Lindt Chocolate Desserts – Jamaica Blue + GIVEAWAY *WINNERS ANNOUNCED*

Before Mr Bao became a little bit of a coffee snob we use to love going to Jamaica Blue for a coffee. We probably don’t go as often now, not because we don’t like the coffee. It’s more because I am so greedy and always want to try a new cafe and somewhere else :)

Jamaica Blue Doncaster

Jamaica Blue Doncaster

Lindt chocolate and Jamaica Blue have recently collaborated to create some new chocolate desserts using their chocolate. Mr Bao and I were invited to try the new desserts, I definitely could not say no to chocolate, dessert and some ice cold coffees. Mr Bao and I went to our local Jamaica Blue at Westfield Shopping centre in Doncaster, right across Big W.

Iced Coffee $6.9

Iced Coffee $6.9

Summer has finally arrived and it was a warm 30 degree day, so I started off with an Iced Coffee. I really enjoyed the intense coffee flavour it had topped with a scoop of vanilla ice-cream which reminded me a little bit of an affogato.

Cappuccino $5

Cappuccino $5

Mr Bao ordered a cappuccino describing the coffee blend seems to have changed since the last time we had coffee here. It was earthier with richer notes of chocolate and not very fruity. I was also impressed with the latte art love the double heart ~

Dessert Time!

Dessert Time!

Dessert time! YAY love seeing so many desserts in front of me and they all have chocolate in them :D Can you feel the grin on my face!

French croissant bread & butter pudding $13.50

French croissant bread & butter pudding $13.50

The French croissant bread & butter pudding has Lindt chocolate pieces mixed through and when it’s reheated it melts inside. It’s also served with a vanilla ice-cream and chocolate sauce. It was a rather comforting dessert and I think would suit colder days. I really liked the addition of the chocolate in the pudding, but would have liked a bit more to give it that extra chocolatey :D

Dark chocolate and pumpkin loaf

Dark chocolate and pumpkin loaf $9.5

The friendly waitress had told us that the pumpkin loaf was quite popular amongst customers. I didn’t think very much of it, but was actually really impressed. The pumpkin loaf was slightly warmed and very moist and slightly dense, with grated pumpkin and Lindt chocolate chips mixed through it. It had more chocolate than the pudding and was really lovely, I think it’s the perfect for morning tea.

Chocolate pots $12

Chocolate pots $12

Lastly we tried the Chocolate pots made with Lindt chocolate topped with whipped cream and a square of chocolate. It also came with an edible spoon made out of gingerbread. This dessert used the most chocolate and was best at showcasing the Lindt chocolate. The mousse was so smooth, not too airy like the ones you buy from the shops. How cute is the spoon?!? I’d love to know where and how they made it because I’d love to make it next time I served a pudding or fondant :D

Edible spoon

Now time for the giveaway! Thanks to Jamaica Blue and Verve Communications, 3 lucky readers are going to win a $20 voucher each to spend at their local Jamaica Blue!

To enter this giveaway is now CLOSED
- Leave a comment and tell me do you like edible cutlery and will you want to make it at home? :) 
- For more entries please ‘Like’ me on Facebook and Follow me on Twitter ~ If you’ve already done that please let me now! Thank you!
- Giveaway ends on the 14th January (Tuesday)
- You may reenter daily, one entry a day
- Winners will be chosen by me personally and announced on this blog and notified via email on the 15th January (Wednesday)
- Open only to all Australian residents (Sorry International Readers!)


Iola, Rachel and Monica you have won a $20 voucher to go to Jamaica Blue

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.57.10 am

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.57.38 am

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.46.48 am


Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.59.18 am


Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.46.39 am

Screen Shot 2014-01-15 at 10.59.23 am


Daisy and Mr Bao @ Nevertoosweet dined as guests of Jamaica Blue and Verve communications and provided vouchers for this giveaway all opinions are honest

HK Style BBQ – New Year Eve Party

Happy New Year my Dearest Readers :) 2013 was a rough one for Mr Bao and I, many ups and quite a few downs. But now that’s gone, I am ready to take on 2014 and can’t wait to see what it has in store for us all!

Happy New Year2014

How did you spend New Years eve? Did you have a party? It might be surprisingly to many but this year is probably the first year I’ve spent New Years in Melbourne because in the past I am always in Hong Kong wit family. Alas with work it’s a little hard to take time off during this period so Mr Bao and I decided to stay here instead. You know we had a Christmas Eve party, so initially for New Years eve we wanted to go away on a short trip. Unfortunately, because of the car accident that happened and a few others mishaps we left it too late and it was too hard and expensive to plan a getaway :(

HK Style BBQSo instead we decided to do it the Aussie way and have a barbeque at my parents place because its more spacious ~ and since they’re not here they couldn’t really object hehe. Even though we wanted to do a BBQ like locals do, we wanted to put a twist to it and do the HK style way. Instead of using a weber barbeque, have an open fire with charcoal and cook the food on long forks.


We just assumed our friends knew what to do but hahaha turns out they haven’t seen or had this type of barbeque. It’s basically a DIY you need to choose what you want to cook, put it onto the fork and then go to the fire and cook it. Some of my friends were quite alarmed because they’re use to all the food being cooked at once ~ Nope you’ve gotta feed yourself :P sorry friends but that’s why it’s fun hehe


Once again I think we over catered for 16 people haha we got 2kgs of beef marinated in Korean bulgogi sauce, 4kg of chicken wings marinated 2 ways with a special BBQ rub Mr Bao made, 2kg of chicken thighs marinated 3 ways and we marinated that in some Nandos marinate sauce which was actually quite tasty.

Honey marshmallow toast

I also made dessert using those forks, using a piece of bread spread butter and honey over it, toast it using the open fire remember to turn it frequently so it doesn’t burn. And then top two marshmallows and wait patiently because it will start to melt you then fold it into and eat it :) Its such a simple but delicious little sweet treat hehe next time I think I’ll put a little chocolate in it to make it into a Smores toastie :D

Apart from a BBQ party I also wanted to make it an ice-cream party where we blind tasted ice-cream to see which brand we liked the most. I got this super fun idea from my fellow blogger friends :) I asked my guests to all buy chocolate ice-cream because I mean who doesn’t like chocolate and that was probably the most readily available flavour hehe. We ended up with 7 tubs and ready to serve and taste!

Ice-cream party1. Movenpick Swiss Chocolate
2 Connoisseur Belgian Chocolate
3.Killeigh Farm Triple Chocolate with chocolate swirl (Aldi)
4. Indulge Chocolate ice-cream (Aldi)
5. Ben & Jerry Brownie fudge chocolate
6. Blue Ribbon Triple Chocolate
7. Sara Lee Ultra Chocolate

Ice-cream party

Can you guess which 3 brands was top three choices amongst my friends and I? hehe
First Choice – Ben & Jerry Brownie fudge chocolate
Second Choice – Connoisseur Belgian Chocolate
Third Choice – Movenpick Swiss Chocolate

I can’t say I’m surprised that Ben & Jerry won this blind taste because it was so decadent, moreish with brownies pieces through it just made you want to eat more :) I was surprised though Movenpick was only the third choice because it’s actually Win Win (my sisters) favourite.

Mixed berry coffee trifle

Mixed berry and coffee trifle

I was a little sad I didn’t get to make dessert for the Xmas eve party soooooo I promised to make a dessert for this party…flipped through so many recipes and finally decided to make a trifle since I’ve never used my trifle bowl (I bought it last year! :P) I ended up adapting the a few recipes and came up with this massive mixed berry and coffee trifle. It’s actually quite easy to make just need a few ingredients not baking or cooking required hehe please let me know if you would like the recipe! I’ll blog about it.

New Years 2014

We didn’t want to watch the fireworks on TV so we all headed over to Westfield shopping centre and parked at the highest car park. It was actually a great view we could see so many fireworks going off, they were not all close to us, but it was just as spectacular. I also bought us fire crackers/sparkling candles to play with. Yes I still act like a child hehe

Love 2014

We also drew words with this them :) I hope in the new year we will all learn to love ourselves and the important people around us more! May 2014 be the best one yet for us all!

Japanese Afternoon Tea – Hihou

Hello my Dearest Readers :) Hope you’ve all recovered from Christmas and now getting ready to celebrate New Years! This year has just gone by so quickly I haven’t even had time to think about my achievements and failures…let alone New Years resolutions. But it’s ok I still have a little bit of time to work that out hehe

Hihou tea

I’m sure I’ve said that plenty of times and I’ll say it again, I can’t think of a better way to spend Saturday afternoon than having afternoon tea with my girls – BBFF (Michele), Lianne (Food Made with Love) and Michelle (The Bakernista) :) A couple of weeks ago I came across an article which talked about Hihou limited edition Japanese Afternoon tea which they have on the last Saturday of each month. For Japanese food connoisseurs in Melbourne they will know Hihou is owned by the same group as Izakaya Den and Nama Nama the acclaimed restaurnats. I haven’t had the chance to try these restaurants but was lucky to try some of Hihou’s dishes at the Lexus Pavilion on Stakes Day.

HIhou tea

Hihou Japanese Afternoon Tea $25 per person

Because there were limited seats, I literally emailed and booked a table of for and then merely informed the girls that they were to have afternoon tea with me on that date and 2pm. I gave them no choice and the only way they could get out of it was to give me a REALLY good excuse :P Yes I can be very pushy or efficient as I like to describe myself hehe

I’m glad we all made it to the afternoon tea that day and got a nice table by the window which gave us a good view of the Flagstaff gardens and the people walking along Flinders Lane. We all started with a hot tea, I obviously went for the matcha while the girls Ume Vert which was a Japanese Plum Green. I think I prefer the taste of the matcha tea but the Japanese plum green smelt so good!

Chilli miso soy bean oyaki

Chilli miso soy bean oyaki

The first course for the afternoon tea was this Chilli miso soy bean oyaki which is a dumpling made from fermented buckwheat and a miso soy bean filling. I found the dumpling to be a little dense and chewy but I did like the slight spiciness from the chilli.

Pork Tonkatsu Sandwich

Pork Tonkatsu Sandwich

It was then followed by this delicious Pork Tonkatsu Sandwich the girls went crazy for this :P I can’t blame them the pork tonkatsu (deep fried pork cutlet) had a light crispy layer on the outside but still remained so juicy and tender inside. This may sound a little silly but I also found the bread so soft and fluffy as well hehe

Scallop and Shitake Shumai

Scallop and Shitake Shumai

My favourite out of the savoury dishes would have to be this scallop and shitake shumai, they were freshly steamed and I loved the flavour and texture of the scallop. Just modernises and makes the already delicious Shumai even better.

Japanese Sweet Treat Box - Matcha cookies, Japanese Whiskey chocolate, Mountain berry tart, Miso caramel nut praline

Japanese Sweet Treat Box
Matcha cookies, Japanese Whiskey chocolate, Mountain berry tart, White bean paste dumpling, Miso caramel nut praline

Now time for sweets! I did let out a little squeal when I saw this little sweet treat box. It had a good spread of Japanese inspired and style sweets. On the top left was the matcha cookie which was more like a shortbread it was quite nice but I would’ve liked a stronger matcha flavour. On the top right was the Japanese Whiskey chocolate which was surprisingly sweet and couldn’t really taste the whiskey. In the middle was the Japanese Mountain Berry tart, there wasn’t a distinct flavour to the mountain berry best way to describe it would be like a really light tasting raspberry. On the bottom left was a white bean pate dumpling this was my least favourite as I’m not a fan of white bean and the paste texture. Last but not least was the miso caramel nut praline, it may sound unusual, however, the saltiness from the miso matched the sweet caramel quite well.

Black Sesame Cheesecake

Black Sesame Cheesecake

That’s not it there’s more dessert yay! This was the black sesame cheesecake, I know the colour may alarm people who are not familiar with black sesame but if you’re a fan you will appreciate the strong yet not overpowering black sesame flavour and the soft cotton like texture of the cheesecake.

Warm Yuzu tofu cake, white chocolate sauce

Warm Yuzu tofu cake, white chocolate sauce

Everything was lovely, but the winner of this whole afternoon tea was this warm yuzu tofu cake. I find it’s quite hard to find yuzu flavoured desserts in Melbourne. Yuzu is a Japanese citrus fruit cross between a lemon/mandarin. I really like the spongey texture of the tofu cake and the delicious white chocolate sauce topped with chopped pistachio and cranberry. I have already instructed Mr Bao to try and replicate this at home and try and open and use that bottle of yuzu juice we have at home :D

Overall, all of us had a great time at Hihou and really enjoyed the afternoon tea. We probably overstayed and wanted to stay for longer and just chat chat chat hehe for only $25 per person, it’s actually very good value for all the food we got and also unlimited supply of tea. Would highly recommended this to anyone who likes Japanese food or want afternoon tea with a twist.

Hihou on Urbanspoon

Hope you all had a – Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas my Dearest and most amazing Readers :) Sorry I’m a couple of days late, but still I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your loved ones, family and friends. As for what we got up to, Mr Bao and I have started to make it a tradition to have a Xmas eve party at our place. My parents never really celebrated Christmas, so I’m definitely making up for it now.

Xmas Eve Feast

Xmas Eve Feast

We went for a full traditional Christmas menu where we did the Turkey and Ham and everyone else was to bring a dish. Look at what a feast we had! So much food! I didn’t expect everyone to bring something but everyone bought something spectacular over.

Mr Bao and the 9kg turkey

Mr Bao and the 9kg turkey

Let’s start with the amazing Turkey Mr Bao made, we did it last year and found Heston’s recipe to be the best to ensure the meat is moist and succulent. The secret to this recipe is to brine the turkey in salt water for at least 9 hours or overnight. Last year the turkey was got was only 5kg so it wasn’t hard to find a bucket to brine it in. But this year we went for a 9kg turkey! We had no idea what would fit such a large bird so eventually I came up with the idea of the turkey in the eksy :)

You must watch this video because it is honestly so funny, Mr Bao putting the turkey into the esky and the strange noises it was making hahaha

After brining the turkey, the next step is to soak it in ice water for an hour, changing the water every 15 minutes. I’m not quite sure what this step does, but Mr Bao said that the cold water will extract the unnecessary salt in the turkey and also help crispy up the skin. Once this is done, you can stuff the turkey with any filling you like – we used a bacon, leek, prune and walnut stuffing.

Roast Turkey

It then took about 4 hours to bake depending on the size of the turkey. The best way to test if the turkey is cooked is to use a meat thermometer and if the thickest part reaches 70 it’s ready :) I am so proud of Mr Bao, he absolutely nailed it! The skin was nice and crispy but most importantly it was super moist and succulent! Highly recommend this recipe next time you want to make a roast turkey!

Maple Glazed Ham

Maple Glazed Ham

We also doubled the ham this year a 6.5kg hehe we used a Valli Little maple glazed ham recipe, I know ham is often served cold but there is something so nice about warm ham. We had a lot left over but everyone was happy to take it home in takeaway containers because they wanted to make fried rice with it :)

Sticky Ribs

Sticky Ribs

Thanh brought over sticky ribs not sure what sauce he used but it was spicy, sticky and yum!

Sushi, Curry and Sausage rolls

Sushi, Curry and Sausage rolls

Dave who I’ve known for so many years was awesome and brought over so many dishes, sushi, curry puffs, and sausage rolls. He also helped me cater for Miss D who is vegetarian. Hmmm the curry puffs reminded me of the ones we get at yum cha delicious!


Apart from all the mains, we also so many other dishes, Mr Bao made Nigella Lawson’s pea, mint and pancetta side, I made a vegetarian capsicum and corn salsa, Chris made a prawn and chorizo dish last but not least Jason made a macaroni salad with perfectly soft boiled eggs.

Heston's Hidden Figgy Sauce Pudding

Heston’s Hidden Figgy Sauce Pudding

Mr Bao banned me from making dessert because he knew I would stress out having to help make the turkey, ham and sides so we decided to cheat and serve Heston’s Hidden Figgy Sauce pudding with warm custard instead. It’s quite amusing it only took 3 minutes in the microwave and all the sugar in the middle started to melt and became so molten inside. This was well received and I wished I had bought more when it was still available at Coles.

Ice-cream pudding

Ice-cream pudding

I also outsourced dessert to Iola who made a massive and delicious and ice-cream pudding. The inside was strawberry and raspberry ice-cream with fresh berries and topped with chocolate sauce and pop rocks.

Ice-cream pudding

Ice-cream pudding

I am definitely stealing this idea next time I’m invited to a party :) Its easy to make and definitely a crowd pleaser.

Drink Station

Drink Station

I also tried to deck out our study desk and transform it into a drink station with a homemade sangria on the left and a berry ice tea in the small drink dispenser.



To give the guests something to do, I stole this DIY Photo booth idea from BBFF Michele using my Macbook and putting it on a bookshelf there was our photobooth. Mr Bao and I ordered some Christmas photobooth props and we were ready to go :D

Xmas Party 2013

Here are some of the photos we took at the photo booth. Clearly I need to learn how to make funnier looking faces hehe oh and just in case you haven’t met Shy the cute Miniature poodle, Mr Bao and I are dog sitting him for a month while his parents go back to Hong Kong to visit family ~

KK Time

KK Time

After all that food and fun, it was time to open out KK presents! Yue introduced a new way of organising the KK presents and that is we draw the number of presents. Then the person with No 1 will choose a present and open it, then No 2 will have the opportunity to either choose an unwrapped present to take No1 present. We keep going until no presents are left, so it’s always the best to be last, because you basically know all the presents and which one you’ll like :P I got a popcorn making machine, while Mr Bao stole a mug warmer from Iola hehe

Santa Clause!

Santa Clause!

Then out of no where SANTA CLAUSE aka Mr Bao appeared from no where :D This is definitely a modern Santa with those sunnies and he swapped Rudolf for Shy a poodle instead hehe

Mandatory photo with Santa

We then all took a mandatory picture with Santa with our KK gifts hehe I think next year I’m going to make it a costume party and everyone will need to dress up!

Merry Christmas from Mr Bao, Me and Shy  :)

Merry Christmas from Mr Bao, Me and Shy :)

That sums up our super festive and fun Christmas party. It was a lot of effort and work to make everything but it was definitely worth it. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and please leave a comment and tell me how you celebrated! xx

Finally Arrived – Hot Star Large Fried Chicken

I’m sure long-time Readers will know my love for Taiwan :) I go quite regularly and at least once a year I’m not sure what is it but I really like the food, people and culture there. That’s why whenever a new Taiwanese franchise ventures into Melbourne I get extremely excited, because they satisfy my constant cravings for Taiwanese food.

Hot Star on Elizabeth St

Hot Star on Elizabeth St

In the past year we’ve seen Chatime and Gongcha bubble tea outlets opening in Melbourne, this time it’s Hot Star Large Fried Chicken! I have shared with you how much I like their XXL large piece of fried chicken in this previous post. So you can imagine I was thrilled that they were opening in Melbourne. Their first store opened a couple of months ago on the busy Swanston St, I have been meaning to try but have heard the long queues so wanted to wait until it died down a little. Then last week I got the good news that Hot Star was opening another store on Elizabeth St once again next to Gong Cha.

Hotstar Melb

Mr Bao and I went down to Hot Star at around 7:30pm and was very lucky to find parking right in front of the store. It looked very similar to the store they have in Hong Kong, where it is an actual store. Compared to the ones in Taiwan night markets the fried chicken is sold at food stalls. We met Prima the store manager that and was given a tour of the narrow store.


It was really interested to see the fried chicken cooked in front of us, Prima explained that they take quality control very seriously. The staff have been flown to Taiwan to learn how to marinate the chicken, coat it in the special batter and deep fry to make it crispy delicious but not too oily or greasy. All ingredients except for the chicken breast (they source locally) the rest are imported from Taiwan to hopefully replicate the same taste and flavour in Melbourne.


The fried chicken at Hot Star is renown for their huge size, but because it is so thin it only takes about 5 minutes for it to be cooked in the deep fryer. It is then placed on the drying rack where it will air dry and crisp up before another flavoured powder is sprinkled over it.


The most popular and my favourite powder would be the hot chilli powder, but they do offer plum powder as well for those who like it more mild ~


Our dinner on Friday night as a XXL fried chicken each and a cup of Gongcha. I can’t think of a better drink to pair with the Hot Star friend chicken, I chose the Milk Tea with pearls while Mr Bao got the Milk Tea with Honey and pearls.

Hot Star Fried Chicken $8

Mr Bao opted for the fried chicken with only salt and pepper and not of one of the flavoured powders. We were both so impressed of the taste and texture of the fried chicken, I honestly think it is on par with the ones in Taiwan. Except the flavour of the chicken is a little different, as Prima suggests the type of chicken and how they’re bred is quite different in Taiwan compared to Australia.

Spicy Fred Chicken $8

Spicy Fred Chicken $8

This fried chicken with the spicy hot powder totally made my day and took me immediately back to all those times I’ve visited the night markets! Mr Bao and I enjoyed the fried chicken so much we didn’t even bother talking to each other until we finished and he wanted to go get another piece hehe


The Hot Star fried chicken is renown for being super large at least 29cm long it was definitely bigger than my face! I have heard some criticism from people that it is quite expensive $8AUD compared to $55TWD (not sure if prices have increased). You get a can of softdrink for $9.9AUD, I do agree that it is quite expensive compared to Taiwan. However, I don’t find the price to be unreasonable given the size of the fried chicken and the fact that we don’t have to fly to Taiwan to get Hot Star… I’m happy :)


Mr Bao and I were so obsessed we actually drove back to Hot Star last night at around 9:30pm and they were already sold out! We didn’t expect them to be so popular :( will need to go back another time. I really urge all Fried Chicken fans no matter if its Southern Fried Chicken, Korean Fried Chicken or good old KFC, you need to try Taiwanese Fried Chicken and Hot Star! Hope you will like it as much as we do!

Hot Star Fried Chicken (Elizabeth St) 
429 Elizabeth St
Melbourne CBD
PH: 0481 134 291
Hot Star/Gong Cha on Urbanspoon

Daisy and Mr Bao@Nevertoosweet visited as guests of Hot Star Large Fried Chicken and Harvey PR

Honeycomb Butter Crumpets – Seven Seeds

Hello My Dearest Readers! I am back! After a short hiatus due to laptop issues it’s finally been fixed with a new screen and logic board (no idea what it is :P). It’s so good to be back and blogging again! Thank gosh for Social Media I have still been able to keep in contact with some of you :) I’ve got so many stories to share with you again, but going to tackle them one by one ~ A couple of weeks ago Jack and Cindy came to visit us and after a week of eating out and having fun, it was time for them to go home. They had a pretty early flight at 10am, but I was adamant that we have breakfast at a good Melbourne cafe.

Seven Seed

It’s actually quite hard to find a cafe that opens early on a Saturday because most cafes open 6am-7am on weekdays but on weekends they open at 8am or even 9am. I had to search high and low then I finally found Seven Seeds and they open at 7am woo hoo!!!

Seven Seeds1

We walked in at 7am on the dot and surprisingly we weren’t the first ones at the cafe, there were other people who I suspect were tradies there with their bright fluorescent yellow vests ~ The waitress told us to choose any table we wanted and coffees would be a 5 minute wait as they were warming up the machine.

Magic $4

Magic $4

It was a little early for Mr Bao and me so we needed a strong cup of Magic to wake us up. The coffee was their house blend and we found it to be quite fruity and a little acidic. I prefer my coffees to have a sweeter finish but Mr Bao really it ~

Mocha $4

Mocha $4

Jack and Cindy wanted to sleep on the plane, so they went for a mocha instead, I’ve had this before the last time I came and remember it to be lovely good balance between chocolate and coffee.

Balsamic button mushrooms on brioche toast with pecorino and poached egg $16

Balsamic button mushrooms on brioche toast with pecorino and poached eggs $16

Jack went for a vegetarian option and ordered the Balsamic button mushrooms on brioche toast with pecorino and a poached eggs. Even though it’s a very simple dish, I really liked the way it was plated with the edible flowers ~ I think I was staring too much because Jack ended up giving me a bite to try hehe and it was just as delicious as it looks.

Bacon & Chipotle baked beans with cornbread and poached eggs $14

Bacon & Chipotle baked beans with cornbread and poached eggs $14

Cindy and I both got the Bacon * Chipotle baked beans with cornbread and poached eggs, I found the baked beans to lean more on the sweeter side and I would’ve preferred it more with a little more heat or spice.


The eggs were perfectly poached with the yolk pouring out. The corn bread came in handy to soak up all the yolk and Chipotle sauce. The cornbread was also sweeter than I expected as well, I don’t think I’ve had many cornbreads before and expected it to be blander in taste like a Yolkshire pudding. Now I’m curious to what cornbread in America taste like hehe

Toasted Reuben sandwich on light rye with corned beef, gruyere, sauerkraut, Russian dression and dill pickle $13

Toasted Reuben sandwich on light rye with corned beef, gruyere, sauerkraut, Russian dression and dill pickle $13

I managed to convince Mr Bao to order the Reuben sandwich because that’s what I felt like hehe he happily obliged :) We really enjoyed the sandwich, our only complaint would be filling vs bread ratio. Mr Bao would’ve liked it more corned beef and gruyere.

Home-made crumpets w/ honeycomb butter $9

Home-made crumpets w/ honeycomb butter $9

To finish up we ordered the homemade crumpets with honeycomb butter to share. When I asked the waitress if they made the crumpets install she said that they actually stock from the Dr Marty’s Crumpets. Mr Bao has never been a fan of crumpets because he finds the ones from the supermarket to be too hard and often has a rubbery kind of texture. While Dr Marty’s were lightly toasted on the outside but remained wonderfully fluffy inside. Paired with the honeycomb butter my breakfast was complete. Having said that I would add a scoop of ice-cream on top if I was at home :P


We had a wonderful time at Seven Seeds enjoyed the food and coffee and was a great way for Cindy and Jack to end their trip to Melbourne. We had such a blast with these guys, can’t wait for them to come back and we’ve decided next time we’ll go somewhere else with them :)

Seven Seeds on Urbanspoon

Never Too Sweet Turns 2 – Blogversary

My Dearest Readers :) I’m so excited to tell you Never Too Sweet Turns 2! I’m a couple of days late the exact blog birthday, but things have been hectic and unexpected to say the least. You may have seen on Instagram last Thursday I posted Mr Bao in hospital as  he was in a pretty serious car accident. But please don’t worry Mr Bao wasn’t hurt doctors cleared him within a couple of hours and I was able to take him home. But I guess bad things always come in three… I then fell extremely ill with laryngitis and completely lost my voice. Last but not least… my Macbook also decided to drop dead on me…so it’s made blogging quite difficult! Apologies in advance these photos are taken from my iPhone :(

I’m finally feeling much better and able to talk again! And I’m sure you will know by know how much I love talking! Anyhow, moving away from all that negativity, Mr Bao and I wanted to make something special for the blogversary after all we’re two years old and I can’t believe how quickly time has gone by.

Giant Matcha Fondant

I wanted to make something that represents Never Too Sweet so of course it was going to be sweet after long discussions we decided to remake the Giant Matcha Fondant I had at the Intercontinental Hotel in Hong Kong :) Because its everything I love in one dessert! I’ve made it before, but never has it really been that successful or look very pretty! There was always something wrong with the edges or it was under or overcooked.

Giant Matcha Fondant

We started on this project on Monday night and after 5 attempts we finally got the recipe, cooking times and everything right! Yup that’s 5 times which equates to 24 eggs, 1kg of butter, 2kg of chocolate and 1kg of caster sugar and 200g of matcha powder! The 3rd time it looked alright but there was a hole on the top…and Mr Bao is a perfectionist and said this wont do so we made the 4th which was worse than the first…and eventually the last one slide out of the tin effortlessly and had the perfect lava ooze out!


Would also like to take this opportunity to say a few things:
- THANK YOU to my Dearest, Loveliest and most supportive Readers without you there will be no blog!
- Need to thank my family and friends for putting up with me and fully understanding the ‘Camera Eats First’ concept (It’s a miracle I still have friends haha)
- My fellow bloggers who are so much fun to hang around, hold the best food parties and make the most amazing food!
- Last but not least need to thank Mr Bao the blog would not be the same without him helping out, eating the successful and unsuccessful things I bake and also taking over and baking even more extraordinary things

Moving forward I really hope to share more interesting food and travel stores, crazy desserts and expand on the recipe section :)

Recipe – Giant Matcha Fondant original recipe by Never Too Sweet
Yield – One 20cm fondant

400g white chocolate, finely chopped
200g unsalted butter, diced
4 eggs
4 egg yolks
1 cup (220g) caster sugar
75g plain flour sifted
40g Matcha powder


1) Preheat oven to 200°C/390°F. Grease and line tin with baking paper and a light sprinkle of plain flour *IMPORTANT STEP*
2) Place chocolate and butter in a saucepan over low heat and stir until chocolate is melted and smooth.
3) Place eggs, egg yolk and sugar in a bowl and whisk until well combined.Giant Matcha Fondant7
4) Add the chocolate mixture and flour and matcha powder in three batches and whisk until well combined, smooth and shinyGiantmatchafondant2

5) Pour mixture in cake tin and bake for 24 minutes, remove from oven and let it cool in tin for 5 minutes.


6) To remove out of time, run edge with palate knife to ensure it doesn’t stick, put oven gloves on and place on the bottom of cake tin, cover with a large plate and in one swift but steady move flip the cake onto the plate. Slowly remove cake tin and sprinkle with icing sugar and matcha powder and ice-cream if you wish.

Giant Matcha Fondant10

* You can reduce the amount of matcha powder used to 20g or 30g depending on your preference. I personally like my matcha desserts to be very strong and green :)
* It’s really important to grease your pan very well because that was what we had trouble with the most, sticking to the cake tin
* Don’t worry about over baking the fondant for a minute or two extra as it is better for it to be cooked through on the sides and still remain molten in the centre.
* Be gentle when you flip the fondant as it might break
Please feel free to leave me a comment, email or tweet me if you have any questions!

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