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Instagram Friends – Millstone Patisserie

Through my 2.5 years of blogging, I have met so many friends through Facebook, Twitter and mainly on  Instagram. Sometimes I feel like I am closer to my new met friends because we all have the same interest and passion about food, they really understand me! Oops…I hope my non-foodie friends won’t take this the wrong way, because you guys are still important to me :)

Millstone Patisserie

Millstone Patisserie

Today’s blog post is about an Instagram friendship I started with Alice Wright, owner and the very talented pâtissier of Millstone Patisserie. Alice and I have been following each other on Instagram for about a year or a little more than that, we like each others photos and leave comments for each other. And sometime last year, we messaged each other and decided it would be nice for us to meet up, have a coffee and put a face to an Instagram account ~

Latte and Cappuccino

Unfortunately, due to some personal reasons and time constraints we weren’t able to meet up. But Alice promised me that she was working on a new project and once it was ready she will let me know. She also said ‘Don’t worry there will be a LOT of cakes for you to indulge in!’ :D Fast-forward 10 months later – Millstone Patisserie is born! And even though I haven’t known Alice for very long, I was and still am so excited and proud of her!

Cappuccino $3.8

Cappuccino $3.8

Millstone Patisserie is a cafe/bakery, in the more residential area of Malvern on Claremont Avenue. Here they are serving breakfast and lunch dishes but most important Alice’s creations from croissants to amazing 5 layered cakes. Mr Bao and I got to the new cafe at around 11am on a Sunday morning and it was already packed with locals and people coming to buy takeaway coffee and cakes. We had our boss hahaha I meant our puppy Cupcake with us. So we were lucky to get the last table outside. Mr Bao wanted something different today and ordered a Cappuccino. They use Proud Mary coffee here and the house blend never disappoints.

Latte $3.8

Latte $3.8

I ordered a Latte and thought it was lovely not too warm or cold, however, I would’ve preferred if it was a little stronger as it felt slightly weak. Excuse my nails hahaha I have been experimenting at home :P

Slow roasted pork belly $11.50

Slow roasted pork belly $11.50

I wondered into the cafe to find Alice and say hi to her in person. Because I’d never met Alice before, I had to ask one of the waiters and he pointed that the girl behind me talking to a table of customers was Alice. I waited politely for her to finish, but Alice quickly noticed I was standing next to her and first thing she did was threw her arms around me and gave me big hug! We both said ‘It feels like I already know you!’ because it does feel like we’ve known each other for a long time!

Grain fed Beef fillet $11.50

Grain fed Beef fillet $11.50

I was a little surprised that Alice was so young, because she has so much talent and already have her own cafe! I commented on the very reasonable price of her brunch dishes especially the slow roasted pork belly and grain fed beef fillet, and Alice said she wanted a cafe that was affordable to everyone and for locals to be able to revisit on a regular basis and not have to overspend. I think that’s very thoughtful as brunch is getting rather expensive with many dishes over $20.

Zucchini and Sweet Potato Fritters $16.5

Zucchini and Sweet Potato Fritters $16.5

We had a dinner party at our place the night before, so I wanted something lighter for brunch the next day. I chose the Zucchini and Sweet potato fritters with poached eggs and homemade beetroot relish. I really enjoyed this dish, the fritter had the perfect ratio of vegetables versus flour and wasn’t too dense. The beetroot relish also gave the dish additional sweetness. Now I want to steal this idea and try making these fritters at home ~

Baked eggs with chorizo and capsicum Spanish $16

Baked eggs with chorizo and capsicum $16

t was a chilly winter morning so Mr Bao opted for the Baked eggs with chorizo, capsicum, shavings of manchego cheese and servers with toasted Baguette. Flavours were wonderful and very comforting which is what he wanted.

Cakes!!! In front Hazelnut Dome $8

Cakes!!! In front Hazelnut Dome $8

Alice was very kind and set aside 3 cakes for us to try on the house. In front is the hazelnut dome with salted caramel, rhubarb and chocolate with a biscuit base. This was definitely one of my favourite, as I’ve a hazelnut fanatic and the slight sourness and the saltiness from the caramel really helped cut through some of the sweetness and flavour of the chocolate and hazelnut.

Cheesecake $8

At the back we have the raspberry cheesecake with rhubarb and topped with raspberry and caramel macadamia. This cheesecake is exactly the way I like it, lightly dense with a more New York Cheesecake texture with that delicious macadamia cookie base. Thumbs up from me!

Tarte Tatin $6.5

Tarte Tatin $6.5

This is a unusual shape for a tarte tartin but the flavours are all those that we are familiar with mascarpone creme patisserie with caramelised apples and a walnut crumble in a tart shell. The tart shell is baked very well and definitely no soggy bottom :) Filling was nice and sweet perfect for someone like me ~

Mork Hot Chocolate $4

Mork Hot Chocolate $4

To wrap this lovely brunch up, I ordered a Hot chocolate they use Mork hot chocolate here and I loved the way they served it in a little milk bottle and you pour it into the mug yourself.

So good it deserves an action shot :P For those who haven’t tried Mork before, its not a rich tasting hot chocolate which might make you sick after drinking it. It’s a lighter more refreshing hot chocolate that doesn’t skimp on the chocolate flavour.

I don’t want to sound bias, but I truly enjoyed Millstone Patisserie and can’t help but repeat am so proud of Alice for opening up her own store and be so successful in such a short period of time. I am so lucky to have met you through Instagram and I’ve gotta come back again and try the cruffins, croissants, Snickers tart and many more! If you’re looking for a new place for pastries, cake and coffee you’ll definitely need to pay Millstone Patisserie a visit!

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Hydrangea Cottage and Stefano Cafe Bakery – Mildura Part 1

As promised my Dearest Readers :) I’m sharing with you part one of our Mildura weekend away, work has been absolutely insane, leaving me no time to do what I love most and that’s blogging but I’ve managed to squeeze some time out because we had such an amazing time.

Mildura trip

Mr Bao and I have traveled quite a bit together, however, this was Cupcake’s first trip and he was going to go on the plane with us! I was actually quite nervous because I’ve never had a done before let alone organise his plane ride, fortunately it turned out to be rather simple and Virgin Airlines was really helpful. I won’t go into too much detail but if you would like to know more, please feel free to drop me an email :)


After a short one hour flight we have arrived in Mildura! Oh yes before I forget, for overseas Readers Mildura is a rural city on the boarder of New South Wales and Victoria, it is known for their local produce especially oranges, wine and of course FOOD! That’s one of the main reasons why we decided to visit ~  I was so happy to see the blue skies as we walked onto to the tarmac.

Perfect Weather!

We picked up our rental car, punched the address of the house were staying into the GPS and off we went. We were welcomed by more perfect weather, this photo has not been filtered or edited in any way, I love the reflection of the blue skies in the Murray River ~

Hydrangea Cottage

Source: Hydrangea Cottage

This is our home for the next 4 days, a self-contained two bedroom cottage only a short 5 minute drive from the city centre of Mildura. Once again, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be difficult to find pet-friendly accommodation, so I was glad when Hydrangea Cottages allowed dogs to stay and also inside the house. The pets are not allowed on sofa or beds as it is hard to remove pet hair, but there is a large pet sofa right outside the toilet. The cottage had everything we asked for, clean bedsheets, tidy kitchen, TV in lounge room. But what really impressed us was the bowls and toys for dogs. Our only complaint was the house only had heating in the lounge room, and our room was a little cold at night. Electric blankets were provided yet I think it would’v been better if there was a portable heater available.

Stefano Cafe Bakery

After settling in, we were all feeling a little hungry so off we went to our first food stop! I did some research and knew Stefano De Pieri was the name in Mildura ~ we managed to go to all his food outlets but missed out trying the food at the Mildura Brewery at least we got some nice beers.

Stefano cafe bakery

With Cupcake with us, we decided to take a seat outside, but you can see that the restaurant is rather spacious inside. The weather was still lovely with blue skies, but it was a little chilly and probably colder than I expected. Because I was told by friends who have lived in Mildura before that it was supposed to be warmer than Melbourne.

Latte $ 3.8

Latte $ 3.8

When travelling I can never go without my 3 essentials and that’s my sunnies, coffee and camera (which I was obviously using to take this photo :P). I forgot to ask what coffee they use here but I’m going to make a wild guess and think it’s Genovese because I’m sure I’ve had this coffee before, it was probably a tad too warm for our liking but great full bodied flavour.

Beef cheek lasagne with salad $16.90

Beef cheek lasagne with salad $16.90

I chose the beef cheek lasagne as I felt like something comforting, it came in a small Tapas bowl and served with a little garden salad on the side. Between the lasagne sheets was a thick Bachemel sauce sandwiched with slow cooked beef cheek and topped with tomato sauce and parmesan cheese.

Beef Cheek Lasagne

The beef cheek was cooked until it’s so tender, flavours were wonderful and definitely filled me up. While Mr Bao said that the serving size was a little small and slightly cold, however, this may because we were sitting outside and I took my time taking photos ~ Either way great idea to use beef cheek as the meat inside a lasagne.

Pulled pork burger with coleslaw and sweet potato chips $23

Pulled pork burger with coleslaw and sweet potato chips $23

Mr Bao chose the pulled pork burger with coleslaw inside and sweet potato chips on the side. The brioche bun was lightly toasted, with the soft pulled pork. I found it wasn’t as tender as the beef cheeks, and lacked a little seasoning. The sweet potatoes were a favourite of ours, it was the thick cut type with the soft centre. We did find it to be a little overpriced for a small burger at $23.


I think Cupcake wanted a bite of the burger too hahaha but too bad puppies can’t eat human food. I nearly gave in to those eyes!

Coffee cake with cream cheese frosting $7

Coffee cake with cream cheese frosting $7

Couldn’t leave without something sweet especially since it was close to 3pm, and I haven’t had my sweet fix. We chose two, first being this coffee cake with cream cheese frosting because I knew Mr Bao would appreciate it. It was three layers of coffee sponge caked with cream frosting in between and cacao powder sprinkled on top. A very moist and lightly dense cake the way I think coffee cakes should be ~

Vanilla Slice $7

Vanilla Slice $7

The waitress also recommended the Vanilla slice which is one of their best sellers and I grabbed the last slice before it was sold out :) I’m so glad I did, because this became the high light of the mean, the crisp puff pastry on top and bottom with a luscious rich vanilla custard between. I definitely wouldn’t mind having this again or getting the recipe!

Overall, we enjoyed at visit to Stefano Cafe Bakery, surprisingly though the sweets outshined the savoury, can’t wait to share with you our visit to Stefano’s restaurant which will soon be renamed as Jim McDougall soon ~


With our sunnies, matching leader jackets (even Cupcake!) we were ready to go and explore Mildura! Until the next post have a wonderful day and even better weekend :D

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I want Kouign Amann – Tiong Bahru Bakery

Ok finally another Singapore post, I don’t think I will ever get through all my posts and stories that I would like to share with you guys! I still have posts from Europe too sighhh wished I had more time! This quick trip to Singapore was really more an eating trip, I literally planned all our activities around where we wanted to eat :P And to save time it was good to go to one place and be able to cross a couple of places off our list ~

Raffles city was one of them, thanks to Lianne, my personal Singapore tourist, I was able to visit Brotzeit for some delicious German food and pork hock then we made our way to Tiong Bahru Bakery and Smoulder Soft Core Bakers in the food court in the basement ~ But let’s start with Tiong Bahru Bakery first :)

Tiong Bahru Bakery

When I first heard of Tiong Bahru Bakery, I honestly thought it was going to be an Asian bakery selling steamed cakes such as Kuehs or maybe more Japanese style sponge and chiffon cakes. But to my surprise when I arrived at Tiong Bahru Bakery, it turns it that it was a bakery that has worked in collaboration with young French patisserie Gontron Cherrier. I wished I had known about Gontron Cherrier earlier so then I would’ve been able to visit his patisserie in Paris at the start of the year as well and compare it to the baked goodies in Singapore~

Tiong Bahru Bakery1

Display of Cakes

There was a lot to choose from – cakes, tarts, bread, pies, brownies, savoury or sweet basically you name it and it was there on display. We really didn’t know what to choose, so I asked the girl serving us what their top sellers  and she said “our Kouign Amann that’s our best seller”. Without thinking I replied “one of those, that tart and that one too and the croissant”. There done I finally ordered :P


Did I order too much for 3 people? But there’s 3 of us! I’m sure we can demolish it! Actually, I think I could demolish it myself hehe

Kouign Aman $3.5SGD ($2.90AUD)

Kouign Amann $3.5SGD ($2.90AUD)

I was intrigued by this mysterious Kouign Amann so that’s the first time we’ll tackled ~ Turns out was like a breton cake, made from bread dough then layered with butter and sugar. It tasted like a larger, fluffier version of a palmier. I was overwhelmed by the buttery, sugary and flakiness. I think I went to heaven for a second :P If you like palmiers you will like this even more! Trust me! Of course I bought another one and had it for pre-breakfast snack the next day.

Crossiant chocolat $3.2SGD($2.67AUD)

Chocolate Croissant  $3.2SGD($2.67AUD)

Next up was the chocolate croissant the puff pastry was so flakey and crispy on the outside but still moist inside. Our only complaint would be the tiny piece of chocolate in the pastry, it would have been better if there was more ~

Pandan Flan $6SGD ($5AUD)

Pandan Flan $6SGD ($5AUD)

Kirk and I were quite excited about the pandan flan because it was tall standing, light green in colour and smelt absolutely divine. I eagerly grabbed my fork and took a bite, but I was immediately disappointed, the tart had a very rubbery texture and left a strange feeling on our tongue. It didn’t have that intense pandan flavour we expected either and was rather bland :(

Lemon Tart $6SG ($5AUD)

Lemon Tart $6SG ($5AUD)

The lemon tart was another recommendation by the waitress, unfortunately, it was a disappointment. The pastry case was very dry and quite dark, it was so hard we weren’t even able to cut through it with a knife. The filling was also a little strange as it was like a lemon mouse, very sour with a bitterness towards the end.

Coffee board

Coffee menu

We really liked the coffee menu on the wooden board near the cashier, it explains all the different types of coffees and the amount of coffee and milk for each one. I didn’t know there was more milk in a cappuccino compared to a latte :)

Left - Magic Right - Mocha

Left – Magic $6.5SGD($6.5AUD)
Right – Mocha $6.8SGD ($5.65AUD) 

Kirk and I ordered the mocha (on the top right), where we found it to be rather watery and not as chocolatey as we expected. While Mr Bao ordered the magic and was very surprised to see that the ‘magic’ coffee is not only a Melbourne cafe drink but can be found internationally. Mr Bao commented the coffee was quite good, but was very light tasting given that it had a double ristretto.

We found Tiong Bahru Bakery to be a great place to have afternoon tea, but can also be a hit and miss.  The puff pastry was made very well considering the fact that it’s very humid in Singapore and I have heard that it’s quite hard to make puff pastry when the weather is so warm and wet. I am definitely on the hunt to find a Kouign Amann in Melbourne and if I can’t find it, I will bribe, force and coerce my friends (hint hint Kirk) to make it for me :D

Tiong Bahru Bakery 
252 North Bridge Road (branch)
#B1-11/12 Raffles City Shopping Centre
Singapore 179103
Tel: +65 6333 4160
Daily: 9am – 10pm

Raffles City Shopping Centre
252 N Bridge Rd  Singapore 179103
+65 6318 0238

HK Delights – Happy Chinese New Year 2013

Kung Hei Fat Choi! In the year of the Snake!

Kung Hei Fat Choi! In the year of the Snake!

Happy Chinese New Year! Kung Hei Fat Choi in the year of the Snake :D Wishing you all a prosperous, happy and healthy new year! It’s time to say goodbye to the Dragon and welcome the Snake! Do you celebrate Chinese New Year (CNY)?

Being alone in Melbourne with Mr Bao and no family, we didn’t plan anything for CNY and decided to just go with the flow :) We do miss celebrating with family, having a huge feast together and receiving lots of red packets (envelope with money inside ;) )

Because of CNY, I was inspired to write a post about the HK street food I was indulging in :D Really sorry, but I didn’t manage to get the price and address of every item, but if you go to HK, these can be easily found on the streets especially in Mong Kok.

Rice Noodle Roll (Chu Cheong Fun) $12HK ($1.50AUD)

Rice Noodle Roll (Chu Cheong Fun) $12HK ($1.50AUD) found at snack food stores

As soon as I arrived in HK, my parents bought me these delicious Chu Cheong Fun otherwise known as Rice noodle rolls. The ones we get at Yum Cha usually have a filling such as BBQ pork (char siu), prawns or beef. But these are plain rice noodles rolls cut into little pieces and covered in the best sauces Hoi Sin Sauce, Sesame Sauce, Soy Sauce, Sweet Chilli Sauce and toasted sesame. It’s a really simple dish and very cheap to make and buy, but it’s SO damn good :D I love the rustic way they wrap the cheong fun in butchers paper and in a plastic bad, and you eat them with bamboo skewers!

Curry Fish Balls $8HKD ($1AUD)

Curry Fish Balls $8HKD ($1AUD) found from snack food stores

One afternoon, Dad took me out on a ‘Street Food’ raid in Jordan, and the first thing I got was the Curry Fish Balls. If you grew up in HK, I’m sure you have had you fair share of curry fish balls :) These fish balls were hot, spicy and super bouncy hehe it’s very hard to find these kind of fish balls outside of Australia. If you grew up in HK I’m sure you have had your fair share of curry fish balls, do you remember when they use to be sold in those carts on the streets? Unfortunately, due to hygene factors theres a lot less of them around on the streets now :(

"Soup Dumpling" Guan Tang Jiao available from most Yum Cha outlets

“Soup Dumpling” Guan Tang Jiao available from most Yum Cha outlets

Yum Cha in Australia is pretty good so I don’t have much to complain about that ~ but I do miss Soup Dumplings or they are called ‘Guan Tang Jiao’ in Chinese :) It may seen strange to some but basically the Soup Dumpling is literally placing a dumpling with chicken, mushroom and prawn filling into a bowl of soup. It’s a very comforting dish ~

Retro Vitasoy milk $7.9HKD ($1AUD)Retro Vitasoy milk $7.9HKD ($1AUD)

Retro Vitasoy milk $7.9HKD ($1AUD) available at 7/11 and other convenience stores

Dad then got me this retro Vitasoy milk in a glass bottle that was slightly warmed in hot water. Dad was also telling me how these retro Vitasoys use to be 20c HKD hahaha and now have increased to $7.9HKD ~ I’m not usually a fan of the Vitasoy in the paper packs, but something about the glass bottle really made it taste better, a much stronger soy taste.

Red Bean Icy Pole $6HK ($0.80AUD)

Red Bean Icy Pole $6HK ($0.80AUD) available at 7/11 and Supermarkets

On our way home one day, we saw a street store selling ice-cream and other sweets, Dad immediately pulled over and bought two Red Bean Icy Poles :D These are his favourite ~ if you like red bean desserts, you’ll definitely like this, it’s not too sweet with crushes red bean throughout the icy pole.

HK Style Baked Sweet Potato $15HKD ($1.8AUD)

HK Style Baked Sweet Potato $15HKD ($1.8AUD) found on the street

This may not look that attractive, but I love these HK style baked sweet potato :) I’m not sure how they ‘baked’ whether they used charcoal or something else. But the sweet potatoes are a different variety than the ones we get in Australia, I found them to be much sweeter. They occasionally have the purple sweet potatoes too ~ but I didn’t see them this time.

Cocktail Buns approximately $8HKD ($1AUD)

Cocktail Buns approximately $8HKD ($1AUD) available from most HK bakeries

Even though, I love my artisan breads, I occasionally do crave HK style bakeries, the breads are simply different with a much lighter texture. My favourite are these cocktail buns with a sweet coconut filling! Thankfully we can get these here in Melbourne Bread Top and they’re not that bad either ~

Silken Tofu (Tofu far) $9HKD ($1.1AUD)

Sweet beancurd (Tofu far) $9HKD ($1.1AUD) from Kung Wo Dou Bun 

I’m very lucky because there’s an amazing store that sells Tofu Far, Kung Wo Dou Bun which I’ve blogged about ~ It quite sad because I haven’t found tofu far that I really like in Melbourne, it’s all made from powder and gelatine. While the ones in HK are made from soy milk and has a strong soy flavour.

Egg Waffle $12HKD (($.150AUD) and Pearl Milk Tea $15HKD($1.90AUD)

Egg Waffle $12HKD (($.150AUD) and Pearl Milk Tea $15HKD($1.90AUD) available from  snack food stores

Egg waffles are probably the most famous HK street snack, they’re called egg waffles I assume because of their bubble shape. It’s got a pretty unique texture, I love the ones that are freshly made, super hot, crispy and a pillowy inside :) Unfortunately, it’s quite hard to find fresh and delicious egg waffles now in HK, but if you’re lucky you’ll find them in Jordan and Mongkok ~

Pearl Milk Tea originated from Taiwan, and many Milk Tea outlets such as Gong Cha, Chatime and Comebuy have opened in HK basically every corner. I personally think they taste better than the ones we get in Melbourne and very similar to the ones made in Taiwan :)

HK Style Waffle $12HKD ($1.5AUD) found from snack food outlets

HK Style Waffle $12HKD ($1.5AUD) found from snack food outlets

These HK Style Waffles go hand in hand with the Egg Waffles :) Most people either like one or the other like me BOTH hehe These waffles have a very spongey texture and not at all crispy, and you can see it is folded in half, because inside its slathered with generous amounts of peanut butter, condensed milk and sprinkle of caster sugar! It’s SO hard to find HK waffles now :( most places are very stingy with the spread or have pre-made the waffles and hence, they’re quite dry and stiff. But if you manage to find these, trust me you will LOVE them!

Tai Cheong Bakery

Tai Cheong Bakery

Last but not least Egg Tarts! Egg Tarts! Egg Tarts! I had so many of them in HK this time :D

Tai Cheong Egg Tarts $5HKD ($0.8AUD)

Tai Cheong Egg Tarts $5HKD ($0.8AUD)

In my opinion, Tai Cheong Bakery probably makes the best egg tarts in HK ~ I love the biscuit/short bread crust and not the flakey puff pastry (I’m weird :P) While the filling has a rich egg flavour and very silky texture. They’re even better when they’re fresh out of the oven, luckily, there are now many Tai Cheong Egg Tarts and most make yummy egg tarts. But if you can I would recommend you going to their main store in Central and see if you can catch some freshly baked ones.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post and it wasn’t too random for you :) Once again sorry for not being able to provide you with the exact address of all the places to get the food. But if you do happen to travel to HK and would like some advice please feel free to email me and I’d be more than happy to help you!

Panna Cotta Lamington – Flour and Stone

I planned our Little Aussie trip very well, and made sure I had a list of places that I had to visit and tried to tick them all off ~  I would also like to say thank you to all Sydney Instagrammers who left a comment giving me recommendations and suggestions of where to go ~ THANK YOU!

Flour and Stone

I was going through my photos and I had so many places I wanted to blog about…but nothing could have stopped me from blogging about Flour and Stone first. It has got to be one of the most praised and blogged about bakery in Sydney and I have to agree with everyone else it is FANTASTIC!

I previously emailed Charlie from Hotly Spiced and asked if she would like to meet up and she said yes ~ YAY! Our plane arrived at 10:30am, we immediately rushed to the hotel, dropped off our luggage and jumped into a cab. It’s actually quite easy to walk/drive past Flour and Stone on the quiet Riley St. As I was about to head in, someone called out “Daisy?” I turned around and there was Charlie :) I immediately recognised her from the photos on her blog ~

I was quite surprised that Flour and Stone was such a small cafe, no wonder they wouldn’t take bookings, but very kindly reserved a table for us, because Charlie had called them that morning. We got the nice table in the middle, I couldn’t take my eyes off the glass cabinet with all the cakes, tarts, pastries and most important the FAMOUS Panna Cottta Lamington!
But I was trying to be good and balance my diet with both savoury and sweets :P

Chicken, leek and targon pie $7 AUD

The menu was written on a large piece of butcher’s paper and placed on the wall, it had a small selection of sandwiches and pies, along with coffee and tea options. Being quite hungry, we promptly made our choices.  Charlie got the chicken, leek and tarragon pie, and even though I didn’t try it, she seemed to really enjoy it commenting it had a “lovely tarragon flavour”.

Poached Chicken, corn, avocado and lettuce with chilli mayo sandwich $10AUD

Mr Bao opted for the lighter option, Poached Chicken sandwich with corn, avocado, letter and chilli mayonnaise. We were both so impressed with how fresh and delicious this sandwich was ~ this is the perfect example of simple things done very well! The bread was toasted and had a lovely crunch, along with the poached chicken which was still tender and the chilli mayo was slightly spicy but not too hot. One word YUM!

Wagyu beef, mature cheddar and tomato relish sandwich $10 AUD

I actually wanted something quite salty and filling so, so I got the Wagyu beef sandwich with mature cheddar and tomato relish. Once again I was very impressed with the bread ~ It was so delicious! I’m not sure if they make it in house, but it was just so fresh! The wagyu beef reminded me of roasted beef with more flavour and it went very well with the mature cheddar cheese. I enjoyed it so much Mr Bao couldn’t even sneak a bite :P

Come to meeeeee :)

Now to cakes and sweet :) I really hope I didn’t scare Charlie, because I went all out…and ordered 5 things for the 3 of us lol

Panna Cotta Lamington $6.50 AUD

Please allow me to use caps locks :P THIS IS THE MOST FREAKING AMAZING LAMINGTON I HAVE EVER HAD! I’ve never liked lamingtons they’re dry, crumble with very little flavour and not enough coconut…but this was super moist, with a lovely chocolate coating, sweet raspberry  jam and heaps of coconut!

I can eat one now :)

This is SERIOUSLY the BEST can I repeat that? THE BEST LAMINGTON! Okay sorry, I’ll stop :P

Purple carrot cake $5.50AUD

Then the purple carrot cake :) I’ve never had a carrot cake made out of purple carrots before, you couldn’t really tell…it was light and moist with a small dollop of cream cheese frosting. I thought the cake could have been sweeter :P but Mr Bao said it was fine as it lol

Donut with jam and custard $4.50AUD

Charlie chose the donut filled with jam and custard, the donut had such a great texture, fluffy, bouncy and not at all dry like some donuts I’ve had :) It also had the perfect amount of jam and custard.

Salted Caramel Tart $5.5AUD

Have I told you I love Salted caramel? Couldn’t go pass a lovely looking salted caramel tart ~ we really liked the tart case and found the filling not that sweet, but Mr Bao and Charlie thought it could have been a little more ‘salted’ hehe

Rainbow Ginger Bread $3AUD

I remember seeing these pretty Ginger Bread cookies on Lorraine (Not Quite Nigella) blog and have been waiting to try these ~ they were too pretty to eat hehe. Once again I’m not a fan of gingerbread but Flour and Stone did a great job! They were still moist with a strong but not overpowering ginger taste ~

Mocha $3.5AUD

Flatwhite $3.5AUD

Mr Bao and I also got drinks, he got the flat white and I got my signature mocha. We both enjoyed our coffees and even though I usually like my coffees stronger, the light flavours went really well with all the cakes we had hehe ~

Charlie and Me ~

That concludes our first visit to Flour and Stone with Charlie :) It was the loveliest way to start our Little Aussie trip ~ Charlie is just like her blog, charming, funny and honest! I really enjoyed meeting up and hope I’ll see her again soon!

Back again!

Now you didn’t expect me to just leave Sydney like that did you? :D I couldn’t! Even though I was only in Sydney for 2.5 days, lol I managed to go back on the 3rd day before we went to Brisbane ~

This time I only went with Mr Bao and got more cakes!  I was very lucky and had got in touch with Nadine Ingram the owner and creator of Flour and Stone through Instagram thanks to Dex (Kewpielovesyou). She came out and greeted us and said she was impressed with my appetite and sweet tooth ~

More panna cotta :)

I basically came back just for this panna cotta lamington, Nadine told me she was inspired by another chef who use to do a similar version, but with a jelly filling instead of jam filling :) I would DIE for the recipe but I know lol it wont be shared so easily so in the mean time, I am happy to fly up to Sydney every so often just for this! Thanh (I Eat Therefore I am) even asked me to bring him back a few and I would if I wasn’t going to Brisbane :(

Rhubarb and ricotta tart $5.50 AUD

There was so much to choose from, but I took the advice from Nadine and the lovely lady behind the counter and tried the rhubarb and ricotta tart. It was fresh out of the oven and was still warm when we had it ~ I was really surprised that it had a sweet yet savoury taste, probably because of the ricotta. Mr Bao really enjoyed it because it wasn’t very sweet, while I just loved how warm and soft it was :)

Old fashioned Vanilla cake with cream and raspberry jam $5.50AUD

Nadine said that this was one of their best sellers apart from the panna cotta lamington and that they don’t make it every day. The vanilla cake was spongy, super moist with strong vanilla flavours. Definitely one of the best Vanilla cakes I’ve had for a very logn time!

After Mint tea for two $6AUD

We washed all the cakes and tarts down with this lovely After Mint tea :) I have this new thing for good peppermint tea that is strong but not so much that it tastes like chewing gum hahaha and this definitely quenched our thirst.

I honestly do not know how Nadine and her team do it…they have totally changed my perception of everything I don’t usually like to something so heavingly to eat! I HIGHLY recommend anyone going to Sydney to have to pay Flour and Stone a visit :) I am already planning my next trip back to Sydney just so I can come back ~

PS. Even though I wasn’t able to bring Thanh or anyone else the panna cotta lamington, I was able to bring back the hazelnut torte and everyone seemed to like it :)

Hazelnut Torte $16AUD

Flour and Stone on Urbanspoon

Sunday Bliss – Sweet Crumble

I just realised I have been posting more and more recipes on my blog and the recipe page is slowly growing in size  ~ but I think it’s time to do a review and not any review ~  a review of a newish bakery I found in Malvern – Sweet Crumble.

Sweet Crumble opened up in March this year and since finding out about it, I have been meaning to visit…but never got around to it~  so finally on Sunday, Mr Bao and I had brunch at home then slowly made our way there. I was really interested to find out from an Instagrammer  that some of their cupcakes were kosher dairy free so good for those who are dairy intolerant or vegan :)

We were so lucky that we found parking right across Sweet Crumble on the usually busy Glenferrie road. I immediately smiled seeing the sign ‘Sweet Crumble’ it reminds me so much of Magnolia Bakery in NYC ~Then when I walked it, I was totally grinning from ear to ear, because I knew it was going to be a blissful afternoon  ~ it’s so pretty inside, with vintage chairs, tables and all the glass jars filled with cookies and lollies.

Then we were confronted by this huge cabinet full of cupcakes, macarons, cookies, biscotti, cakes and more. I had to stand in front of it for a good minute absorbing everything that was in front of me before I could decide hahaha Mr Bao didn’t care what we ordered, he just wanted a Chai Latte Iced Frappe and that was it ~ gosh I love eating out with this guy hahaha he lets me choose everything :P

Red velvet cupcake dairy free $3.5AUD

Even though there were lots of different cupcakes, I immediately knew I wanted to try the red velvet cupcake ~ just like my mocha, I always get that at cupcake bakeries to me it’s like the benchmark if their red velvets are good, the other cupcakes are usually good too hehe. The had the normal sized cupcake or the smaller size but not exactly mini which was a dollar cheaper, it may shock you but I actually chose the smaller cupcake :P so then I could order more desserts and try other things hehe ~ Unfortunately, though neither of us liked the red velvet cupcake here at Sweet Crumble, the cake itself was a little dry and too dense. But the most disappointing would have to be the frosting, because this is a dairy free red velvet, it wasn’t the traditional cream cheesecheese frosting, instead it was a sweet yet slightly rubbery icing, I think they must have used vegetable shortening to imitate the butter cream texture.

Macarons $2.5AUD each (Left coconut, right espresso)

Next up was the macarons ~ they had quite a few flavours, if I could I would order them all hehe :P but we had a dinner date that night, so we had to control. I wanted something out of the ordinary so I chose the coconut and Mr Bao needed a coffee-fix and ordered the espresso flavour. Starting with the coconut macaron it had a nice shell but was slightly crunchy but it tasted lovely, with a strong hit of coconut yummmmm. Then Mr Bao’s espresso flavoured macaron was just as good with a genuine coffee flavour and not that artificial flavouring.

Passion fruit cheesecake with salted caramel $6.5 AUD

You didn’t think I’d be done right hahaha so I went back and ordered a passion fruit cheesecake with salted caramel base, Mr Bao loved this cheesecake, saying it was smooth and velvety. I really liked it to, but did think the passion fruit was a little too sour and tangy compared to the cheesecake ~ but still very delicious!

Chai Latte Frappe $6AUD

Mr Bao was really intrigued by the flavour hehe ~ he really liked it describing it as refreshing with a light chai flaovur and very milky, I had a sip and thought it was quite nice too but the flavours weren’t very strong and think it would’ve been better if there was less milk hehe

Toffee Caramel Frappe $6AUD

I’ve always liked caramel but lately, I can’t get enough of it hehe ~ just like Mr Bao’s Chai Latte, flavours were subtle and tasted very much like plain milk with hints of caramel ~ it was definitely refreshing especially after eating some desserts, but being a sugar freak hehe I think it needed to be sweeter hehe

Peppermint Tea $3.5AUD

I think Mr Bao had too much dessert ~ and needed to order a peppermint tea to refresh his palate hahaha :P the tea bags are actually from Henry London, which I have heard of, however, haven’t had the chance to try their teas. It was refreshing with a strong peppermint flavour, but think we are use to and prefer T2’s tea instead.

Sweet Crumble also sells and stocks a range of goodies ~ such as their homemade honeycomb, biscotti, cookies and also mini Bonne Maman jam jars ~ they are sooooooooooo SUPER cute I couldn’t help but get them hehe ~ the honeycomb is so delicious! Crunchy, sweet and just yum :D

Mr Bao and I sure had a blissful afternoon here at Sweet Crumble ~ There were some hit and misses, but as a whole it’s a definitely a great place to have afternoon tea with friends or grab desserts. A great addition to the dessert scene in Melbourne hehe hope you all have a blissful weekend too :)

Sweet Crumble on Urbanspoon

Patisserie in Taipei – Paul

I am dessert lover and an even more avid pastry lover…but I only just recently learnt of the internationally renown patisserie Paul. I’m sure my lovely readers from the US or UK and those who have travelled to France will have heard or visited a Paul around them ;)

But for those like me, Paul Maison de Qualite is a family owned and run patisserie with their first store opening in 1889 in the north of France. It has now been passed down to the fourth generation and also expanded internationally with many stores in the UK, US, Japan but the closest to me would be their stores in Taiwan ;) Hope they come to Melbourne soon!

Time to eat ~

There are two Paul patisseries in Taipei, their flagship store and the more recent one located on the 2nd floor of the Shin Kong Mitsukoshi department store. Chi Yao said it’s basically impossible to get a table without booking at the flagship store, and even at this Paul, the waitress immediately asked if we had a booking and that they had a 2 hour dining time limit. That kind of put me off a little…just because, I think patisseries and cafes should be a place for people to relax with a cup of coffee and spend time chatting with friends :( but I guess they are too famous and have other guests to serve~

Nice and spacious :)

Once we told the waitress, we understood and were happy to leave within 2 hours, she led us to a nice table in the middle of the patisserie, and surprisingly spacious, they definitely wanted to create a Parisian feel :) It was also Cindy’s first time going to Paul, so we were both busy studying the menu and deciding what we should have ~ I was really impressed with the variety of pastries they had. Ranging from loaves of bread, to croissants, to tarte tartin and how could I forget macarons ~

It was hard to choose, I was being greedy and wanted everything :P in the end we decided, to get a savoury dish and an afternoon tea set to share.

Quiche Saumon epinards $395TWD($12.5AUD) part of a set

For the savoury we ordered a Salmon Quiche, which came as a lunch set – including a salad on the side, soup of the day and a drink of your choice. The pastry of the quiche was so puffy and delicious lol I could imagine all the butter used to make it :P but that’s why it tasted so good! The filling was a rich combination of salmon, spinach, eggs and cream :) thank gosh we were sharing ~

Minestrone Soup

Soup of the day was minestrone, it had a piece of cheesy bread floating on top, it was nice but it wasn’t very hot when it got to our table. It was like luke warm which I don’t really soups like that. Overall, I think the savoury dishes at Paul are good, but not really spectacular compared to their sweets :D

The afternoon tea set for two, it an absolute bargain for $720TWD($23AUD) ! We got a savoury dish, 2 drinks of our choice from the menu (not all drinks were included, some drinks incurred an additional fee), 2 desserts of our choice, 2 macarons, a chocolate croissant and an escargot raisin.

They called it 4 canapes lol

They called it canapes but its basically four little pieces of baguette with a piece of ham and tiny piece of pickle. I know Paul is well known for their bread, but I didn’t really like this…the bread was too chewy :(

Our afternoon tea set ~ $720TWD ($23AUD)

Chi Yao had visited before and said we had to try the mille feuille, while Cindy and I both agreed on the blackberry tart ~

Mille Feuille $225TWD($7.1AUD) A La Carte

The mille feuille at Paul’s was more like our vanilla slice in Australia, where there’s vanilla custard between two pieces of puff pastry, while other mille feuille’s I’ve had in French patisseries tend to have more layers ~ I totally agree with Chi Yao though, this is an AMAZING piece of mille feuille! The puff pastry wasn’t too hard, it basically melts in your mouth, and it’s not just vanilla custard, they’ve put fresh strawberries in it, to cut some of the sweetness ~ perfect for those who think custards too sweet ;) Highly recommend it to everyone who has a Paul near them!

Blackberry Tart $155TWD($5AUD) A La Carte

This blackberry tart is designed for those who don’t like ‘sweet’ pastries, because it had a more tangy and refreshing taste ~ The pastry case was so thin it was like it wasn’t even there hehe :)

Swarvoski cystals used to make macarons ~

There were two macarons included in our set, a lemon and coffee macaron. Although they are advertised that they are made with Swarovski elements (not sure how), they were a little disappointing…the shells were too soft and I couldn’t really tell it was a coffee flavoured macaron until the waitress told me ~

Now to drinks :)

Cappuccino Noisette $150TWD($4.7AUD) A La Carte

Cindy ordered a hot cappuccino :) which she said she liked, but still missed the coffee in Melbourne ~

Iced Hazelnut Cappuccino $150TWD($4.7AUD) A La Carte

Chi Yao’s Iced Hazelnut Cappuccino ~ She seemed to enjoy it and said there was a strong hazelnut tone throughout the drink ~ Unfortunately, I was too busy taking photos of their drinks and forgot to take a photo of my Iced Mocha :( doesn’t matter, it basically looks the same but it was more like a really strong cup of iced chocolate, than a mocha ~ Please bare in mind, we paid an extra $40TWD ($1.3AUD) each t0 change our drinks to these ones :)

There’s still so much more I’d like to try! Just look ~

Eclairs and Lemon tart ~ My favourite!

Assortment of Choux pastries ~

I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Paul’s and will definitely come back for their mille feuilles and other pastries~ But it’s still a little sad how the bill is automatically sent to your table when your two hours is up and the waitress tells you nicely to leave…

Has this happened to you before? Do you mind if there’s a time limit? Would love to hear your thoughts :)

Shin Kong Mitsukoshi, A9
No. 9, Song Shou Road, 2FL

PH:(02) 2722-0700


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