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Spoilt by Jeffrey Lebon – Dot Cod Seafood Restaurant

Never in my wildest dream would I have thought my little blog would attract the attention of Executive Chef Jeffrey Lebon from Dot Cod Seafood Restaurant :) It was by chance we met through Instagram and we have been chatting for a couple of months through email and when I told Jeffrey that I was coming back to Hong Kong, he was very excited and immediately invited me to visit his restaurant Dot Cod in Central.


Jeffrey asked me to bring anyone I wanted, so I invited Win Win to come along with me :) Poor Mr Bao missed out but I know he would’ve loved the chance to meet Jeffrey as well.


Jeffrey was originally from Boston but has lived and worked in Hong Kong for the past 10 years. He had previously worked for a couple of restaurants in the Soho area for the Staunton Group before moving to Dot Cod and has been the Executive Chef here for 2 years ~


I was a little embarrassed as I walked in and the waitress immediately knew my name and led us to our table, very quickly Jeffrey came out to greet us :) It didn’t feel awkward, instead it felt like old friends meeting ~


We chatted for a bit before Jeffrey kindly took the menus away from us and said he had organised a whole meal for us and told us not to waste our stomach space on the bread :P

Bread basket

Bread basket

The bread came with a little set of oil and condiments, I was intrigued by the orange sauce in the middle and tried a little with some lavosh. It was amazing like a seafood sauce with little shredded crab meat or fish meat. If I wasn’t saving room for the dishes to come I think I would’ve had a lot more bread :D

Tuna Ceviche with parma ham

Tuna Ceviche with parma ham

First dish came which was a tuna ceviche with parma ham :) Jeffrey didn’t give me the names of his dishes. So I’m just winging it and describing them the best I can. Sorry Jeff if they’re not perfect :P I really feel so sorry for Mr Bao because he was have absolutely LOVED this dish! The tuna was super fresh which counteracted with the saltiness from the parma ham so well ~

Smoked eel salad with green apple

Smoked eel salad with green apple

I think this is the first ‘Wester’ eel dish I have had :) Most of the time when I eat eel its steamed or in the form of Unagi Don, but this time it was in a salad ~ It was pleasantly light and refreshing with the green apples and the eel was not at all ‘fishy’ as I suspected and may not distinguished it as eel if Jeffrey did not tell us ;)

Foie Gras with rhubarb chutney

Foie Gras with rhubarb chutney

I can never spell ‘foie gras’ without looking it up lol guess I’m not suitable to learn French ~ this was such a rich and indulgent dish. Jeffrey was definitely spoiling us with such a thick piece of foie gras, I think it’s the thickest I’ve had :D Even though the foie gras was very rich, we were able to polish it off with the tartness from the rhubarb chutney ~

Baby lamb with beetroot, lentil with fig

Baby lamb with beetroot, lentil with fig

I made a huge mistake when I forgot to tell Jeffrey that Win Win doesn’t eat lamb >_< I totally forgot about it and because Dot Cod is a seafood restaurant I didn’t expect lamb. Thank gosh Jeffrey was very understanding and hehe decided to sit down and eat it with me :) Win Win’s loss :P she didn’t get to try this dish! I am not a big lamb eater myself, but this baby lamb from France was very tender and not at all ‘gamey’ and the sweetness from the beetroot complimented it very well. I really enjoyed it and know Mr Bao will be proud of me because I was able to finish the whole plate of lamb by myself :D

Ocean Trout with baby vegetables and white polenta

Ocean Trout with baby vegetables and white polenta

Before preparing the last course for us Jeffrey asked if we would like the ‘full’ size or ‘half’ size. We immediately said ‘half’ hahaha there was NO way we could have finished the ‘full’ size :D I still had to save room for dessert! The last course was an ocean trout with baby vegetables with white polenta. I am new to polenta but I am totally OBSESSED with it! Totally better than potato mash hehe ~ The ocean trout was cooked PERFECTLY! Not overcooked with a pink tinge in the middle. This was definitely my favourite dish ;)


Thank gosh Jeffrey gave us a break between the savoury dishes and dessert :P It didn’t take me long to recover and I was then READY! We started off with a lighter dessert a Strawberry spider.


Strawberry Spider

Chopped strawberries with vanilla ice-cream and then topped with soda water ~ I have never had a spider with soda water as they were always made with lemonade, there is the risk of it being overly sweet. But with the use of soda water it definitely cut through the sweetness and you could taste the natural flavours of the strawberries and got the sweetness from the ice-cream :D After awhile I kind of turned this dessert into a drink hehe


I was definitely spoilt by Jeffrey! He actually remembered that I wanted to try his strawberry tart through his Instagram. YAY my wish had been granted :)


Strawberry frangipani tart

I am SO glad I asked for this strawberry frangipane tart! The sweet case was crumbly, while the frangipane was moist, then topped with fresh strawberries and a sweet jam glaze! Maybe Jeffrey will share his recipe with me??? :D


Super cute how they printed their Dot Cod logo on their chocolates hehe :) They were hazelnut chocolates with a crunchy base ~


We were treated like VIPs by Jeffrey from start to end! Its the first time I had the experience of an Executive Chef making a special menu for us and cooking everything single dish what an honour! Would like to say a HUGE thank you to Jeffrey for inviting us to Dot Cod and treating us like VIPS! We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and in return I would love to now invite you to MELBOURNE :D I promise we have an amazing food scene AND if you come I’ll be your PERSONAL tour guide!

Dot Cod Seafood Restaurant
Basement, B4, Prince Building, 10 Chater Road, Central
PH: +852 2810 6988

Daisy and Win Win @Nevertoosweet dined at Dot Cod Seafood Restaurant as guests of Jeffrey Lebon review and opinions are honest and based on personal taste and preferences.

Sweet Corn Tamale – Trippy Taco

Hello dear Readers :) I wasn’t going to blog about any Melbourne places for a little while, because I still have so many posts about Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide ~ But I couldn’t help but blog about our experience at Trippy Taco immediately, because I have a really funny story to go with it.

Trippy Taco

So the story is, I read Ms I-Hua’s post about Mexican food the night before, and had huge food envy and really wanted good Mexican food, so after convincing Mr Bao that Trippy Taco was the best place to go for dinner :) It was quite busy for a Saturday night and we weren’t able to get a table immediately, but after a short 10 minute wait, we got a table right next to the bar.

Everything was fine, until I looked at the menu while Mr Bao was in the toilet, I realised…that Trippy Taco was a vegetarian restaurant with vegan options LOL And if you haven’t noticed…Mr Bao a 100% CARNIVORE, this man needs his meat :P

He came back from the toilet and the first thing I said to him was, “Listen to me…take a deep breath and don’t freak out… but I just realised that this is a vegetarian restaurant, meaning NO meat, NO chicken, NO beef and NO lamb”. Mr Bao’s mouth nearly dropped to the floor and started giving me death stares lol as you can see from the picture below.

Mr Bao’s angry lol

He then said, “Ok…any is there any reason WHY we are having vegetarian food tonight?” hahaha I couldn’t help laughing and simply replied “Oh get over it, it’s Mexican food, there’ll be tons of cheese, cream and black beans it’ll fill you up and if you’re not we’ll go get you something else later”. I don’t think he was convinced :P But too bad!

Trippy Taco – Meal Size 2 tacos $12 AUD

We were both pretty hungry so we quickly ordered our dishes, starting with my Trippy Tacos, which was house-made corn tortillas with cheese, black bean, salad, salsa, avocado and lime juice. I’m new to tacos and have definitely jumped on the bandwagon hehe I really enjoyed them and thought they were quite light and fresh with the lime juice. But I didn’t really like the taste of the black beans, it was like they had this blue cheesy taste…not sure if it was the marinade or if there was goats cheese. Having said that, I will still recommend you trying these dainty tacos :)

Taquitos crispy corn tortillas $11 AUD

I’ve never had taquitos before, they remind me a little like springrolls hehe a crispy corn tortilla with a black bean filling topped with guacamole, salsa, cheese salad and lime juice. We both enjoyed the taquitos more because it was flavoursome and more filing with the large dollop of guacamole :)

Trippy Fries $6

LOL Mr Bao obviously wasn’t full so we got the Trippy Fries with Trippy seasoning, I think the best way to describe the seasoning would be a smokey BBQ taste ~ they were freshly fried and were piping hot when delivered to our table :)

Margherita $12AUD

Mr Bao was SO depressed due to the lack of ‘meat’ he decided that he needed a drink lol so he got the Margherita ~ I knew I should have stopped him. He’s never been good with tequila and soon he was talking and laughing more and louder than usual hahaha I had a sip and liked how it was very strong with a nice balance of tequila and lime.

Okay…I have to admit… I did feel kinda peckish after my tacos especially since… Mr Bao had one of mine! Meaning I only had one taco for dinner >_< not enough even for me. So of course it was time to get dessert! I was really surprised and impressed with the number of desserts they had, sweet tortillas, tamale and chocolate taqiotos.

Sweet Corn Tamale $12AUD

I was going to get the Nutella banana melt on a tortilla, but then the lovely waiter overheard that I wanted dessert and suggested the Tamale. I was a bit apprehensive at first, as I’ve never had a Tamale before and he did mention that traditionally they were only made savoury. For those who are unfamiliar tamale is made out of the same flour as the corn tortillas but it is wrapped in corn husks and often steamed or boiled.

But I decided to be adventurous and try their sweet corn tamale with bananas, maple syrup and vanilla ice-cream. And OMG let me repeat that OMG it turned out to be one of the best desserts I’ve had this year! I loved the soft, spongy texture which reminded me a little bit of the Zhong Zi, Chinese people at. The bananas and maple syrup really accentuated the sweetness from the tamale (corn dough) and when eaten with the ice-cream, it was pure BLISS! I’m going to have to stop there, if I don’t I’ll just go on and on and on about how cook this dessert was! Just go and try for yourself, I bet you’ll love it too :) Kelvin (HK Epicurus) agrees me and said it was the best dessert he had last year when he visited ~

Still sulking… lol

While I was fulling enjoying the Sweet Corn Tamale, Mr Bao was still sulking over the fact that he had not consumed any MEAT… gosh he’s such a baby! So he decided he wanted another drink…Sangria this time!

Sangria $6AUD

We both liked the Sangria and found it very refreshing and once again wasn’t very strong which was nice because I think Mr Bao didn’t need anymore alcohol :P He wont admit it but I thought he was getting a little tipsy hahaha

Despite of Mr Bao’s disapproval of Trippy Taco only because it’s a vegetarian restaurant, I really enjoyed it and that Sweet Corn Tamale made my day, heck it made my week :) Trippy Taco is definitely a cheap, chic and delicious place for dinner and even if you don’t want to do veggie tacos, simply go for desserts, it wont disappoint you :D

Trippy Taco on Urbanspoon


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