be The Good Loaf Sourdough cafe ~

All in all a great new cafe to visit when you’re in St Kilda~  it’s been a while since I’ve gone, so it was nice to go explore that area again and I have a feeling I’m gonna drag Mr Bao back soon so we can explore Acland Streeet :D

Hub Cafe on Urbanspoon

Patisserie in Taipei – Paul

I am dessert lover and an even more avid pastry lover…but I only just recently learnt of the internationally renown patisserie Paul. I’m sure my lovely readers from the US or UK and those who have travelled to France will have heard or visited a Paul around them ;)

But for those like me, Paul Maison de Qualite is a family owned and run patisserie with their first store opening in 1889 in the north of France. It has now been passed down to the fourth generation and also expanded internationally with many stores in the UK, US, Japan but the closest to me would be their stores in Taiwan ;) Hope they come to Melbourne soon!

Time to eat ~

There are two Paul patisseries in Taipei, their flagship store and the more recent one located on the 2nd floor of the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store. Chi Yao said it’s basically impossible to get a table without booking at the flagship store, and even at this Paul, the waitress immediately asked if we had a booking and that they had a 2 hour dining time limit. That kind of put me off a little…just because, I think patisseries and cafes should be a place for people to relax with a cup of coffee and spend time chatting with friends :( but I guess they are too famous and have other guests to serve~

Nice and spacious :)

Once we told the waitress, we understood and were happy to leave within 2 hours, she led us to a nice table in the middle of the patisserie, and surprisingly spacious, they definitely wanted to create a Parisian feel :) It was also Cindy’s first time going to Paul, so we were both busy studying the menu and deciding what we should have ~ I was really impressed with the variety of pastries they had. Ranging from loaves of bread, to croissants, to tarte tartin and how could I forget macarons ~

It was hard to choose, I was being greedy and wanted everything :P in the end we decided, to get a savoury dish and an afternoon tea set to share.

Quiche Saumon epinards $395TWD($12.5AUD) part of a set

For the savoury we ordered a Salmon Quiche, which came as a lunch set – including a salad on the side, soup of the day and a drink of your choice. The pastry of the quiche was so puffy and delicious lol I could imagine all the butter used to make it :P but that’s why it tasted so good! The filling was a rich combination of salmon, spinach, eggs and cream :) thank gosh we were sharing ~

Minestrone Soup

Soup of the day was minestrone, it had a piece of cheesy bread floating on top, it was nice but it wasn’t very hot when it got to our table. It was like luke warm which I don’t really soups like that. Overall, I think the savoury dishes at Paul are good, but not really spectacular compared to their sweets :D

The afternoon tea set for two, it an absolute bargain for $720TWD($23AUD) ! We got a savoury dish, 2 drinks of our choice from the menu (not all drinks were included, some drinks incurred an additional fee), 2 desserts of our choice, 2 macarons, a chocolate croissant and an escargot raisin.

They called it 4 canapes lol

They called it canapes but its basically four little pieces of baguette with a piece of ham and tiny piece of pickle. I know Paul is well known for their bread, but I didn’t really like this…the bread was too chewy :(

Our afternoon tea set ~ $720TWD ($23AUD)

Chi Yao had visited before and said we had to try the mille feuille, while Cindy and I both agreed on the blackberry tart ~

Mille Feuille $225TWD($7.1AUD) A La Carte

The mille feuille at Paul’s was more like our vanilla slice in Australia, where there’s vanilla custard between two pieces of puff pastry, while other mille feuille’s I’ve had in French patisseries tend to have more layers ~ I totally agree with Chi Yao though, this is an AMAZING piece of mille feuille! The puff pastry wasn’t too hard, it basically melts in your mouth, and it’s not just vanilla custard, they’ve put fresh strawberries in it, to cut some of the sweetness ~ perfect for those who think custards too sweet ;) Highly recommend it to everyone who has a Paul near them!

Blackberry Tart $155TWD($5AUD) A La Carte

This blackberry tart is designed for those who don’t like ‘sweet’ pastries, because it had a more tangy and refreshing taste ~ The pastry case was so thin it was like it wasn’t even there hehe :)

Swarvoski cystals used to make macarons ~

There were two macarons included in our set, a lemon and coffee macaron. Although they are advertised that they are made with Swarovski elements (not sure how), they were a little disappointing…the shells were too soft and I couldn’t really tell it was a coffee flavoured macaron until the waitress told me ~

Now to drinks :)

Cappuccino Noisette $150TWD($4.7AUD) A La Carte

Cindy ordered a hot cappuccino :) which she said she liked, but still missed the coffee in Melbourne ~

Iced Hazelnut Cappuccino $150TWD($4.7AUD) A La Carte

Chi Yao’s Iced Hazelnut Cappuccino ~ She seemed to enjoy it and said there was a strong hazelnut tone throughout the drink ~ Unfortunately, I was too busy taking photos of their drinks and forgot to take a photo of my Iced Mocha :( doesn’t matter, it basically looks the same but it was more like a really strong cup of iced chocolate, than a mocha ~ Please bare in mind, we paid an extra $40TWD ($1.3AUD) each t0 change our drinks to these ones :)

There’s still so much more I’d like to try! Just look ~

Eclairs and Lemon tart ~ My favourite!

Assortment of Choux pastries ~

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Paul’s and will definitely come back for their mille feuilles and other pastries~ But it’s still a little sad how the bill is automatically sent to your table when your two hours is up and the waitress tells you nicely to leave…

Has this happened to you before? Do you mind if there’s a time limit? Would love to hear your thoughts :)

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, A9
No. 9, Song Shou Road, 2FL

PH:(02) 2722-0700


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