The Booth Delivered – Menulog + Giveaway

As much as Mr Bao and I like going out and I love any excuse to dress up, put some make up on (sometimes perhaps too much lol) and head out for date night. Some days when I work from home, I literally roll out of bed in my pyjamas and will log onto my computer and stay in my PJ’s all day, with no make up on and put no effort into my look. And on days like these I would usually ask Mr Bao to get us takeaway for dinner. But then there’s another issue, sometimes when I tell Mr Bao what I want he’ll accidentally forget (yes men) or order something else because he thinks I’ll like… But I think I’ve found a new solution for this :) And that is to use an online takeaway website instead like Menulog.


I was given a $30 voucher to try the services provided by Menulog, I’ve used another similar website before and found the interface to be more or less the same. You type in your postcode/suburb and it will generate a list of restaurants who take orders and deliver in your area. I let out a little squeal when I saw ‘The Booth’ on the list, because it is one of my favourite Taiwanese restaurants in Melbourne! As you all know my love for Taiwan!

Placing the order

Placing the order

I was really impressed with the menu online, it practically had everything you could order in the restaurant and at the same price. There is a $5 delivery free which I think is reasonable to cover for petrol and time used to deliver the meal. It’s quite easy to navigate, you choose what you want, it has the price on the right, press the ‘+’ button and it will be automatically be placed in the panel on the right and when you’re done, press ‘Place Your Order.’

Pay for order

The next page is where you enter your delivery details and pay for the order. I really liked the function where you can choose when you want the delivery to be sent, so I can order my dinner at lunch time at work and ask for it to be delivered at a specific time.


We asked the delivery to be sent ‘Now’ and we were immediately sent an SMS confirmation with an estimated delivery time of about 45 minutes. It arrived in about an hour which is slightly longer than we expected, but knowing how busy The Booth gets every night, we will probably order earlier in advance next time.

Let the Feast begin!

I admit, I probably over ordered, but this is about the same amount we would order when we go to the restaurant and I really do like their food :)

Green Tea with pearls $4.7 and Matcha Milkshake $6

Green Tea with pearls $4.7 and Matcha Milkshake $6

Let’s start with the drinks ~ Mr Bao ordered the Green tea with pearls one of his favourite bottle drinks and I obviously got a Matcha Milkshake. I’ve had this at The Booth before and it can be a little inconsistent at times, sometimes too runny or milky. But they got it spot on this time with good matcha flavour and smooth texture. Who would’ve thought it was possible to get a matcha milkshake delivered to your door step :)

Chicken Wrap $9

Chicken Wrap $9

We shared a Chicken Wrap as a little appetizer, if you’ve haven’t had this type of Taiwanese wrap before, think of it as a Taiwanese pancake very similar texture as a Roti but a little more doughy with a crispy layer on the outside. The filling is slices of chicken with a sweet sauce similar with Hoisen sauce. One of my favourite dishes from The Booth, the pancake was not as crispy as I’d like, but I understand because it was placed in a box and the steam would have created moisture and softened it.

Special chicken rice $9.5

Special chicken rice $9.5

For my main, I got another usual Special Chicken Rice which is deep fried drumlets with rice, tomato sauce, fried egg and veggies. It’s a pretty affordable all this for only $9.5. They used a paper bag for the fried chicken which arrived piping hot and still crispy and it tasted the same as it does in the restaurant.

Three Cup Chicken Rice $9

Three Cup Chicken Rice $9

I’m not sure if Mr Bao has ordered the Three Cup Chicken rice before, but he felt like it that night. For those who don’t know Three Cup Chicken is given the name because it uses equal quantities of sesame oil, Chinese rice wine, and soy sauce. The chicken is then braised in these ingredients to make it into a stew. We both really enjoyed this dish and thought the chicken had great flavour and probably a more ‘takeaway’ safe dish to order, because it doesn’t change the texture or flavour at all. 

Taiwanese Meat Stick Soup $6.5

Taiwanese Meat Stick Soup $6.5

It was a little chilly that night so Mr Bao and I decided to order the Taiwanese Meat Stick soup as well. Taiwanese soups are generally thicker than the Canton style soups, we’re use to drinking in Hong Kong. This soup was full of Taiwanese meat balls, bamboo sticks, woodear, mushroom and radish ~

Sweet Soya Bean Curd with Pearls $6

Sweet Soya Bean Curd with Pearls $6

For those who have visited Taiwan you would know the Taiwanese love their desserts and The Booth do a great job in replicating these dishes. They offer the snowthies which is like a crushed iced dessert but the ice-cream is shaved so lightly that it has the texture of snow. Being realistic this is very hard to be delivered, but I was impressed with the selection of deserted they offered. I chose the Sweet Soya Bean curd because it’s been a while since I’ve had that and paired it with pearls. It was the perfect way to end our meal and night.

Overall, we enjoyed our experience ordering through Menulog, it was quick, easy and most importantly we got our Taiwanese food fix without having to go out ;) If you haven’t tried ordering takeaway and having it delivered before, I would really recommend you trying because we all deserve a break once in a while especially working mothers! I have so much respect for you!

Now thanks to Menulog, one lucky Reader is going to have the chance to win a $40 voucher to this service out for themselves :)

The Booth on Urbanspoon

To enter this giveaway
- Leave a comment and tell me how often you order takeaway and have you tried Taiwanese food before?
– For more entries please ‘Like’ me on Facebook and Follow me on Twitter ~ If you’ve already done that please let me now! Thank you!
– Giveaway ends on the 7th June (Sunday) 
– You may reenter daily, one entry per day
– Winners will be chosen by me personally and announced on this blog and notified via email on the 8th June 
– Open only to all Australian residents (Sorry International Readers!)

Congratulations to Ben Travia you have won a $40 coupon to Menulog!

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.51.08 pm


I will be emailing you with the voucher and details :) Thanks again for entering in the Giveaway!

Daisy@Nevertoosweet and Mr Bao received a $30 voucher from Menulog the remainder of the bill was independently paid for. 

Childhood Memories Jaffles – The F.T Tuckshop

My Dearest Readers :) Do you remember my little puppy Cupcake? Wanted to give you guys a little update on this silver fur ball. He’s now 8 months old, growing up much quicker than I’d like him to (even though he’s still tiny) and is generally a good boy until he starts chewing anything and everything he sees!

My Little Cupcake

My Little Cupcake

Because Cupcake is a single dog and I’ve been organising lots of doggie dates with other friends with a dog. It’s so nice to see the dogs jump, chase and kiss each other :) Last weekend, I organised a doggie date with Serena (Piggy Eat A Lot) and her adoptive dog Xiao Xing or simply XX (which translates to Little Star), her friends have gone on a holiday to Europe for 5 weeks so she’s dog sitting XX him ~

Cupcake and XX

Cupcake and XX

XX on the right is a Maltese cross Shih Tzu, I think Cupcake was a little too excited and help jumping on XX so I don’t think he was too pleased about that! But all good they eventually worked it out and had fun with each other :) Serena suggested having brunch at The F.T Tuckshop in South Melbourne market, I think I’ve vaguely heard about them but as soon as I saw they were dog friendly and had milkshakes I was sold!

The FT TuckShop

The FT TuckShop

It might be a little tricky to find The FT Tuckshop because it isn’t on any major streets, however, its located on Charles Street off Coventry St. But they have signs pointing towards if and when you see a shop with green grass in front, table and chairs you’re at the right spot.

FT Traders

As the name suggests it’s a Tuckshop, it’s a really casual spot for a quick bite. Their specialities here are Jaffles and I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but I’m pretty sure that’s the next big thing! Move over burgers and burritos because the Jaffle is going to take over :) Jaffles really bring back childhood memories for me, because when I was young, my parents would go out and leave my older sisters to take care of me. Win Win isn’t exactly the best cook (hope you doesn’t read this post haha) but one thing she was good at making was a cheese and ham jaffle! I wonder if we still have that battered up jaffle at home somewhere.

Jaffles X Jaffles

Jaffles X Jaffles $4.5 Each

I think we were all quite hungry, because in total we ordered 6 jaffles, 5 savoury and 1 sweet!  I really liked the consistency of the jaffles here, the bread was light and crispy and also the quality of the filing inside. They are also very reasonably priced at only $4.5 each, the lovely lady who took our orders said they wanted to provide customers with a cheaper breakfast or brunch option, because it’ll cost at least $20 per person to have brunch at a cafe nowadays.

Ham, Cheese, Tomato Jaffle $4.5

Ham, Cheese, Tomato Jaffle $4.5

Sure ham, cheese and tomato isn’t the most exciting combination but it’s got that nostalgic factor and sometimes less is more! The whole combination just made me smile from ear to ear :)

Spaghetti Bolognese and Cheese Jaffle $4.5

Spaghetti Bolognese and Cheese Jaffle $4.5

My friends at school us to tell me about this jaffle which had spaghetti bolognese filling, here at FT Tuckshop they added cheese to the filling as well. It was definitely one of the more filling jaffles, and we could tell the Spaghetti bolognese inside was homemade and not from a can with real pieces of mince beef ~

Chicken, Curry, Mayo Jaffle $4.5

Chicken, Curry, Mayo & Cheese Jaffle $4.5

This is a slightly less traditional jaffle , usually this is made with pesto, however, they ran out that day, so they substituted it with an aromatic curry sauce which still tasted wonderful with the other ingredients. This reminded me of a more Asian twist to jaffles ~

Higgo - Turkey, cranberry, $4.5

Higgo – Turkey, cranberry, bacon & cheese $4.5

This was by far our favourite savoury jaffle that day! It had turkey, bacon, cranberry and cheese, it sort of reminded me of a grown up slightly more sophisticated version of the ham, cheese and tomato. I also think it’s because the cranberry jam gave it that slight sweetness. Highly recommend this one!

Banana and Nutella $4.5

Banana and Nutella $4.5

You can imagine how relieved I was when I saw a Banana and Nutella jaffle! And honestly if you ask me, I don’t think you can ever really go wrong with the banana and Nutella combo ~ I think this would be a great snack or breakfast for the little people or adults like myself :P

Don't forge the milkshakes!

Don’t forge the milkshakes!

The jaffles here at The F.T Tuckshop are probably the main attractive but don’t forget to try the milkshakes they have a really good ranges of flavour and also for $6 for a large milkshake is quite a bargain these days! :)

Soy Nutella and Peanut butter $4, Banoffee $4, Salted Caramel and Coffe $6

Soy Nutella and Peanut butter $4, Banoffee $4, Salted and Coffe $6

We each got a milkshake and the best part about it is, you can mix and match the flavours as you please and the best part they even have Soy milk for those who are intolerant. Serena ordered a Nutella and Peanut butter with soy milk, I got the Banoffee with banana, caramel and coffee. Perfect combo for the morning it had banana for energy, coffee to wake me up and caramel to make it sweet ~ Mr Bao got a large salted caramel and coffee, which was quite similar to mine without the banana. The milkshakes here are smooth, flavours are great and not sickly sweet because I know some places use sugar syrup to sweeten their milkshake. Next time I want to try Milo and Peanut butter as a matter of fact, that gave me an idea to try it at home, for some strange reason I think it’ll work!


The F.T Tuckshop is a great spot for locals to get a quick bite and relive those days when your nan or mum use to make you jaffles at home. It’s also a dog friendly cafe so if you want to bring your furry friend like me, you can. The owners were very nice and a even cafe Cupcake a couple of treats, maybe because he’s a poodle lover too ;) Now Mr Bao, it would be most appreciated if you can please buy me a new jaffle machine Thx K Bye!

Ps. If you’d like more updates about Cupcake feel free to follow his Instagram account @my_mr_cupcake :)

The F.T Tuckshop on Urbanspoon

Newly Revamped – Taxi Kitchen

When my office was in the CBD of Melbourne, I had a pretty good view of the Yarra River looking across from South Bank. And on level 26 I would always see Federation Square and Taxi Dining (recently changed names to Taxi Kitchen) and it has been on my list for the longest time, but again never had the chance so it was so nice for them to invite Mr Bao and myself to go visit :)

Federation Square

Federation Square

We decided to go on a weeknight and make it a date night as we haven’t had much quality time with each other lately. I’m sure I’ve said this before but look how pretty Melbourne is! Don’t think I could ever fall out of love with this city ~ By the way, for my Readers in Melbourne what are your views of Federation Square? Because I know there is a huge divide between those who like the design and those who don’t.

Taxi Kitchen


As I previously mentioned Taxi Dining has recently changed their name to Taxi Kitchen and revamped their concept, moving away from the fine dining to more sharing and casual dining. Which I also think is a trend we can see across the food scene in Melbourne. I’ve never been inside, but they have a great space with natural light coming through and one of the best views of the city.

Gin and Tonic

Gin and Tonic

It’s been very busy at work so to unwind Mr Bao and I both started with a Gin and Tonic. Cheers! :)

Bread and Butter

Bread and Sriarcha Salt

It was followed by some sourdough and Sriarcha salt for those who don’t need Sriarcha is a hot chilli paste often used in Thai Cuisine. I expected it to be more spicy but it did give the butter some extra flavour.

Scorched oyster, salt & vinegar pork crackle $3.5 one piece

Scorched oyster, salt & vinegar pork crackle $3.5 one piece

The menu is designed to share, so our lovely waiter Vincent recommended us order a couple of small plates, medium plates and maybee one or two large places and of course save room for dessert :P This is the scorched oyster, salt and vinegar pork crackle, we popped the whole thing into our mouths and the magic just happened. All the flavours melded so well with each other and I particularly liked the pork crackle which was light and not the least greasy.

Seared scallop with red reddish, smoked chill mayo and kataifi $4.5 one piece

Seared scallop with red reddish, smoked chill mayo and kataifi $4.5 one piece

I a a huge fan of scallops so I had to order the seared scallop with smoked chilli mayo and kataifi which I only just realised its very reasonably priced only $4.5 a piece and it’s so nicely cooked perfectly golden on the outside and still tender inside. This was easily one of my most favourite dishes that night!

Candied pork with coconut, red chilli dressing $16

Candied pork with coconut, red chilli dressing $16

This candied pork with red chilli dressing would have to be Taxi Dining’s signature dish, I have heard so much about this dish and even though I never got to try it back then. I am so glad they haven’t taken it off the menu now that they’ve changed to Taxi Kitchen. And undeniably it was another winning dish for me, the pork was lightly caramelised on the outside but still so soft and with that melt in your mouth texture inside. The sauce is also so additive slightly sweet, slightly sour and slightly spicy! I spoke to one of their staff before leaving and they said that they would be in a lot of trouble if they removed this dish from the menu hehe I say it’s a must order when you visit!

Sake washed Tuna with soy bean pesto & kohlrabi remoulade $22

Sake washed Tuna with soy bean pesto & kohlrabi remoulade $22

Now moving to the medium plates we ordered the sake washed tuna with soy bean peso and kohlrabi remoulade. Look at that vibrant colour of the tuna, it was so pretty I didn’t really want to eat it ~ The tuna was fresh and even though not mentioned in the menu there was a sauce made out of yuzu which really complimented the sake and the saltiness from the soy bean pesto.

Country style terrine with foie gras parfait & rhubarb compote $21

Country style terrine with foie gras parfait & rhubarb compote $21

In recent years, I have become a huge fan of foie gras and will not pass any chances on ordering it, if it’s available on the menu. Ash (Im So Hungree) visited a week before us and I remember seeing this lovely dish on her Instagram, so knew I wanted to try as well.

Foie Gras

I didn’t expect the terrine to be so solid, the foie gras was whipped to a nice cream like texture which was great for spreading on toasted bread. Don’t be followed by the size of this dish, it was actually very filling so by all means share the dish or order something lighter afterwards :)

Braised rabbit, mushroom, fennel & silken pasta $22

Braised rabbit, mushroom, fennel & silken pasta $22

We actually didn’t order this dish because I don’t really eat rabbit because I was born in the rabbit year haha but the kitchen made a mistake and made this and insisted that we try it anyway. It wasn’t an easy dish to photograph because of the green fennel sauce. The waiter advised us the pasta is made in house and that Taxi Kitchen try to do everything from scratch. I was impressed that the rabbit didn’t really have much of a gamey flavour and actually resembled a cross between chicken and beef. Mr Bao particularly liked the eggy flavour and texture of the pasta.

Crispy snapper, warm sea lettuce & zucchini salad with a black garlic dressing $34

Crispy fish, warm sea lettuce & zucchini salad with a black garlic dressing $34

We also ordered two ‘Large Plates’ because Mr Bao was hungry haha yes that man can eat! The menu wrote ‘crispy salmon’, however, that was not available that night so it was substituted with a another type of fish which if I’m not wrong was either a snapper or cod either way no complains from me. Because it was cooked wonderfully with a good crust on the outside of the fish but not overcooked. Mr Bao did find it to be slightly salty but I like my food well seasoned so that was fine for me ~

Crispy confiit duck with beetroot puree, watercress and orange salad $36

Crispy confiit duck with beetroot puree, watercress and orange salad $36

For Mr Bao’s main he ordered the Crispy confit duck which resembles a more modern take on Duck A L Orange ~ We were both impressed with how crispy the duck skin was and it had sort of an Asian twist to it with the use of wombok. I think our only complaint was we wanted more duck hehe

Mini doughnuts with caramelised milk jam $12

Mini doughnuts with caramelised milk jam $12

Now after all that might be wondering if we still had room for dessert. Don’t worry I definitely have a separate stomach for dessert ~ There were quite a few options and they all sounded so good such as the Bitter chocolate marquise, coffee crumble and tonka bean ice cream. But Ms Ihua posted the mini doughnuts on her post and I was immediately sold. The mini donuts were made to order so they were piping hot when they arrived at our table, I probably would’ve liked more caramelised milk jam because they weren’t as sweet as I’d like but you all know I like my desserts super sweet hehe

Taxi's famous passionfruit soufflé & banana ice cream $15

Taxi’s famous passionfruit soufflé & banana ice cream $15

Another signature dish here at Taxi is their famous passionfruit soufflé with banana ice-cream. I haven’t seen such a high and proud soufflé for a long time, and I was getting so nervous trying to get the best shot before it collapsed.

Passionfruit Souffle

The texture of the soufflé was really nice, it was too airy but had some substance and even though the passionfruit made it quite sour. I really liked the banana ice-cream and the sweetness balanced out the sourness. If you like soufflés I definitely think you should try this one and let me know what you thought.

Mr Bao and I thoroughly enjoyed our date night at Taxi Kitchen and would like to say a huge thank you to them for inviting us. We enjoyed all the dishes and it was hard to pick a favourite but I think the scallops and pork belly definitely impressed us! Looking forward to coming back to Taxi Kitchen another time and order these dishes again and possibly try some new ones :)

Taxi Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Daisy@Nevertoosweet and Mr Bao dined at Taxi Kitchen as their guest. 


Rueben is back – Townhouse

I eat out quite frequently and sometimes I’ve faced with a little dilemma where I’ve really enjoyed a dish at a cafe or restaurant and then the next time I go back it’s GONE! :( This is what happened to the Rueben Sandwich at Prospect Espresso (blog post to come) in Camberwell. I’ve had the sandwich a few times and then it was taken off the menu! I got so desperate I left them a message on Instagram and they promised to let me know when the sandwich was going to come back.


Eventually, I forgot about the Rueben sandwich and then a couple of weeks ago a new cafe – Townhouse, followed me on Instagram. They’re actually owned and operated by the same guys as Prospect Espresso and there is was the Rueben sandwich was back :) Definitely made my day.

Town House 1

The new cafe is located on Toorak Rd just opposite Toorak Village, I visited with Julz on a Sunday and expected it to be pack because it we got there at around 11am which is usually peak hour for brunch. Surprisingly though it wasn’t that busy and we were immediately led to a table in the corner.

Latte $4

Latte $4

I’ve been drinking a lot more lattes lately not sure when I got off Mochas :O *Shock horror* will need to change that soon hehe. Coffee was good, however, I found it to be quite weak and was more milky, I think I would’ve liked another shot to make it stronger.

Cappuccino $4

Cappuccino $4

Julz got a Cappuccino and it was more or less like my latte, good temperature and crema just needed to be a little stronger for our liking :)

Reuben Sandwich - corned beef, sauerkraut, pickles, cheese and thousand island dressing $15

Reuben Sandwich – corned beef, sauerkraut, pickles, cheese and thousand island dressing $15

No one could tell me otherwise I was going to get the Reuben Sandwich with corned beef, sauerkraut, pickles, cheese and thousand island dressing. I’m not sure if the cheese, the corned beef or the thousand island sauce, everything just works so well. Even thinking about it makes me mouth water again! If you like Reuben sandwiches and haven’t been able to find it in Melbourne, would definitely recommend you going.

Tempura battered or grilled with Asian slaw and yuzu tartare $22

Grilled fish with Asian slaw and yuzu tartare $22

Julz got the market fish and chips, she opted for grilled with Asian slaw, chips and yuzu tartare. It was a generous serving with three large pieces of fish and basket of chips. I had a bite was was really impressed at how well the fish was cooked and that yuzu tartare was to die for! Really like that citrusy flavour without the bitter after taste of yuzu.

Banana passionfruit and cream cheese frosting

Banana passionfruit and cream cheese frosting $4

To finish up we got a banana passionfruit cake with cream cheese, it had a texture of banana bread with passionfruit pulp through. I liked the flavours but found it to be a little too dense but the cream cheese frosting made it all worth it :)

I enjoyed Townhouse and could definitely see the similarities with Prospect Espresso, but with a larger space it will be much easier to get a table especially on the weekends. And as long one of their cafes have the Reuben sandwich I’ll be happy!

Townhouse on Urbanspoon

Bloggers Pizza Competition 2014 – PLEASE VOTE for me :)

Hello my Dearest Readers :) Yes it’s been a while I know, since Easter I haven’t really had a day off or any time to myself. As some of you may know my parents and Mr Bao was in town visiting, so we’ve been busy cooking and taking them around Melbourne. But don’t worry I’m back!

Annual Blogger Pizza Competition

Now I wanted to test some of your memories hehe do you remember there was a bloggers pizza competition held at the Grosvenor Hotel last year? For those who don’t remember this is the post ~ Well it’s that time of the year again, for the annual pizza competition once again organised by Tink PR with Grosvenor Hotel.

Learning from the pro! Learning from the pro!

Last year I made a ‘sugarloaded’ pizza with dulce de leche, nutella, honeycomb and nuts even though most people said that it was quite nice and they enjoyed it. I knew that it probably didn’t get an many votes on social media because not everyone has a sweet tooth like mine :P So this year I took it more seriously and recruited Mr Bao to help and his mum was going to be our taster hehe

Chilli chocolate

Recently, I’ve been hooked on the chilli chocolate combo, I really like the extra kick of spiciness the chilli adds to the chocolate. So I was deadset on using chilli chocolate, so instead of using Nutella as the pizza base, I decided to use a chilli chocolate sauce. I researched and found some recipes, but decided to outsource this duty to Mr Bao because I’d probably burn the sauce if I was to make it. I then had all these other additions I wanted to add – fruit, nuts, more chocolate or brownies.


I first started off with the chocolate chilli base followed by strawberries, hazelnuts and some chocolate chips. We tried this combination at home and found the chocolate chips to be a little overpowering, so I decided to take them out. I then spoke to Kirk for some inspiration and he suggested coconut for some extra flavour and texture.


After a few rounds of trialling adding and subtracting ingredients, we finally came up with the WINNING combo! And that’s with a chilli chocolate sauce as a base, topped with strawberries, shredded coconut, feuilletine (think super thin crunchy crepe pieces) topped with vanilla ice-cream and more chilli chocolate sauce :)

Wow impressive way of serving ice-cream! Wow impressive way of serving ice-cream!

I personally really liked this combination and the crunchiness and slight caramel flavour from the feuilletine but I was really worried about how the judges would take it. Because not everyone can eat spicy food, but I’m really glad that the judges Julia and Paul (Head chef of Grosvenor) and the other bloggers all liked it! 

Whoopsie Daisy :) Whoopsie Daisy :)

Oh yes I nearly forgot the name of my pizza is ‘Whoopsie Daisy’ because I had no idea what to call it, and when Julia suggested it, I couldn’t think of a better name :) It really suits me and the pizza hehe! I was very surprised but my pizza actually got the top score that night along with Sabrina and Scott’s pizza from Brunch Addict.

Battle of the sweet pizzas Battle of the sweet pizzas

Two sweet pizzas appeared in the top three finalist, Sabrina’s pizza was a take on Rocky Road with Nutella, strawberry, marshmallow, nougat, whipped cream and served with hazelnut ice-cream. I’ve gotta say it’s a really good dessert pizza too but…I’m going to be bias and like mine a little bit more because of the chilli and feuilletine.

Now time to nicely ask, persuade and beg my loyal Readers to please vote for my pizza :) It’s really simple, you just need to go to this link which will take you to the Facebook page and you will find the photo of my Whoopie Daisy pizza. If you can please like this photo it will be counted as one vote. And of course if you live in Melbourne, please go down to the Grosvenor Hotel and try the pizza for yourself that will also be counted as one vote. The pizza will be on the menu until the 5th of May and that is also when the competition ends.


Just in case you were curious the winner will have their name engraved on this trophy – so if I win my name will be under the legendary Iron Chef Shellie! My Whoopsie Daisy pizza will also stay on the menu for a month and the best part, I get to go down and eat it for free for a whole month! So my dear friends, family and Readers, if I win I promise to take you down there and try my pizza! Wish me good luck only a few days left!

Daisy@Nevertoosweet attended the Blogger Pizza Competition as guest of TinkPR and Grosvenor Hotel 

Chocoholic’s Dream Come True – Easter Shopping Guide 2014

Chocoholic's Dream Come TRUE!

Chocoholic’s Dream Come TRUE!

Hello My Dearest Readers :) Are you all ready for Easter? Have you done your Easter shopping? Bought chocolates for all your loved ones? If you’re lost for ideas or want to get something something special, this blog post is for you! I’ve always wanted to do an Easter Shopping Guide, because I love going around to different chocolatiers and see what they have to offer. I am one lucky girl because Mr Bao spoiled me and took me chocolate shopping and asked me to pick one or two things I wanted. A few chocolate companies such as Sisko and Ganache was also very kind and sent me some of their Easter range to try ~ I hope this guide will help give you some ideas and help you find the perfect gift!

Round Egg with point beak $22

Round Egg with pointy beak $22

Let’s start with the chocolate from Sisko Chocolate, I met Christina last year at an event, and I promised I was going to visit her. It took me a while but I finally paid her a visit and checked out her Easter range, she was so kind to give these products to me as a gift for this blog post. She gave me a Roung Egg with a little pointy beak and also a flat egg. I find her designs more modern and abstract which would appeal to adults more and she only uses the best chocolate she can source, and her favourite is from Spain :)

Flat Egg Medium $12

Flat Egg Medium $12

I don’t think I’ve seen any other place that do a flat egg for Easter, it’s definitely a more mature take to the average Easter egg. The eggs come in white, milk and dark chocolate with a range of patterns to choose from. Christina explained that these patterns are made from sugar and are all printed in France, where they then transfer it onto the chocolate.

Sisko Chocolate
330 Auburn Rd,
Hawthorn VIC 3122
Opening Times: Mon-Fri: 10 – 6, Sat: 10 – 3
PH: (03) 9818 5772

Large Chocolate Bunny $20

Large Chocolate Bunny $20

On our recent trip to Yarra Valley Chocolaterie and Ice-Creamery, Mr Bao bought this large cute bunny for me and said that we sort of look alike… ummm not sure if that’s a compliment but hey it’s chocolate so I forgive him :P Sorry guys but Mr Bao lost the receipt so we’re not sure if it’s actually $20 but we remember it’s around that price range.

Medium Easter Egg $10

Medium Easter Egg $10

I also bought this medium sized Easter egg with pretty yellow and orange lines through it for my little nephew Aden who’s coming to visit next week (super excited!). I bought him the milk chocolate because he’s not a fan of dark chocolate yet hehe. They have a lot of free events and Easter egg hunt down at the Yarra Valley Chocolaterie so if you don’t have anything planned over the long weekend, would be a good place to take the little people :D

Yarra Valley Chocolaterie & Ice-Creamery
35 Old Healesville Road
(cnr Melba Highway)
Yarra Glen Victoria
Opening Times: Every day (except Christmas) 9am-5pm
PH: (03) 9730 2777

The B&P Easter Bunny $28

The B&P Easter Bunny $28

I am a huge fan of Burch and Purchese and they had some super cute things in their Easter range this year. I had a hard time choosing what I wanted the B&P Bunny or the Pablo Easter penguin, my friend Siok suggested the bunny because it was cuter. Actually, it’s so cute I’m not sure I want to eat it!

Burch and Purchese 
647 Chapel Street 
South Yarra VIC 3141
Opening Times: Every Day 10am-6pm
PH: (03) 9827 7060

Ganache Easter Range 2014

Ganache Easter Range 2014                                                                                                                            Traditional Bunny – $16                                                                                                                                             Easter Egg filled with Chocolate $25                                                                                                                     Frau Austria Bunny $25                                                                                                                                       Mini Bunny $4

Mr Bao actually took me chocolate shopping at Ganache first where we picked up the Traditional Bunny and Easter egg filled with Ganache chocolates. Which is actually one of my favourites this Easter, because I think it’s so nice to have the chocolate truffles first and then you slowly make you way through to the Easter egg hehe

Easter Egg with Chocolates $

Easter Egg with Chocolates $25

Coincidentally, that week Sian and Arno emailed me and said that they had a little Easter bag for me. They’re always so nice and generous. I missed the Frau Austria Bunny, which has such a regal look ~ And for those on a diet maybe you’ll like one of the mini Easter bunnies instead? :) If you do pop down Ganache, you must must must have my favourite classic Belgian hot chocolate!

Ganache Chocolate 
South Yarra Store
250 Toorak Road, South Yarra
Opening Times: Mon-Thu 9am-8pm, Fri-Sat 9am-10pm, Sun 10am-8pm
PH: (03) 9804 7485

Collin St Store
245 Collin St, Melbourne
Opening Times: Mon-Thur 8am-8pm, Fri 8am-10pm, Sat 9am-10pm, Sun 9am-6pm

Easter Collection Tin $29

Easter Collection Tin $29

There is a Lindt store just a couple stores down from Ganache on Collin St, so Mr Bao picked up an Easter Collection Tin for me :) It has a good range of Easter eggs, mini bunnies and the more adorable carrots made out of chocolate. A great Easter gift for a whole family to share.

Lindt Australia
They have 4 stores – Chadstone, Collin St, Chapel St and Southgate
Please check website fore more details 

271 Collin St, Melbourne
Opening Times: Mon-Wed 9am-6pm, Thur 9am-9pm, Fri 9am-8pm, Sat-Sun 9am-6:30pm
PH: (03) 9667 0900

Half Dark Chocolate Egg - Dark Almonds $22.50

Half Dark Chocolate Egg – Dark Almonds $22.50

We then went to a more traditional Australian Chocolate brand which is also my sister Win Win’s favourite Haigh’s chocolate, where we bought this half dark chocolate Easter egg filled with dark chocolate coated almonds. A similar egg as the one from Ganache, it’s like an Easter egg that keeps giving, because you need to get through the chocolate almonds before you eat the actual egg. We have since gave this Easter egg to Mr Bao’s mum and she’s really enjoying it :)

Haigh’s Chocolates
They have multiple stores across Australia please visit their website for more information.
I went to the Hawthorn Store
715 Glenferrie Road,
Hawthorn, Victoria, 3122
Opening Times: Mon-Tue 8:30am-7pm, Wed 8:30am-8pm, Thur 8:30am-9pm, Fri 9am-4pm, Sat 8am-6pm, Sun 8:30am-2pm
PH: (03) 9819 5000

Hollow chocolate egg $15 and Chocolate soft boiled egg $9

Hollow chocolate egg $15 and Chocolate soft boiled egg $9

Last but not least, we bought some traditional hallow Easter eggs from Cacao, they came in 3 colours which I assume to be white chocolate (yellow eggs), milk chocolate and dark chocolate in the middle. But what really impressed me was the little soft boiled egg made out of chocolate. It looks super real from a far!


I’m definitely keeping this soft boiled egg to myself :) I haven’t eaten it yet, but I’m pretty sure it’s made out of white chocolate and colouring is mixed into to make that yellow yolk.

Cacao Fine Chocolate & Patisserie
They have a few stores around Melbourne, please visit their website for more information.
I went to the Doncaster store closest to me
Westfield Doncaster 1st Floor, Kiosk 107
619 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster East
Opening Times: Mon-Wed 9am-5:30pm, Thur-Fri 9am-9pm, Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 10am-5pm
PH: (03) 9840 2269

Now that’s a wrap guys! Really hope you liked this Easter chocolate shopping guide and it will help you in anyway. I’ve had such a ball going around buying the chocolate and of course eating it! But sharing is caring so I will be giving some of these chocolates away to my favourite people :)

Wishing you all a very happy, safe and chocolate filled Easter!!!

Except for Ganache and Sisko Chocolates, all chocolates were individually paid for thanks Mr Bao :D 

Beef Noodle Master – Yong Kang, Taipei

Yong Kang Beef Noodle1

Even though I go to Taipei regularly, I still manage to find new and old eateries I’ve never been before. Yong Kang Beef Noodles (永康牛肉麵)is one of these places, it is one of the most traditional and well-known places in Taipei for beef noodles. It’s a very old school looking store and probably hadn’t been renovated since it opened, with tables and stools filling the restaurant to the brim. They open at 11am, and we got there at around half past, already there was a queue forming and we were told that it will be a 15 to 20 minute wait.


We were given a small round table and shared with another party of 3, you don’t have a choice here. You either share a table or you’ll have to wait again for your own and they’re most likely not going to give it to you :) This is quite a common practice in Asia ~ The menu is all written on the wall in Chinese, which is a little concerning because I’m not sure how non-Chinese speaking people will be able to order what they want. But perhaps if you ask the waiters or waitresses they should be able to help you.

Side dishes approx $35TWD ($1.5AUD)

Side dishes approx $35TWD ($1.5AUD) each

We started off with some cold side dishes, which you can see in the photo above, you go to the counter and tell the waitress what you’d like she’ll scoop it onto a plate and you will need to bring it back to your table. From the top left, we got a soy braised octopus, braised mung and also cucumber with konnyaku jelly. The octopus and cucumber had a nice hint of spiciness to it and these were great starter.

Beef noodles small $200TWD ($7.2AUD)

Beef noodles small $200TWD ($7.2AUD)

Within a couple of minutes the beef noodles we ordered arrived. They come in two sizes but we decided to go the small because we knew we’d be eating all day :P For those who are unfamiliar with Taiwanese beef noodles, its very similar to the ones made in China, they both use beef brisket and perhaps tendons. What makes Taiwanese beef noodles special is the soy sauce used to make the broth and also the spiciness along with the herbs such as star anise used. I personally prefer this Taiwanese version as flavours are stronger. Anyhow, back to these famous beef noodles from Yong Kong, they certainly lived up to their name! All three of us were so impressed by the tenderness of the beef, the al dente noodle but most importantly was the broth! Happy to declare probably one of the best I have up until now :)

Clear broth beef noodle soup $160TWD ($6.6AUD)

Clear broth beef noodle soup $160TWD ($6.6AUD)

My other sister Bianca can’t really eat spicy food, so she opted for the beef noodles with a clear broth instead. There was definitely a contrast between the two beef noodles, as the clear broth the beef flavour is more prominent and becomes the hero, as opposed to the spicy broth in the other one. The beef didn’t feel as tender but wasn’t tough and the clear broth was nonetheless tasty. I think both beef noodles were delicious really depends what you prefer :)

Wonton in chilli sauce $100TWD ($3.8AUD)

Wonton in chilli sauce $100TWD ($3.8AUD)

Because it was our first meal of the day, we were pretty hungry. We decided try the wonton in chilli sauce as well. One of my favourite ways to eat wontons! A slight disappointment compared to the beef noodles, as I found the filling a little bland and expected the chilli sauce to be a lot spicier.

When I was doing research about Yong Kang Beef Noodles I found their website which is all in Chinese but the URL for their website is ‘Beef Noodle Master’ :P Find the name a little tacky but their noodles are everything but the best ~ really enjoyed our meal at Yong Kang, only advice is to get there early and go with an empty stomach!


No. 17號, Lane 31, Section 2,
Jīnshān South Rd, Daan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 106
Opening times: 11am-9:30pm
PH: +866 02-2351-1051


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